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Kiss Leilani


Twenty-year-old Jasamina Rutherford was forced by her parents to marry a politician who's so much years older than she is, because they wanted money and social influence. Ludale McCully is a beast in human form and a psycho. He abused her a lot. But, when she gave birth to her baby and he beat her so badly, Jasamina damned all the consequences and ran away with her new born baby. Out on the cold streets; bruised and battered, no food, money or supplies, and with a baby hidden inside her coat, she was at the end of her rope when she ran into him. ***** Tanner Dantes lost his family in the most brutal way a person would loose a lost one. It was so traumatizing and horrifying that he took to the streets. He drank himself to stupor, just to keep the memories at bay. Sober is not an option, because sober means remembering. Then, a woman ran into him one cold dark night. She was so bruised, there was no part of her body that wasn‘t ‘occupied' with either a fresh or an old wound/bruise/scar.  And, she has a baby strapped so protectively inside her clothes. She fainted into his arms. A woman on the run from her powerful psychotic husband and a man who'll drink himself to death than to go sober and let reality in. What's going to happen in here? A lot is gonna happen! So, why don't you go on this mind-blowing ride with me!?

Chapter 1

My name is Jasamina McCully and I am twenty years old.

Two years ago, my parents forced me to marry a rich congressman named Ludale McCully. A forty-five year old man that turned out to be the most abusive man on the whole planet.

"To save my family from poverty." My mother had said to me as she pushed me to marry the forty-five year old man. I was crying and begging my parents but they didn't listen. I was just a means to an end.

He abused and beat me within an inch of my life for the past two years. Everytime I get the chance, I try to escape and every single time he finds me.

Then, he punishes me for ever trying to leave. The punishment is always wor

st than death. Because of that, I never tried to escape again.

My name is Jasamina and I am a girl afraid of her husband because I know what he can do. But I'm also a mother.

After giving birth to my baby two months ago and loving him with my whole life...I know a time will come when I have to choose between being scared of my husband or trying to survive with my little boy.

The time came soon.

It's either to survive or die by Dale's hand.

I made the choice to TRY and survive.

It's just that sometimes...even choices are against you. Sometimes, even the choice can be taken from you.

My name is Jasamina McCully.

And this is the story of my life.

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