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A Path of Business: My Loyal and Lovely Husband

A Path of Business: My Loyal and Lovely Husband



Jin Weiwei finds herself has traversed time and space, she wakes up in a shabby temple, remembering this life she is bullied by everyone. Her father doesn't like her, let alone her stepmother. However, she meets a beggar in this life and climbs all the way up to the royalty.

Chapter 1
Little Pretty Beggar

Proofreader Peter Gong

The chirping of cicadas is annoying as usual on the evening of late summer. In a ruined temple, Jin Weiwei is sitting on a haystack. She covers her injured head, and stares at the unkempt little beggar in front of her.

Who could ever think of the situation that she has traversed space and time in one day completely naked, and now she is lying together with a strange man only in a loincloth?

As the saying goes, it is not terrible to traverse space and time, but what one fears most is fail to become a master of an unfortunate fate after traversing.

Retrieving the memory, Jin Weiwei believes that this time she “hit the jackpot”. It is all right to be in a backward country, and to make the matter worse, the person, who is she now, turns out to be an unlucky dog who has no parental love, no money, and no beauty. But the most tragic thing is “she” is an idiot! According to the memory of the past owner, Weiwei finds “she” was asked by her stepmother to send something to butcher Feng in her village this morning. However, unexpectedly, she was suddenly hit by someone from the back of the head and fainted just halfway up. When she woke up, she was lying here in the old temple.

Though the temple is old and ruined, there is also an owner, who now is lying before her. Undoubtedly, “She”is not welcomed by the owner for her sudden intrusion. However, strangely enough, the beggar himself is also an idiot. The two fools loathe each other and fight together without saying a word.

The past owner is somewhat a fool, but she is extremely powerful so much so that she beats the man terribly with his head broken and bleeding. However, she also gets beaten back so badly that she dies abruptly, which has led to Weiwei’s being here..

What a ridiculous story!Weiwei thinks for a while, and comes to see whether the beggar is killed by “she”. However, she shocks rooted to the ground when she pulls his dirty hair apart.

How could a beggar be so handsome!He has a face with chiseled features. His temples are as clear as cut by knife, and his eyebrows are as black as ink. Jin Weiwei unconsciously swallows some saliva, and the only word that occurs to her is -- incredible beauty.

How could such a handsome person be reduced to begging? Is he dead?Jin Weiwei reaches over and notice

s that the beggar is still breathing. She is immediately relieved.“It's a pity that he's still a fool. Otherwise, he may tell me who wants to murder me......”Turning around, Jin Weiwei wants to look over the ruined temple. Unexpectedly, at this moment, there suddenly comes a chaotic sound of footsteps outside the gate.“I saw that girl walking toward that way with the beggar shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm, I won’t be wrong!”“Sin! Dare to have affairs with men at such young age!”“Why, how could she ....... with such a dirty beggar!”“The door is closed, they must be here now. All go in and search!”As the people outside approach, Jin Weiwei can not help but tighten her nerves.Judged from the voice, Jin Weiwei knows that it is butcher Feng and and her stepmother Caowho coming.What does she say? This is what they plan.Want to catch her? No way!There’s a sneer flashing on Jin Weiwei’s face. As the saying goes, “A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. Of all strategies, retreat is the best.”

She is about to leave, but feels sympathetic when glimpsing the handsome beggar. “If he is caught by those people, he will be killed. I’ll take him together.”She picks up the beggar and rushes out. However, the footsteps have already approached the door, and they must be caught if they rush out now.”

"The door is tied up inside."

"Crash!"The POUNDING is getting louder and louder, and Weiwei hurriedly turns around her head and intends to find whether there is another way out. However, looking around, she finds neither doors nor windows, and even no dog hole in this temple.“What should I do now?”Be caught and be killed only a few minutes after traversing? That's too bad!“Why is there no other door?” Weiwei said in a rush, “If only there were a door!”Suddenly, there appears a carved wooden door on the solid wall as if someone heard her words.The shape of the door is simple and dark, which is totally incompatible with the overall style of the broken temple.Jin Weiwei is shocked. How could there come a door? However, there is no time for her to care about these strange things. She opens the door and rushes out. The next second, the door of the broken temple is burst open from the outside, and a group of people rush in.……"Feng, you're kidding us. Where are the girl and her paramour?!"

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