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Ex-wife's Temptation

Ex-wife's Temptation



Anne followed a certain contract: she would get married to Kevin and give birth to his child by the end of the year. Otherwise, she would lose it all. However, it was easier said than done. Faced with humiliation day by day, she had run out of patience. This time, she didn't want to give in. On the day of his accident, she sacrificed herself to save him. Although she lived, she would soon disappear in the face of the world. It wouldn't be until their baby grew up that their fates would tie together once more. She might have returned to him, but she was no longer the woman who was simpering after his love. Now, she was ready to fight for her son.

Chapter 1 His Sweetheart

On the bedside table in a big room, the phone kept ringing. It annoyed Anne Luo to no end.

She struggled to grab the sheets from under her body as she snapped at the man next to her, "Kevin Fu, you–" Before she could finish her words, the man made her groan in pleasure.

She didn't even have the strength to glare at him anymore as she gritted her teeth.

It was as if her entire body had softened underneath him like a bag of putty.

The man slowly got off of Anne's body. He smiled lazily before reaching out to pick up the phone on the bedside table.

"Honey, I'm coming soon. Are you waiting for me in the living room?" There was a short pause before he nodded. "I'll take a shower first, okay? Love you."

The man beside her was incredibly tall with a muscled physique. His tight muscles were charming and sexy, especially with the sweat running all over his skin. There was something about his eyes that was soft and kind. They were filled with love and affection,

but Anne Luo knew for a fact that those feelings weren't for her.

His tenderness only belonged to one person.

Hearing his sweet voice, she froze in an instant.

With a cold face, Anne Luo wrapped herself with the blanket that had fallen to the ground while Kevin Fu strode into the bathroom to take a shower.

The bathroom door was slightly open, and she could hear water pouring onto the tiles.

She stared at the room around her. All of the items were imported from D Country. That meant that every furniture here probably cost a fortune.

This was one of the rooms in the Fu Family's villa, but Anne Luo felt that the room was no different from all the five star hotels that she had been to.

"Go downstairs and take a photo for me." While she was too busy staring at her surroundings, Kevin Fu had already walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

His voice was indifferent, as if she was just another toy that he could mess with.

He actually despised her so much. Although she was his wife, he held no feelings for her.

The only reason they were together was to fulfill the obligation they had for each other. All she did was go to bed at this time of every day. It was clearly written on the contract that she must be pregnant with his child by the end of the year.

If she couldn't bear his child, then all her shares of the AN Group would be repossessed and she had no choice but to be kicked out of A City.

The AN Group was the top company on the Forbes List, soaring so high up that none of the companies could ever compare with it.

Its president, Kevin Fu, was a legend in the making. When he was just seventeen, he had already doubled the net worth of the AN Group, ranking it up from seventh on the Forbes List to first.

He was declared as the 'Man Women Most Want To Marry' three times in a row. He was also declared as the 'Legendary Man Across the Globe'.

Judging from the tone of his voice, Anne Luo knew that his sweetheart must already be waiting downstairs.

"I'm not a professional photographer," she said bluntly.

"I told you to do it, so you will." He glared at her. His eyes were as cold as night. "Are you really that stupid that you don't even know how to use a phone? Then maybe you shouldn't be Vice President of the An Group."

"You!" Anger boiled in her heart, and she gritted her teeth.

Without even casting her a glance, Kevin Fu strode out of the room. "Don't forget that you have dinner in the Cloud and Heaven tonight. If you were late and caused any losses, you will have to make up for all."

Staring at his receding figure, Anne Luo clenched her fists. For him, nothing was as important as his sweetheart.

Loosening her grip, she headed towards her wardrobe to get her clothes.

In order to get her shares, she needed to endure all of this, but was that really just her goal? Her heart trembled,

and her eyes glistened with sadness.

After a long time, Anne Luo quickly put on a long dress. Except for the small discomfort on her lower limbs, Kevin Fu didn't leave any trace on her body.

He disdained every time he did it.

If there wasn't a contract already, he wouldn't even want to touch her.

Bearing the pain in her hips, she went downstairs.

In the hall, Kevin Fu was taking photos with Cherry Ye, his beloved girlfriend.

Cherry was wearing a snow-white dress. It enveloped her figure perfectly, and it even highlighted her beautiful face.

They were a match made in heaven.

Just then, Kevin Fu saw that Anne Luo was already on her way down.

The smile on his face faltered. "What took you so long?" he snapped.

Anne Luo suppressed her anger. In reality, all she wanted was to hit the man on the face.

