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Seducing the Billionaire: Inigo Petrakis

Seducing the Billionaire: Inigo Petrakis

Lady Briar Rose


"I want a husband and I want it to be you, Iñigo Petrakis. So, you will marry me whether you like it not." Avery “Ava” Marquez has been in love with Iñigo Petrakis for as long as she can remember. The only problem is he has sworn off love after his scandalous marriage that ruined his family name and business. Add on to his problem is being found in a compromising position with the strong willed Ava Marquez. With his life in shambles and an adamant but sexy woman hot on his trail, he might just give in to her offer – marry the self-made billionaire in exchange of bringing back his prestige. Fairly easy but with the constant sparks and seduction of Ava, he might not only give his family name but also his heart.

Chapter 1
The Plan

Inigo Petrakis's POV

Present day...

What was that noise? Was that a woman singing an Ariana Grande song?

Peeling my eyes open, I groaned out loud and cursed as a ray of light bit my eyes. Curling at the other side of the bed, I cursed again when I heard my phone ringing. I rubbed my eyes and frustratingly opened it to see discarded clothes strewn all over my room. The curtains were parted hence, the bright light filling in my crystal white room and the door to the shower was closed.

She began to sing the lines of Dangerous Woman and I cocked my head to the side for at her on key voice. Damn. The woman is turning me on and I fucking hate to break my rule on one night stands. Didn't the woman know not to wake up a one night stand at 6 in the morning and seduce him because of a really good song?

Throwing back the covers and tugging on a pair of discarded jeans, I groaned at my rock hard dick. This needs to get done. But my phone played my personal assistant's tone, again. Cursing in frustration, I looked for my phone at the mess in my room and growled at it when I found it. "What?"

"S-sir." my secretary, Andrew, stammered on the other line.

"This better be good Andrew because I haven't had coffee yet and a damn woman is seducing my ears." I growled at him, pinching my forehead at the obvious headache starting to form and the frustration of my male anatomy.

"It's actually about the woman and umm you sir." Andrew nervously gulped as I gritted my teeth in annoyance.

"What about it." I harshly asked on the other line.

"Well you see. There were people who caught you and her leave the party and took photos of you in a compromising position." Andrew said "You're all over the news and the board isn't happy of another scandal."

Growling in frustration, I opened the link Andrew sent me on my email and cursed out loud when I saw the cover of the headline.

Bankrupt Billionaire found in the arms of the youngest self-made millionaire Ava Marquez.

Cold settled on my feet as I read the name and our photos in a half-naked state.

No. It's not possible. Ava Marquez? An image of a raven haired green eyed beauty flashed in my mind.

Suddenly, the doors to my restroom opened and there walked out the stunning image of the woman in my mind. She was only wearing a bathrobe and her curly hair fell on soft tendrils on her back. A cheschire grin was on her lips as she smiled wickedly at me.

"Good morning." she wickedly greeted. Seeing the shock on my face and my phone on my hand, her eyes left a knowing look "Oh! You've heard the news too."

Shaking my head out of my lustful thoughts, I stomped towards her with determination "We need to sort this out! I cannot have another scandal with my company in jeopardy!"

"Neither can I." her eyes sparked with defiance "You're not the only who's name and company is in jeopardy! The only thing we can do is to sue whomever published those news and---"

"And?" I prodded her on as a mischievous grin formed on her lips. Her sensual lips lifted and her sultry eyes gleamed in with a promise.

"Get married." my eyes widened at her plan "I cannot have a scandal attached to my name. So whether you like it or not, you WIL

L marry me Iñigo Petrakis!"

3 days ago...

Ava Marquez's POV

Petrakis Empire Under Shambles

Leanne Green, ex-wife of Inigo Petrakis, caught in an affair with her father-in-law Saul Petrakis

Inigo Petrakis billionaire may not be a billionaire at the end of the year

I sighed as I read the headlines of the news for the past month. From the affair of Leanne to the state of almost bankruptcy of the Petrakis Empire, my heart goes out to Iñigo. It must be hard considering he grew up with his parents having multiple affairs. Now his wife is having an affair and his company is in shambles. He had suffered so much for the past months. From a well-known billionaire to a laughingstock in the industry.

Every instinct in me jumped in helping him. How? He has been shutting off every business proposal I am giving him. It is as if he doesn't want to associate with a female anymore which is absurd!

Caressing the glossed photo of Iñigo on the magazine, I swooned at his ocean blue hooded eyes. Hair as bright as the sun, eyes as blue as the ancient jewels, and lips as sinful as the devil, Iñigo is the very picture of sin. The suit he was wearing did not hide the hard contours and shapely form of his arms and chest. Plus the smirk on his face did nothing to my already heated libido. It only made me want him more.

The first time I met him I was a 15 year old girl mourning my parents' deaths. They died of a car accident on their way to work. I remember putting off a brave facade as I entertained our guests on my parents' funeral. I didn't notice him at first but it was hard not to. Iñigo Petrakis can swarm a whole space by just his presence.

Wearing a pin stripped suit, the then 25 year old millionaire, strode into the room and offered his condolences. I was tongue tied as I thanked him, for who wouldn't be? Before me was the most handsome man I have ever seen.

I thought he will leave after the reception but he stayed until the last guests left. It was when he took his seat and offered his hand to my delicate ones that I let the tears fall from eyes. He held me in his arms as I cried like a child. He offered no words, only his strong arms holding me, giving me strength in his own way. And it was in that moment I fell in love with him. I promised myself under my parents' graves that I will marry that workaholic beautiful man. He just have to wait.

He became my hero. My idol. At first he would send us gifts but overtime it became to grow less until it stopped when he got married. It broke my heart seeing on television how he married the socialite Leanne Greene. But it broke me all the more that after two years of marriage, he has been lied to by the very woman he called his wife.

If only he waited for me than marrying that woman. That man surely doesn't know how to wait.

Now I have to help him. Maybe I can seduce him in marrying me instead? Ugh nope not going there. Shaking the devious thoughts on my head, I opted for the more civil and friendly plan.

Glancing at the phone number of the hired dancers, I dialled it and offered to become one of their dancers. But I didn't notice my best friend, Emma, and my sister, Addie, grinning like fools from behind.

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