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**THIS BOOK IS PART OF A SERIES** BOOKS IN ORDER (This is my favorite) 1. ANYTHING MY SWEET 2. GIVE INTO ME 3. DOLL FACE 4. HIS SECERT LOVE 5. DAUGHTER OF DON ANTOINO Zena had her life almost planned out. But being sold into human trafficking along with her friend wasn't one of them. Frederic Demchk is the biggest Mafia Dom that everyone is trying to kill. He turns even more ruthless after his wife's death and seek revenge to those who killed her. Blaming the Varrao's, he plans to take them down, but he needs to prove to everyone that he has moved on. He needed a girl! He needed a distraction! He needed a queen! He needed Zena! What will happen between these two and how will it end? Well, you have to just find out yourself.. ~~~~ "Is this crowning being the Dom's queen necessary? I mean, everyone already knows." She said, as she stared at him. Piercing his deep blue sea eye's towards her, he caused her to feel uncomfortable as he spoke. "Yes! It's necessary, they need to see that you are my the queen. So they would never think twice hurting what's mines." Warning Risks... Self-harm themes or scenes (including suicide and eating disorders)

Chapter 1
Wrong trun....


''Oh, come on!'' I yelled.

I stared at the piece of paper in front of me. The assignment is due tomorrow and as always, I wait till the last-minute to do my homework.


''Ugh, someone shoot me now.'' Maybe if I use my magical powers, I can make the pen move against the paper and voila, homework is done.

Yeah right, I wish.

I heard a knock on my door. ''Come in!" I said while texting Jessica if I could come over. I needed time away from my homework that I hadn't even started yet.

''Zena dear, your father and mother ask if you would appreciate having dinner with them.''

I looked up from my phone and saw Maggie waiting for my response. Maggie was my nanny, no scratch that. Maggie is basically my everything, she's the one who raised me. Father and mother were always too busy working. I mean, don't get me wrong. Mom and dad are cool, whatever I ask for, I get! But sometimes, I just want to spend time with them but they're always in some business meeting or they're traveling. So it has always been Mag and me.

Smiling at her, ''Sure, I'll be down in a bit.'' I grabbed my phone and stood up, Mag was looking around in my room. ''Is everything ok?'' I asked.

She shakes her head slowly. ''I just love how picky you are, does this make you happy Zena?" she asked me as she pointed around.

''I'm a teenager Mag, of course, I love this lavish life that my parents give me but sometimes I think it's not worth it if I don't see them."

''Let's go dear, they're waiting downstairs."

I followed her out, grabbing her hand and placing my head on her shoulder as we walked down the stairs. Mag was always there for me, day or night. She would be the one that I would run to. I'd tell her everything and anything, I would complain about my parents but she would always tell me that it's not their fault. That if it wasn't for their effort, I wouldn't have gotten the finest things in life.

We reached the dining room and I see dad and mom talking to each other. Dad looks at us and smiles, ''Zena, baby, why are you locking yourself in your room, is there something wrong?''

I walk up to dad and give him a hug. Last time I saw him was last month. ''No dad, nothing is wrong. I was just doing my homework. Hi mom!'' I said placing a kiss on her cheek.

''Hello sweetheart, how is school? Have you planned on what college you want to attend yet?" She said sipping her wine.

Dad was cool but mom was a bit picky about everything I do. From the clothes, I wear to the friends I have. I sat down beside dad and gave him a look for help.

''Claire, leave the girl alone. She still has a year of high school before she starts college. She may want something now but can change her choice easily. Let her think it through, stop pressuring her." Dad said while sending a small smile towards me.

I mouthed a thank you. Mag came in with the dinner and placed it down on the table. She took her seat beside me. We ate and made a few small conversations here and there. My phone vibrated and it was Jessica calling. I answered my phone, ''hey, what's up!" I said while stuffing my mouth with mashed potatoes. ''Hey, wanna go to the party that Zoey is going to?'' She's said waiting for a response.

''Sure, I'll come over and study. I sure can use the help, let me ask dad and mom if I can come over." I said looking at mom, waiting for her to answer me.

''Yes! But be home quickly, we're leaving in the morning. I want to spend time with you."

Feeling kinda bad but I just didn't want to go back to my room and start my damn homework.''Yea I'll come by, See you in a bit!" I said shutting the phone.

I kiss dad and mom before going up to my room. I was already dressed in black tight ripped jeans, all I had to do was wear a cute top. I was about to wear a laced pink shirt but thought mom would question me. So, I just grabbed my normal white tank top that said: 'Can't even'', on it.

