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“Hiro, I’m not lying, please believe me!” Ivy did not care about anybody else’s opinion of her, she only care about Hiro’s. He looked at her, disdain in his eyes. She felt her heart was torn into pieces. What did she ever do to deserve this? She bore him a child, but he denied it. Even her own father was not able to believe her. When all the evidence points out that she cheated on him, how would she be able to win his love back? “From now on, you will not get out of this house. You will only wait for me to come to you, as you owe me your heart, your body, and your soul. You will pleasure me until I get tired of you.” He said all the words slowly and deliberately, each word filled with vile meaning. It made her choke on her own tears, as she gradually accepted her fate.

Chapter 1
Human blanket

Ivy adjusted the mask on her face with her gloved hands. She is almost freezing cold! This is her second winter in this foreign land, and until now, she always hated how cold it could get. She feels better though, when she remembers Sachie telling her last night that it was -15degrees in Tokyo. She would freeze to death by then, she thought.

She checked her wristwatch, it's 10 minutes past 6 in the evening, and she realized that it was already dark. She began to type a message on her phone.

"Where are you Hiro? I'm freezing now!"

She went inside the waiting area again and sat on one of the chairs. Today is Friday, December 21st, and she had promised her father that she will spend the holiday break there then she will go home to her mother for the celebration of New Year.

It has been almost 1 year since the relationship between Hiro and Ivy became clear. That time, she asked her father not to publicly announce that she is his daughter, in order not to make a ruckus in their social circle and in the company, where Hiro is the president. If it's made public, its either they cannot make their relationship known or Hiro would be branded as a bastard child and the company would be affected.

Although the company originally belonged to Mita's family, Yukio worked hard on expanding it. When Mita's family was the one running it, it was just a mere textile and transport company that operates only in Tokyo and neighboring prefectures. Then Yukio was able to expand the company that it was able to dominate the transport industry all over the country, in just less than 20 years of managing it. When Hiro turned 22, Yukio turned over the company to him. In just 10 years, Hiro further expanded the company to include not only transport industry, but also manufacturing of vehicle parts. The YY group of companies now owned a transport group, manufacturing group, chain of hotels and sports club, and large shopping malls and supermarkets built from north to south of Japan. Now, at the age of 33, he is one of the youngest and richest CEO in the country. Just last year, they started branching out to other countries, particularly the Asian market.

If Hiro's complicated family background is made known to the public, his credibility might be affected, and other business partners might shun him, and his entire family. This is what Ivy does not want to happen. She knows how much the sense of shame and honor is respected and being uphold by the people of this country. She has no wish to humiliate him, his family, and her own father in this country. In any case, it does not matter to her one bit if she will never be recognized as her father's daughter, as she literally grew up without one. She is, in fact, very contented with what's going on in her life now. She could not ask for more.

"What are you dreaming about?"

The cold voice and warm touch on her forehead woke Ivy from her deep thoughts. She opened her eyes in surprise as she did not hear the helicopter landing, nor his footsteps.

Looking at her intently is a pair of deep dark brown round eyes, the ones she missed so much. Hell, she has not seen him for almost a month!

"Hiro!" she leapt from her chair and hugged him, her arms around his neck.

"Woah!" Hiro was surprised too, but he instinctively put his arms around her waist as he smelled her sweet scent. How he missed her!

After a while, Ivy let go of him, and as she looked at his smiling eyes, she smiled back, then pouted at him.

"It took you too long to come here, " she stated, with an accusing look, "Don't tell me they have heavy traffic in the sky now".

Hiro laughed sexily, and pinched her little nose covered with the mask.

"Sorry about that, no excuses. But know that I did try to finish all my work as fast as I could to come here and pick you up." He explained then how he missed her for the past weeks. He was in China, Taiwan and Korea to look over the opening ceremony of the YY shopping malls in these countries. It was indeed so tiring for him but he wanted to be present there as the CEO, and he had to meet all the managers assigned in each area, and supervise some decision-making meetings.

