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"Anyone but not me?" His voice was filled with malice. "Not me, huh?" "Let's have some fun. I'll give you two options." He tilted his head and glanced at me. "Either be mine or get fired." He really had become the worst person. I had never even imagined in my dream that he would use my weakness against me. He knew I would be homeless without this job. He played the game really well. His words muddled me for some moments. But, I wasn't the one to get abused because of my own weakness. Let's become homeless. I thought. I walked closer to him and poked him with my index finger. As soon as he turned around, I pulled his tie and let my mouth get closer to his ears. "I only heard one option. I resign. Hasta la Vista, BABY." I let his tie slip and looked right at his eyes. His eyes were filled with surprise as if he hadn't seen this coming from my mouth. I spun around and walked toward the exit. I was getting really proud of myself in spite of knowing the consequence of my action. I was ready to be homeless than to become his toy. I didn't see this coming but on the second I opened the door, I was swiped away from the ground. Danish had picked me up with his right hand and took me inside the room once again, slamming the door. He threw me into the wall making my head strike hard. My head spun as soon as it hit the wall and my head felt dizzy. After overcoming the dizziness, my head started to throb out of pain. I curled up on my knees, rubbing my paining head. He approached me and gently removed my hands from my head. He then, slowly ran his fingers through my hair as if he was trying to heal my paining head. "I told you already. Stop resisting." He let out a small painful voice and grabbed my waist with his right hand, his left hand still rubbing my paining head.

Chapter 1

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Meet Anna!

Her full name is Anna Smith, the clumsiest girl ever alive on the planet. Her head is always in the cloud and her best skill is tripping in thin air.

With two long braided hair and a large square eyeglasses, she looks like the typical example of a nerd.

Don't judge a book by its cover!

In spite of her nerd looks, she has no intelligence. Unless a person repeats a thing twice to thrice, her head cannot catch up. She barely passed her high school with C minus grade. She always wears a plain t-shirt with straight jeans and has no interest in grabbing people's attention.

Her motto of life is to live a peaceful college life and then get married with her crush. The only thing that she is interested in, is her crush and the only thing she is expert at, is stalking him.

Meet Danish!

His full name is Danish Dawson. He is a perfectionist. He always ranks the first in every subject and in every class.

With his blue-green eyes, slightly tanned skin and black hair, he also ranks the first in his looks in every class he attends. He is 6'4 feet making the tallest among his circle. His jaw line is the greatest weakness of Ms. Clumsy Anna. Along with the looks, he has the perfect sense of dressing.

The amazing thing about him is that he is an heir of The Dawson's enterprise, most successful company. However, the scariest thing about him is his father rules the mafia. As the heir of the mafia, his career is fixed. But, Ms. Clumsy has no idea about it. Only a thing she knows is that she is in love with him.

He fears nobody and is a pro at boxing. His weakness, he has none. He always had a stiff expressionless face and always acts cold to everyone. He hates it when people sticks close with him and always maintain his, so called personal space.


Anna's p.o.v.

Five years before!

Few strike of lightning roared through the blue-black sky, letting a million droplets of bitter water over my sweating body. It was a gloomy day and a perfect scenario to conceal my crying heart.

No, I wasn't a happy-go-lucky person. And no, I didn't enjoy being a gloomy one either.

Pushing a lock of hair back on my ear, I wiped my tears. The drop of rain pattered on my body, expanding a tiny bit of tingling pain like feeling.

With a heavy heart and slight suffocation out of continuous hiccups, I struggle my legs on the crowded street.

It wasn't my choice neither was it my interest to get soaked on that skin numbing rain. It was just another unlucky day of mine.

Many umbrellas were there, in that crowded yet lonely street that could have given me a shield. But, I found no hand that extended to invite me in.

Well, it's not like I cared anyway.

Umm ..I was running huffing and puffing until my eyes met a boy at a street who was picking up the abandoned kitten. And I fell for him in an instant.

That was lame, even for a joke. Such thing only happens in movies. But, I was living in the actual reality and the reality is always cruel & bitt


If I recall, it was all because of the bullies. Yeah, I used to be bullied in my class. And it was a part of my normal life.

My classmates were another name of animals who loved to bully the weaker one and worship the stronger one.

Some group of stupid chicks had poured some orange juice on my uniform and it was intentional. And the better part was, I had no spare clothes neither did I had any friends to offer me one.

My face was a total mess with the swollen eyes and running nose. Somehow, I was managing to suppress my moan.

As I stood on a side of the street waiting for a signal to cross the road, I felt like a giant person had approached me with an umbrella.

Jesus! For the first time in my life, someone was being kind to me.

Rubbing my puffy eyes, I lifted my head that had been down for the whole time when I left the school. A pillar like person was standing next to me, holding an umbrella that didn't even cover half of the pouring rain, to be exact. Well, it maybe because of our height difference.

I slowly fixed my glasses and tried to concentrate my hazy eyes on his structure. After a minute of stare, my vision became stable and my eyes fell on a tall perfect looking feature.

The boy standing next to me had a face that looked calm yet had a hint of restlessness. With a moment of gaze, his unusually charming face caught my whole attention and maybe my heart.

As I got busy at his face, the light had turned green and hence everyone started crossing the road. He did too.

Yeah! It was a by chance that I was covered by his umbrella and he had no such intention to help a weak girl like me.

But, I felt my heart skip a beat. I felt a heat that spread from the nape of the neck to tip of my ears.

My cheeks had a touch of cherry blossom pink.

As I reached my home, I passed through the living room where my father was sitting on the couch, enjoying his favorite shows. I tried to avoid him as much as possible because he would be much more worried about me than myself.

I cautiously walked only with my toes and two other fingers, trying to make as less sound as possible. As I reached the stairs, I flashed up within a second.

"Anna, you forgot your umbrella again." I could hear my father's worry from down stair.

But, I had no place in my head to care for that.

Throughout my elementary and middle school, I had been considered as a clown for a display. That was most likely enough for me to drive me insane.

I opened the door to my room and got inside smelling the scent of my most comfortable place. Placing my bag at my study desk that was near my window, I went to my closet and took out some warm clothes.

The bath water was ready as always. My father couldn't care less about me than himself.

As I laid on the bathtub, my head was pretty occupied as always.

But for the first time, I had thought about something else than the bullies that I was suffering.

He was medicine to my sore wound and his thoughts helped me to heal all of the holes of my heart.

It was a pure coincidence that we were in the same school. Well, we weren't in the same class.

But that was okay for now. I was already happy enough to know his existence.

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