Grabbing my books, as if I'm actually going to study, I walked down the stairs again. Mag was waiting for me in front of the door with my keys in her hands. ''Please have your phone on at all time's, don't stay out too long. And if it's after eleven, sleep over at Jessica's house, I don't like where that girl lives, It's in the middle of nowhere.''

Hugging Mag and placing a kiss on her cheek.''You worry too much, see you soon.''

I walked to my car. Stepping in and bringing my Range Rover to life. I drove out of the driveway, heading to Jessica's place. She did live in the middle of nowhere. It was far from my house. Her parents weren't as wealthy as mine. I envied her life, her parents were always around. Giving her everything she wanted and more, she was an only child. We had a lot of things in common, Jessica was my true best friend that didn't care about how rich my parents were. She saw through me and understood me, she felt my pain and stayed when all my other friends just wanted to use me for my money. But not Jessica, she didn't care. Maybe she felt how I felt, She was always being used and abused in school, just because she was the class geek. She wore big round glasses and hippie clothes, but underneath all that was a sexy mama hiding. I knew that for a fact, she just didn't like showing off.

Reaching her house, I saw her sitting on the steps, waiting. She walks up to me and opens the door, I turn off my car. ''Hey, what the heck! Zoey is waiting for us at the party, she said it's lit and so many hot guys are there.''

I get out of the car and close the door. ''Omg, Zena! You're not actually thinking about studying.''

I laugh and shake my head. ''I don't want anyone spotting my car as we go. Someone might see us and I would have to answer Meg about lying. We're taking your car." I stated.

''But! But, my car is shitty and always breaks down. I don't want to take it, it's embarrassing.'' She said whining.

''Please Jess, I got a tracker on my car. Mom and dad will know that I lied, then I'll never hear the end of it. Let's go before Zoey gets mad.''

She rolled her eyes and opens her car, we get in and she starts the car.

''Where's your dad and mom, '' I asked.

''They went out for dinner. I didn't want to crowd their space, they haven't been on a date for a long time. All they do is work and care for me. So I told them to go out and enjoy themselves and that I'll be over at your house.''

''We're so bad, '' I said laughing. ''Wait, what if you're parents come home early and see my car here, then what?''

She looked at me, as she thought really hard, ''You can park your car down there, behind the bushes. It's near my house and no one will spot it."

I get out and drive my car into the bushes that were behind Jessica's home. Getting out of the car and looking back, you actually couldn't see it from far away. Only if you come near it. I felt raindrops falling on my head, falling from the sky, so I ran to Jess' car as fast as I could. Hopping in, ''let's go before it starts to rain hard." I said buckling my seat belt.

She drives off and the rain starts to pour down even harder. Minutes of driving, her car starts to make a weird noise. ''Oh shit, no no no, not here, please'', and the car stops automatically.

''See, I told you'', she said while banging on a wheel of the car.

''What a shitty car you got Jessica, now it looks like we have to walk, in the fucking rain." She pushed her glasses up. ''Sorry, hey my house is like ten minutes away. We can make it if we run fast." We got out and started to run as fast as we could.

''Slow...down...need air...Zena, Zena'', she said out of breath. ''Zena there's a car following us." She suddenly said while panicking.

''Don't look at it, just walk!'' I said as the black car passes us.

''See, it left." But she didn't reply. I turned to face her and my blood ran cold.

''Make any move and I'll kill your friend and you right here and now." The man said holding a gun to Jessica's head.

Tears were falling down her face. A white van pulls up and the side door swung open. A man came to look, ''hello!" He said making my heart jump of fear.


> The passenger door opens and a tall man comes out. I move away but the guy holding Jessica spoke: ''Move or scream and I'll kill her.''

The man comes from behind me and grabs me by my neck. I tried to fight him off, but he was bigger and stronger than me. I felt stinging on my neck.

''You two will have to do.'' I felt dizzy, the last thing I heard was, ''Sweet dreams!" And I blacked out.



''This better be good Nick.''

''Darren said, he has a new shipment of girls coming his way, he wanted to know if you'll be at the auction later on, '' Nick stated.

''Tell him I don't want any marks on the girls. They won't be any good for my customers if they're beaten up, I'll drop by to buy a couple before heading to Moscow. Federico is making a scene there and father isn't too pleased.'' I stated as I looked over to Zeus who was beaten badly.

''Okay sir, I'll let him know you'll stop by, " Nick said.