She cast him a sideway glance. Of course, she is not angry at him, for even though they were not able to see each other personally during almost a month, they always see each other on video call every night. Hiro would always call her every time he arrives in his hotel room, and they will talk with the video on for hours until they both dec

ided to sleep. But seeing him in person is different, of course.

Finally, she smiled at him. And he laughed.

"You are a little schemer. You just want to hear me say sorry, " he touted.

"Ha-ha", she mimicked his laughter. "Indeed, it is a real pleasure to hear Mr. CEO say sorry to me", she smiled sweetly at him.

Then, as he was about to pinch her nose again, she held her arms in his face. And sneezed. "Sorry, " she said, a bit embarrassed.

"It's too cold, let's go." Hiro put his arm on her shoulder and guided her towards the helicopter. The pilot bowed to them as they went inside, then after a few moments, they are up in the air. Inside, Hiro wrapped his arms around her, as she was taking off her mask. She also took off her gloves and touched his cheeks, and he winced at how cold her hands were.

"I told you I'm freezing, " she giggled at his reaction. She was wearing a thick winter coat, turtleneck heat-tech long sleeve tops, and heat-tech thick leggings. However, her whole body was still so cold with the weather. Meanwhile, Hiro was only wearing a long sleeve collared shirt with a knitted vest and black pants.

Doesn't he feel cold at all?

"Aren't you cold?" she wondered and asked him.

"I was, " he answered, looking at a knee-length winter coat tossed at the back of their seat. "But now that my human blanket is here, then I'm not cold anymore." He winked at her, knowing that the hidden meaning in his words was not lost on her, for her cheeks became redder with embarrassment.

She pinched his side, as he stifled a laugh.

"You are becoming too straightforward these days, " she commented. She then checked her phone and read his reply which said "Coming as fast as I could, honey!" She smiled to herself.

"Why, don't you like it? Do you want me to hide my feelings for you?" he frowned at her.

She looked at him, wondering how can he be so handsome, and how was she able to have him. "I do, but only when it's the two of us." She whispered to his ear. Hiro was aroused with her action, as he felt her soft breath on his ear, tickled his senses.

His arms went to her waist, slightly caressing her on the lower part.

"I can't wait to be with you tonight." He whispered back.

Ivy smiled to herself mischievously.

"Me too, but I have…"

Disappointment was written all over his face as he heard her last words. Ivy couldn't help but laugh at his reaction.

"Are you teasing me or what?" he asked.

"No, it's true." She said innocently, "It's my second day, do you want me to prove it to you later?" she tested his patience.

Hiro was silent for a short while, then with an evil smirk on his face, he said. "Well, I don't mind becoming a vampire for a few nights."

Ivy was lost for words. She did not understand what he meant, and as she looked at him with that expression, he laughed at her and pinched her nose.

"I was just kidding, little one." He said, amused at how ignorant and innocent she can sometimes be. Well, it might be one of the reasons why he became drawn to her, her pure innocence.

He held her close to his chest the whole time they were in the air, while telling about his travels. He recounted how many times he had to coldly push away some girls that were sent to him by some managers who wanted to have his good side. Hiro was not offended, as he knows that in a man's world, sexual pleasure is one of the best way to get close to somebody's good side. As the CEO, he had numerous experiences about it, but he always managed to push the girls away. Especially now, that he has Ivy.

Ivy was jealous at first, but when he said the last words, she somehow felt at ease. She smiled at him.

"Can you repeat it?"

He looked at her questioningly at first, the he obliged. "I don't have any need for another woman since I already have you."

She giggled sheepishly, and Hiro pinched her on the nose. "It is so hard to be a CEO, right? You always have girls who want to take advantage of you." She said.

He lifted one thick eyebrow, "It's not only because I'm a CEO, " his voice has some pride on it, and she caught it too well. She lowered her eyes, "Ok, you are handsome, and charming, and so capable, and the list goes on and on…"

Her voice was so small that Hiro had to listen to her closely, "I did not hear you quite well, " he put on a cold look, She laughed. "I said, Mr. CEO, that you are handsome, and a macho man. So girls fly to you like bees."

"Well, at least you know" he joked, while hugging her closer.

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