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Was it really an arranged marriage?

Was it really an arranged marriage?

Author Jiya


People say opposite attract...Well, let's see. Rishi, a calm and solemn man who likes silence. He is rich, smart, popular and most workaholic. His life is between his work and his home. His mother wants him to marry and be happy with his love. But he is not interested in marriage and love kinds of things. Angel, a chirpy girl who is noisy enough to disturb silence. She is beautiful, charming and mischievous. She likes music and her every move is full of action. She is apple of her family with a little struggle with herself. She doesn't believe in love. What would happen if a havoc creating girl enters in the life of a calm and composed man? It's the story of a roller coaster turning into arranged marriage. But was it really an arranged marriage? Let's witness the story of Rishi and Angel...

Chapter 1
The cook

Rishi's pov,

I am dead tired after the meeting ends. Sometimes I feel I don't have any goal in my life. My life wonders between my home and my work. My home...I love my family.

I went to my villa after my meeting ended. It's 8 PM, and as soon as I entered my phone rang. And I know who can it be. I pressed the button on my bluetooth earphone and started narrating about myself,

"I am fantastic mom. My meeting was good and now I am back to villa"

"Rishi, how can you always know what I want to say?" My mother asked surprisedly.

Oh god, not again. My mom is behaving innocent. She has a planned questionnaire for me, how could I not know after so many years.

"Is it that hard to know what you want to say" I sighed helplessly.

" listen I had found an Indian cook for you there. She will come to the villa tomorrow. Remember my words, don't scare her off...understand?"

"Rohan can cook food mom. Why I need another cook for no reason?"

"Rohan...such a bad cook. Don't let him cook for you and I don't want to argue anymore."

"If you would have taught him cooking, he wouldn't need a cook" I heard as my small sister as usual taunt my mother.

"Brother...what are you doing? Have you brought everything I told you to buy for me?" My sister took phone from my mom as usual.

I took off my coat and sat on couch and fingered Rohan to bring wine for me. "I hope you won't forget my conditions. Even if you had I don't mind to remind you again... Your scores are directly proportional to the number of your wishlist."

"How cruel of you..."

"Go and start your homework" My mom took the phone and warned me to not scare the cook tomorrow.

I ate the takeout food and after doing some work I went to sleep. My sister calls me a machine. She thinks if I waste my minute, it will cost me to lose a million.... ya ya I know its exaggerated... but that is what she likes 'Exaggeration'

I woke up at 6 AM and went for jogging and then jimming. When I came back I heard some noises from kitchen but I was on phone so I ignored it. Again there was some sounds. I frowned as I don't like noise. I walked into the kitchen and I saw a woman with her back towards me standing in the kitchen. She was washing dishes in the basin.

I frowned and asked, "you are?" She turned around and I saw her. I was surprised looking at her. She was breathtakingly beautiful.

"I am your cook...Nora" she replied. I frowned and remembered my mother's words. I again looked at her coldly and I was surprised to see a professional look on her face. She was looking at me with her hazel brown eyes.

I turned around and went into my room. I quickly bathed and came to dining room for breakfast. She already placed the breakfast on table. I sat and ate it without making noise. I felt like I had eaten the same taste before.

"Bring the warm milk for me" I ordered her. She stood there but didn't move. I looked at her with frown and asked her, "didn't you hear me?"

"There is no milk" she answered.

"There is milk in refrigerator" I sternly looked at her and said.

"There was... accidently it fall from my hand. I will pay for it." she replied.

I nodded and continued my breakfast. She went back to kitchen.

I looked at her back. Didn't mom said the cook is Indian? But she is not looking like. I was satisfied with her professionalism. Those cooks that my mom found before were cheeky and unprofessional. They looked at me like I am their prey and I hate those looks. No cook had been on work for me more than a day.

I asked Rohan to wait at entrance as I have a very important meeting today. I was in elevator going downstairs at parking area. The elevator opened and I walked out. I checked the security system in my phone but stopped in my tracks the next second. It has been hacked.

I tap a few buttons on my phone and found there is a new hacker around my area named 'Eagle' I smirked as it was interesting. After a long time, there is someone challenging me. In 10 minutes I found the location and my eyes turned colder the next second.

I entered in elevator and went back to my house. The location was the kitchen of my home. The electricity went off and I was stuck in elevator. "Damn it" I cursed under my breath.

I quickly called and asked Rohan to onn the main switch as I was sure she would have turned off the power button. Then I asked my bodyguards to not let her leave.

As soon as the electricity supply turned on elevator started and I reached. All my four bodyguards were standing there with heads down.

"Where is she?" I coldly asked them. No one answered but only looked down. I walked into living room and it was a mess. There was a restaurant bill in them.

"What did she do here?" I asked them with coldness around me. I couldn't believe a single girl just came and left my house as if it was a general area.

"Sir I think she could be a robber. There was something in her hand like a chain and locket. She was leaving when we came here. She ran away infront of us. She also beat two of us. I had informed other bodyguards to catch her around the area."

I coldly looked at them and actually saw bruises on two men's face. My eyes turned even colder.

"If you can't handle a single girl who is not even compatible to your strength, you don't need to be my bodyguards."

I dismissed all of them. Slowly a smirk formed it's way on my lips as I thought, "there is actually someone challenging me not to mention she is a mere girl."


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