I ended the call and picked up my gun to finish what I started. ''You know, I thought you were smart but you're not. You've dared to rant me out to the cops. You thought I wouldn't know, I know you ever move Zeus. I let you become one my trusted men but you betrayed me. Where are your cop friends to protect you know, huh?''

''Sir, please! I..I didn' wasn't me.'' I circled around him. He was already a mess but he wasn't dead. I faced him as I sat in the chair. ''Just because we shared some good times together, I'll let you die easily. I won't forget the good times we had Zeus, goodbye old friend.'' I pulled the trigger right between his eyes and ended his life.

''Boss, you gave him an easy death." One of my men said.

I ignored him, ''dump his body near the police station. I have to get ready.'' I walked out the room and headed down the hall into my office. Bishop was waiting for me. ''Is he dead?" He asked.

''Yes!'' I said taking off my shirt that was filled with blood, I took another dress shirt and put it on.

''I thought he was loyal, how could he have thought to go against you, " Bishop said while shaking his head.

''He's dead and there's no use for questioning what and why he did it. Make sure his family is taken care of, he still was family. I don't know who played with his mind but I will find out.''

Heading out the office, I spot my men carrying Zeus' body. I wanted to tell them to send him to his family but that would show weakness.

Bishop came from behind and kneeled down. ''Why my friend, weren't we family?" He said hurt, I placed a hand on his shoulder. ''Bishop let's go, we have an auction to attend and a flight to catch.''

Walking past my men, I saw that they were in pain and shock. Zeus was one of my trusted men, he was like a brother to me but I guess he didn't feel the same way. Walking to the car and getting in. I waited until Bishop came, the driver starts the car and we head off.



My body felt numb, I could hear men talking but was scared to open my eyes. ''Is she dead?" A man said. ''Yea, she took her own life." Another said.

I could hear girls crying, slowly opening my eyes.

Three men were standing, surrounding someone.

''Anybody else who wants to take their own life?" One of the men said turning around facing me. But then I realized, I wasn't the only one here, the room was filled with girls. I looked to my left and saw Jessica sleeping on my shoulder. Sighing in relief, I looked down at the girl who was sleeping on my lap.

''Why are we here?" I dared to ask. All eyes were on me, the men turn to face me as the scene unfolds before me. A girl, in the far right corner, was bleeding, she had slit her own throat.

I felt like gagging, the man bends down and moves the hair that covered my face. ''You're here to be auctioned off to men, powerful men that everyone fears. Do what they say and they'll spare you the pain, but if you fight them... Then they'll only hurt you until you're broken, so I advise you to give in." He said.

Tears ran down my cheeks when I heard sobbing.

Every girl was crying in the room.


FOR YOU." The man yelled.

He got up and went out the room. ''Why, why?" I cried out. He stood near the door. ''You all were at the wrong place at the wrong time." He said slamming the door behind him.

Every girl started to cry loudly, I felt tears on my shoulder. I placed my head upon Jessica and cried silently.

''We're never going to see our families again.'' A soft voice said I looked down at my lap.

She looked so young. ''How old are you?" I asked wiping her tears away. ''I'm fourteen!" She said crying. I hugged her while Jessica rubbed her back. ''Please don't leave me alone, they'll hurt me, please." She cried loudly.

''Hey, I'll try my best okay, stay near me at all times. What's your name?''

''Maryanne'', she whispered. There were more than 20 girls in the room. ''Are we going to die?" Maryanne questioned, holding my arm tight. ''I hope not, how did you end up here?" I asked.

''I was walking home from my friend's house. It's was in the afternoon, out of nowhere a van pulls up and snatched me. I yelled and screamed, kicked and punched but it was useless. They held me down and poked my neck with something, I felt dizzy and blacked out." She said crying. ''I want my mom, I want to go home."

''Hey, it's okay! I won't leave you." I tried comforting her but deep inside I was dying. We were going to die.

Jessica hasn't said a word since we've been here, I turn to look at her. ''Hey, it's okay! We'll get out of this, I promise.'' She smiled weakly then started to cry.

''We're going to die." She whispered so that Maryanne couldn't hear.

The door opened unexpectedly and a woman appears. Dressed in a tight red dress and red high heels. She walked in, looking at each and everyone in the room closely. Her face was covered in heavy makeup and her hair was pinned up. She held a cigarette in her hand and started to point at random girls. She looks at me and walks closer, bending down she grabbed my face.