Cherry Ye, her cousin, was snuggled up in Kevin Fu's arms. She smiled apologetically at Anne. "It's Kevin who insisted on taking a photo of us together and posting it on our WeChat Moments. He said that he should post one on my birthday every year," she explained.

Anne didn't even care for the reason as she reached out her hand over to Kevin Fu. "Your phone."

Kevin threw her the phone before smiling dotingly at Cherry.

"If you can't shoot well, then you might as well stay at home and take some lessons for the next few days. Maybe then, you might actually have a future once you lose your shares," he threatened.

Anger bubbled out in Anne's heart, but she didn't say a word.

Kevin glanced at Anne, annoyed at the fact that she wasn't reacting at his words.

He then placed his hand on Cherry's thigh.

"Oh, stop that, Kevin!" Cherry teased as her cheeks flushed.

She leaned against his chest. However, her gaze was on Anne. Her eyes flashed provocatively, as if daring her to say a word.

Their pose was very intimate.

The soft cloth that hugged around Cherry's body felt like silk, sticking onto Kevin's suit.

Anne stayed silent. She remained cold and stoic. No matter how much she hated the two people in front of her, she would remain as calm as she could be.

All she wanted was for the couple to disappear from her eyes. But at this moment, she restrained herself and continued to take pictures of them.

Kevin held Cherry's legs and waist. In other photos, he even leaned in to kiss her on the lips.

Smiling shyly, Cherry pouted.

Anne made sure that she didn't miss any of their poses.

Even if Kevin had made all those poses, the expression on Anne's face still didn't change the slightest. "Give me back my phone. If Cherry doesn't look good, then you should retake them."

Without any hesitation, Anne handed the phone back.

Cherry punched him on the arm like a spoiled child. "Do you think I'm ugly?" she demanded.

As if he was faced by a formidable enemy, Kevin immediately peppered a few kisses around her face. "Of course not! You're the most beautiful woman in the world," he immediately complimented. "I'm afraid that she may not be good at capturing your beauty."

Cherry smiled. "Don't you believe in our genes?"

Given that Anne was Cherry's cousin, that meant she was also good looking. Although she wasn't as good looking as Cherry.

Kevin nodded immediately.

Cherry was incredibly beautiful. Her skin was bright and soft. Her inky dark hair fell right to her waist, framing her heart-shaped face and large eyes. There was something about her eyes that was similar to a child's. They held innocence that one could never muster out.

She was tall and curvy. In fact, any man who saw her would compare her to a goddess.

Any photo that featured her would be beautiful, especially since Anne had taken them with all her heart.

Kevin glanced at all the photos that she had taken. In every single one of them, Cherry's beauty was highlighted and his gracefulness was exemplified. It seemed that he couldn't find any flaws.

With an indescribable anger in his heart, he impatiently put away his phone. "You can go now."

Anne turned and was about to leave when he called her back.

"Wait a minute." Dissatisfied, he crossed his arms. "Go change your clothes. Your clothes have the same color as Cherry's. Don't wear the same color as her when you'll be attending the wine party. You'd better not disrespect her."

His face was as ruthless as the Prince of Death. "In fact, toss all the clothes that may be similar in color to Cherry's choice of clothing."

Anger bubbled in Anne's chest. It took her a few seconds to get the words out as she gritted her teeth. "I'll bear you good remarks in my mind."

All she did was wear a white dress! How the hell did she disrespect Cherry? Anne clenched her fists

and stalked off.

Seeing Anne so angry, Cherry raised the corners of her lips. Something flashed in her eyes as she lovingly stared at the man beside her.

Anne tore all her white clothes and threw them on the ground.

Cherry had always preferred light-colored fabrics, especially white,

so from this point on, Anne disdained herself for wearing the same color.

"Kevin, have you already posted them?" Cherry asked, leaning against his chest.

Kevin finally came to his senses as he smiled brightly at the woman beside him. "I'll do it now."

He took out his phone and chose a photo that best represented them. In the photo, they were laughing happily. As their arms wrapped around each other, it was obvious that they were the perfect match. However, the more he stared at the photo, the more annoyed he became. Without saying another word, he posted it on his WeChat Moments.

The caption was: Happy Birthday, Baby. I'll love you forever!

As soon as he finished posting, a lot of people commented on the picture.

Mr. He said, "It's a torture to for a single dog to see that."

Mr. Sun said, "Rub it in, why don't you? You kill me, my friend. At least give your single friend a break!"

There were also some flattering comments below like: "Cherry, you're glowing! Happy Birthday! I hope that you'll always be together from this life to the next."

Although they all knew that Kevin had a wife, they also knew that he only cared for one person.

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