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Author Anika


Christian Knight is a billionaire and the President of Knight Group. He is the heartthrob and the hottest eligible bachelor of London. With a body like a Greek god and sharp features, he could make any girl fall for his charm, but his grandfather forced him to marry an Indian girl in exchange for the CEO position in the Knight Group. Will Christian accept his demand when he is already in love with someone else? Mishka Ranawat is a beautiful yet modest girl from India. Her innocent eyes and cute dimples can capture anyone’s heart but she is more than just a beauty. Mishka is a hard-working girl determined to fulfil her dreams in life. But what compelled her to marry a complete stranger? *** “I want you to sign these papers,” Christian demanded in his deep domineering voice, forwarding the file towards Mishka. “What is this?” She narrowed her eyes taking the file. “Read and I’ll explain everything,” Christian answered, his cold eyes stared at her, and as soon as Mishka opened the file, her face lost all colour reading the bold letters. “CONTRACT MARRIAGE” Will she give into Christian's demand or her masterstroke will change the dynamics of the trap which Christian set for her? What will happen when their entirely different world will crash? Will these two grieving hearts find solace in each other's arms? Let’s find out in the story!

Chapter 1
Decision Taken

It was a pleasant sunny day when the guards opened the giant black metal gates of the Knight Mansion and a speeding Red Audi R8 limited edition sports car slid into the driveway.

Christian Knight stepped out of his car in a charcoal grey suit, seething in rage, and slammed the door of the car shut with a rude bang. He strode towards the gorgeous Italian-styled Knight Mansion crossing the expanded water fountain.

The house helper opened the magnificent mahogany door and respectfully greeted him, but Christian ignored it. “Where is Grandpa?” He asked, his nostrils flaming in anger.

“Sir, they are in the living area.” The house helper answered meekly and Christian turned on his heels, taking long strides sauntering towards the living area, where he saw his father Luke Knight and grandfather Leo Knight sitting together enjoying coffee and chatting about some forthcoming projects.

Christian charged toward them with blazing eyes. “Grandpa, how can you do this to me?” He thundered, glaring at him. “How can you take such an important decision of my life without asking me?” He raised his voice and his eyes shifted to his father, Luke.

“Dad, at least you say something to him!! Why does he want me to get married? And that too with an Indian girl?? Indian!!” Christian said in a high pitch, raving in anger, and glared at his grandfather. “Grandpa, I think you skipped, but I am already in a relationship with Lia. I introduced you to her a few weeks ago.”

“Son, let me get straight to the point. If you want to take over the position of CEO in Knight Group, then you must marry the girl I have chosen for you. Accept it or leave it. The decision is yours.” Leo responded calmly, with a small smile playing on his lips. “I can give the CEO’s position to your cousin, Jake. He is ready for it!” Leo stated while taking a sip of his coffee.

“Even I am ready to take the position, Grandpa, but you are imposing superfluous conditions here and I can’t fulfil them. I am already in a relationship with Lia. I love her, damn it!!” Christian almost shrieked while adding the last part.

“Chris, calm down!” Luke glared at him, but Christian was on a rampage.

“Why doesn’t he understand? I love my company. I have worked my ass off! Why is he mixing my professional and personal life?” Christian shrieked, but Leo was as calm as the sea, listening to him, taking a sip of his coffee occasionally.

“Listen, Grandpa, if I have to choose between Lia and the company. Lia will be the one I choose. I know I am qualified enough to build my own Empire and I don’t need the Knight group to prove my worth. I will gladly leave everything behind for her.” He made his last statement.

"Son, you don’t love her. She has just made you feel like you love her, but that’s not true. Come out of your Lala land. She is trying to fool you! Lia is not the right one. She is just after your money, like your other ex-girlfriends.” Leo clearly stated his feelings.

He continued, “The girl I have chosen for you is perfect. She is beautiful, simple, smart, intelligent, and she has all those excellences a guy wishes to have in his wife. You are going to marry her and that’s final.” Leo stood up to leave.