''This one, '' she said but there wasn't anyone here but her. She looks at Maryanne and smiles. ''So young, I think you two will be the highest bids of the night." She said inhaling her cigarette more. She faces Jessica, eyeing her up and down. She pulled her glasses off and held her chin. ''Why stay in disguise when you have a face and body like that?''

She stood up and pointed at us. ''I want these three with the rest of the girls I pointed out too. Have them in the room so I can dress them up. As for the rest, send them to the brothel house.'' She said leaving the room.

Cries. That's all you could hear echoing through the room now. I felt Maryanne and Jessica hold my arms even tighter.

Who will I hold on too?

The door busts open and men came in with guns. I could hear Maryanne's teeth shattering violently, a man grabs her and she screams loudly while holding on to me. I held her tight and heard Jessica crying. ''Stop, Stop, we'll come okay, just let her go." I cried out. The man yanked Maryanne from my hold, holding a gun to her head. ''This is where you try to run away, if you do then I'll shoot you dead and you'll never see your family ever again." He said to Maryanne. ''Get up, both of you." He said looking and Jessica and me.

Getting up, we walk out into the dark smelly hallway. The man shoved Maryanne ahead as we followed, there were men with guns in every corner. Casting my head down, I placed my hair against my face. Just so I wouldn't see their hungry eyes staring at me. I felt Jessica's hand holding my top really hard, I knew she couldn't see well without her glasses. I pulled her hand and held it in mine. We reached a staircase leading up but not all of us went that way. The ones that weren't pointed at went down into a darker room, I was pulled up by my hair. ''Don't think you can escape, there's no way out." I winced at the pain. ''Zoellick, don't damage the merchandise. Bosse's rules." A man yelled.

I felt Jessica hold my hand as we walked up the staircase. The man pressed in some numbers and a door opens. We walk up until we reached a library. Looking around, I felt confused. What the hell, how?

The last girl comes up and the man shuts the door.

"Okay, listen carefully. If you listen to everything I say then you'll live, if not. Well, you die! Simple as that, now all that are still virgins step here and that is not stay where you are." The man who was sitting on the desk said.

No one moved. ''Okay, I don't think I made myself clear.'' One of the men takes a girl and drags her into the center of the room. He rips her clothes off and lays her on the floor. ''GET OF OFF ME, PLEASE.'' She screamed trying to kick him off off her but more men came in and held her down. Every girl starts to cry loudly. ''STOP, STOP, STOOPPP!" She screamed more. Three men held her down and started to touch her. ''STOP'', I screamed while getting down on my knees.

I couldn't see anything anymore. All I heard was her cry for help but no one helped her. ''Please stop, '' I whispered, barely hearing my voice. I felt someone touch my hair. ''Shhh, this is what happens if you don't listen to my orders.'' I felt him pull me up and walked me to where the girl was. I saw her tears fell down like waterfalls on her cheeks, her hands trying to cover her body. I kneeled down grabbing her and held her in my arms. Trying to cover her. Oh god please help.

The room echoed with soft cries. ''Get up, '' the man said but the girl was holding on to me so tight.

''Can you please give her something to cover up, please, " I begged. The room was filled with silence. After what felt like forever, a shirt was dropped near me. I helped her wear the shirt but she was shaking with fear. I buttoned up the last button, it was a man's shirt that reached her mid-thigh.

''Now, I won't repeat myself. Whoever is a virgin come here to my right.'' Out of the, all the girls only 3 stepped out. I got up and stood next to them, the girl on the floor stood beside me. Maryanne came in line than another girl, but Jessica didn't.

''So, I have seven that are still sealed and the rest are used. Take these girls to Madison and the rest to Elana. After they're done bring them down to the stage.'' We were pulled out of the room by three men. I looked back at Jessica and I cried out.

''Take them out now!" The man yelled. ''Please, please no, let me go. JESSICA...'' I yelled and she broke down crying.

''STOP'', the man yelled.

''I'll make a deal with you beautiful. You'll be my main showcase, and I'll let your friend come with you. Even though she's won't make me a lot of money but I'll offer her as a buy one get one free deal. What do you say." He said, searching me up and down. I nod my head and he smiles. ''You are a dumb girl but okay, your friend can go with you.''

Jessica gets up and runs towards me. ''Take them to Madison now, our guests are coming in.'' We walk out, it was the main entrance to the house. A staircase came into our view, men with guns we're everywhere you turn, making it impossible to even think of running away. Going up the stairs, we make it to a room filled with women.

