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Dear Prischelle

Dear Prischelle



How long will your feelings stay inside your heart? Will you still carry it even though it’s slowly breaking you into pieces? It’s a story of a guy who keeps on loving blamelessly.

Chapter 1

Another school year is up. Another experiences, new learnings, new friends, new atmosphere. It's always like that during first day. It is fun at first but for sure, it'll be hellish and stressful when time goes by.

I've always been ready in college. I know that it's gonna be in another level. I already thought about the course I'm going to take and my parents agreed to it. Mom and Dad were both accountant so I wanted to become one, too.

I was at the sky walk, chit-chatting and laughing along with my friends since Senior high years. We belong at different department but decided to talk before the first day of class. Orientation was done yesterday so today is class day.

When the bell rang, my fri

ends said their goodbye's and leave. I was about also when I spotted a girl. She was looking around like she's looking for something. I found her cute. Specially in her off shoulder shirt, navy blue pants and white converse.

Hazel brown long straigh hair, perfectly shaped round eyes that made her look like a doll, small face, heart shaped pink lips and cute nose. Her skin tone was close to being morena. And she's quite tall and slim.

My mouth parted at the sight of her. My hold to the railing tightened. I couldn't help staring at her. But when she look up, I immediately look away and leave the place. Hoping that she didn't caught me staring. That would be very embarrassing.

But...who is she?

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