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1 Published Story

Liaaaa_'s Book

My Charming Wife

My Charming Wife


Laurene Walton is a famous CEO and model. She grew up in Los Angeles with her father. He got divorced from Laurene's Mom named Leslie. Ben took care of her well until she grows up but sadly Ben was diagnosed with cancer. He died when Lauren was 22 years old and the CEO decided to travel to different places to unwind but now that she's back she decided to go to Korea for business. She finally met her Mom and her new family. She saw the letter from her Dad it was all about his wishes and one of those is marrying one of the daughters of The Jeung. They instantly got married and try to get to know each other Jihye has had a huge crush on her for almost three years now and she didn't even mind doing everything for her just to make her fall in love with her. It didn't take long before Lauren fell in love until they had the family that Laurene wants. Lauren ended up dreaming about her Dad and it was giving her some warnings about her life and future. She was stressed and bothered by it until they left in Paris to move back to Korea. She's really protecting parents and step-siblings especially her Wife Jihye and son Jayden. Until an accident happened the broke Lauren. After that person woke up, Lauren was very happy and the family that she wants was built again.

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