Everyone stared at us. ''Well, you all must be our new clients, I'm Madison. I'll teach you what to do, now go wash off before hair and makeup.'' She said with a smile on her face.

Sick b*tch!

After we all showered with, a supervisor, we were handed short dresses and heels but mine was different. Each woman in the room grabbed a girl and started to apply makeup on them. Madison came up to me, ''The boss said you're the main showcase, so you get extra attention.''

She circles around me and says, ''You're not bad-looking, I think you'll be sold tonight." I felt numb and weak. I was pulled into a chair next to the girl who was almost raped, her eye's showed me that she was grateful, but for what? We'll end up that way sooner or later, I started to tear up. I wanted to go home and the tears fell continuously.

''Now, now dear, some billionaire will buy you and you'll live a happy life, " Madison said wiping my tears. I slapped her hand away. She pressed my face with her fingers, ''I will hurt you little one, don't tempt me to do damage that pretty face of yours.''

She yanked my hair back and brushed it harshly. She styled it and then started with my makeup, she finished and hands me the dress. I look up to see all the girls ready, If this was a normal party thing, I would have said they all looked stunning but we were going to be sold like items. Each girl looked more beautiful than the other as I passed them. I head to the corner of the room and took off the bathrobe. We weren't handed any undergarments, I felt disgusting.

I was only given a thin, see-through dress that covered nothing. I turned to Madison. ''You are the star of the night, you agreed to this for your friend." She said looking at Jessica.

I placed the skimpy clothing on my body along with the high heels.''You will be sold for at least a million." One of the women said.

Madison walked out the room, only to bring the men in. ''They're done, tell Darren that whatever she'', she said pointing to me, ''is sold for, I want 5 percent of the cut.''

The men all looked at my body in hunger. I tried to cover myself but it was no use. The men pushed the girls out one by one, lining them up, I was the last one.

''At least a million, '' the woman laughed. We walked down the stairs and made a left turn until we reached the kitchen. There were maids dressed in short white dresses that had an apron around their neck saying. "'Enjoy the show''. The door open to the back and a man starts to speak.

''Gentlemen, welcome to tonight's show. We have a lot in store for you, all seven candidates are guaranteed to be virgins. So enjoy the show and let the bidding beginning.''

One by one each girl takes the stage. All being sold to the highest bidder. There was only 4 of us left. The girl, who was almost raped, came next.

''We have 19-year-old Zara, I've already done the honor in breaking her a bit but it's up to you to finish the job. And whoever gets her will have an extra one for free, compliments from Darren.''

Zara and Jessica were pulled on stage.

50 grand

80 grand

100 grand

200 grand

250 grand

''250 grand going one, going twice

300 grand

"300 grand going once, twice, sold to Mr. Sergio. Congratulations two for the price of one'', the man said.

''Now, we saved the best for last. Fourteen-year-old Maryanne and our showcase for tonight 17-year-old Zena. Come out ladies, they don't bite, Well, maybe just a little.''

All I heard was laughter as we were pulled on stage. The lights blinded us, I couldn't see anyone but I was sure that they saw us. Maryanne held me tight crying while I wiped away my tears.



''Let's go, Bishop, you wanted the girl who was for free and she's not even that hot. At least Zara was worth the money.''

''Wait Sergio, the best is always last'', he said.

My phone rings, I looked down to see who it was. I answered the call, ''Federico, my dear brother! I heard you made a mess and father isn't so pleased with you." I said trying to annoy my older brother.

''Shut up young one, you know I'll hurt you if you irritate me. Where are you, when are you coming?" He asked impatiently.

''I'm at Darren's auction, the last two are on right now."

500 grand

750 grand

800 grand

''Show me the girls'', Federico said. I stood up and opened my front camera. ''Zoom in, '' he said. ''Not on her body but face!" He yelled.

''Ahhh, brother. Bossy as always." I said annoyed.

950 grand

1 million

''Buy them both, NOW! I'll pay you when you come." He said looking at both girls that were scared to death.

''How much are you willing to spend brother.''

''Bring them with you, Sergio, '' he said ending the call.

''Guess you're not the only one who wants a girl, Bishop.'' Standing up, I bid 2 million.

''2 million dollars'', Mr. Sergio wants all the fun for himself, men. Who's willing to bid more? 2 million going once, going twice. Sold to Mr. Sergio, congratulations! You can collect your women as you head out.''

''Let's go, Bishop, our flight leaves in an hour''. I said while walking out.

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