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Irresistible Invitations

Irresistible Invitations



Never imagined that the devil himself falls into the trap of destiny and gets married to a woman forcefully. But little did he knew that the woman he married forcefully for some kind of revenge will become his reason to live, his heartbeat, his love for eternity. Zachary Udolf Sullivan a successful Billionaire but what people did not know about him is that he is not just some simple Businessman but also a leader, not just some leader but a Mafia Leader. Get into the story to know why he married a woman named Juliette Swanson forcefully. Was it for love or Revenge? Covers for the book is welcomed in TYPOS and GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES

Chapter 0

Hello everyone!

I am Simii_Meow back with another story

So here is something about the story.

* The story is going to be started soon none other but by me.

* It will be a slow update series. As I'm already packed with updating my other hit stories so this story will take time while updating. Not too long though. I will upload at every weekend.

Try to.

* This is my story so every contents, place, name, object etc in this story is a work of fiction and is not meant to harm anyone mentally or by any means.

* Please ignore the grammar and spelling errors. It will be solved at the time of editing.

* Anyone interested to give a Banner or picture or Cover related to the story can contact me through PM.

* This story is not allowed to translate in any language. (So please don't even ask me about it)

* All rights reserved to the author of the story that means me.

* This story like the title is about a Billionaire guy who marries a woman forcefully and eventually falls for her while she hates his guts.

* This story is not a sequel to the first part that is BIL. Hence no characters are going to be related to any of the

character from part one. This is a Brand new story.

* How to contact me?

● In wattpad itself. Follow me on wattpad. (Simii_Meow or S.S.Sahoo)

● In instagram. Follow me on Instagram.( I_am_Sarcastic_Queen)

● In Facebook. Follow me on Facebook or send me a request or message me. (Soumiya Seemran Sahoo)

* Feel Free to comment your opinion about the story.

*Vote and Comment to encourage me to update quicker.


* Janice Fronimakis as the lead male named Zachary Udolf Sullivan.

He is 6'2 and is the mutimillionaire of New York. He is famous for his Greek God looks and calm behaviour but What people do not know about him is that he is the mafia Boss. Most feared, Ruthless and arrogant Mafia Boss.

Pic of Janice as how I've imagined him for the role. He is handsome and totally gives a vibe of a mafia man.

* Amber heard as the female lead named Juliette Swanson. She is a brunette with chocolate brown hair and is 5'8. She has blue eyes and is calm and reservative.

Pic of Juliette. This is how I have imagined her role.

* Dylan O'Brien as Juliette's brother Jace Swanson.

* Andre Hamann as Emmett Renfred.

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