"Fine, if that’s your final decision, I am giving up this business and this house for Lia. I don’t need this company or Knight’s legacy to establish myself. I can achieve everything on my own, and yeah, that Indian bitch, get her married to your loving Jake because I’m not going to marry her in this life.” Christian roared.

Leo turned and smiled at Christian. “Jake already wants to marry her, but I have chosen her for you. Anyway, when you have decided to leave, then who the hell am I to impede? God bless you, son. I wish you and Lia to always be happy together.” Leo blessed the eternal soulmates, taking a glance at his wristwatch.

“You have exactly two hours from now. Pack your

bags and leave this house, but remember, you can take only your clothes with you and nothing else. Goodbye son.” Leo said, waving his hand and left.

“Dad, what are you saying?” Luke, Christian’s father, followed Leo out to stop him while Christian stood there, dumbfounded, looking at his grandfather’s disappearing figure. He couldn’t figure out what was happening to him all of a sudden.

Grandpa, who always loved and cherished him, left him today for a girl that he recently met during his visit to India.

Seething in anger, Christian turned and smashed all the bottles on the bar counter, cussing out the girl who has destroyed all his dreams and left the Knight Mansion to be with Lia


Two hours later at Lia’s apartment,

“WHAT? Why did you leave everything?” Lia asked, widening her eyes.

“No... no... no, this is not happening. This cannot happen. I always wanted to lead a rich life and if Christian leaves his house and company, all my dreams of living a luxurious life will be shattered and I cannot compromise with that. Christian can’t leave his empire like this, he has to go back at any cost!!” Lia’s trail of thoughts paused when she heard Christian’s voice.

“What... why? I just explained to you everything.” Christian looked at Lia, confused, and then he clutched her hands. “I love you, Lia. That’s why I left everything to be with you. You see, I will set my empire, but this will take some time, and I need your support in this.”

Lia smiled, removing her hand from his grasp. “I know you love me, Chris. But why did you choose to give up your CEO’s position? The position for which you have worked hard day and night.” She said and paused for a few seconds,

“Look, I am very lucky that I found a loving guy like you who gave up everything for me. But I don’t want you to do something like this for me.” Lia tried to persuade him.

Christian heaved in rage. “So, what do you want me to do? Go back and marry that Indian girl, grandpa selected for me?” Christian yelled and stood up from the couch. “I think I made a mistake coming here.” He sighed, glancing briefly at Lia, and turned to leave.

But Lia hugged him from behind to stop him from leaving, “Baby, I am sorry. Please don’t leave like this. We will figure out something, but don’t leave your dream of becoming the CEO for me. Else, I’ll never be able to forgive myself.” Lia said dramatically.

Christian turned to face Lia. “What shall we figure out? Grandpa has clearly stated that I have to marry that girl if I want the CEO’s position, and I know he will not change his mind!” He said, sitting on the lounge again, and buried his face in his hand, closing his eyes.

Lia sat beside him, clinging to his biceps, and put her head on his shoulder. After a few minutes of silence, Lia squealed in excitement, snapping her fingers. “I have a plan!!”

“What plan?” Christian asked with a bored expression, raising his hand from his face.

“Contract Marriage!!” Lia said with excitement in her voice.

“A Contract Marriage?” Christian asked, looking at her face through his widened eyes. “Are you mad?” He frowned.

“What mad? I know it’s not legal, but if she agrees to sign, Contract Marriage will be biding both of you. It is the perfect solution for the trap your grandpa has designed for you.” Lia answered.

“And what if he got to learn about this?” Christian questioned Lia’s idea, furrowing his eyebrows.

“I am not gonna tell him, and as far as I know, you and Danny will also keep your mouths shut. Then who is going to tell him?” Lia assured Christian. “Yeah, but to make this plan successful, we have to persuade this Indian girl and it’s going to be very troublesome for us,” Lia added.

Christian nodded his head in consent, throwing his head back on the lounge in resentment and clamoured. “Fuck, I already hate her so much. She is pushing me to do things I never wished to do!!”

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