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Jung Ji-hoon met Kim Ha-ru when he was in the senior year of his high school while he was the school Football captain. The cute innocent basketball guy gave him butterflies in his stomach for the first time in his life. Jihoon instantly wanted to make him his baby and mark him as his. And Jihoon did it in just 4 months. Haru is Jihoon's baby since two and a half years now.  Haru has now finally graduated from high school and he has got admission into Jihoon's same college in Seoul, which was a wish come true. He is delighted to finally accompany Jihoon. Moreover he is so excited to start his college life in the best university in South Korea along with his bestfriend Park Hae-min. But no one knows what college has in store for the two sweet boyfriends. Will Haru be able to survive in the middle of Jihoon's fan girls ? Will Jihoon be able to control his jealousy when Haru's ex-crush joins the college ? And what happens when two enemies from high school meet in college ? That is Haru's bestfriend Park Hae-min and Jihoon's bestfriend Min Ha-joon. Will they continue to be enemies or will something different develop between them ? Let's follow these four boys to know their story.

Chapter 1

Kim Taeyeon woke up to her house's door bell ringing continuously at early morning, Sunday. She tilted her head to look at the round clock on the left wall and found the time 6: 10 Am.

‘Who is here at this time ?’ She thought irritably before tilting her head to her right and looking at her husband who was still sound asleep, not at all affected by the sound of doorbell which was still ringing.

" Daeseong..", Taeyeon called her husband whilst shaking him. He groaned and yanked her hands away whilst squirming uncomfortably. " Wake up ! Somebody is ringing the doorbell since sometime."

" Ahh..it's probably those little rascals, Haru's friends. They are pulling a prank. Just lie down and sleep. They will go once they get tired.", Daeseong groaned and turned to a side.

"Oh..C'mon, our son isn't a middle schooler anymore. He is going to start his college tomorrow. His friends has long stopped such pranks. This is someone else.", Taeyeon said and sat up, crawling out of the bed as she realized her husband isn't getting out of the bed anytime soon. So she decided she herself would go and check who is ringing the door bell like crazy.

As soon as she opened the front door, a familiar boy barged into the living room causing her to flinch hard. " Hey Mom ! where's Haru ?", he squealed in a hurry as Mrs Kim was in the process of calming herself down from the shock he gave her.

Without waiting for her reply, the intruder ran towards the stairs and Mrs Kim watched him in utter confusion and surprise.

" Jihoon, Wait ! Why are you here now ? You said you would come only afternoon to pick Haru.", Taeyeon finally got her words. Jihoon had then already ran up half of the stairs.

" Mom, I need to reach college at 10 Am. Something urgent came up. So I'm picking Haru already. He has packed all his stuff yesterday itself, right ?", Jihoon shouted stopping on the stairs for a moment.

Hearing the commotion in the living room, Mr Kim had jumped out of the bed and barged into the living room, thinking some mafia broke into their house and is running upstairs to kidnap his Son. However he was relieved to see, it wasn't any mafia or thieves but it was just his son Haru's lovely boyfriend, Jihoon.

Mr Kim was now standing beside his wife, looking up at the hurriedly running up Jihoon with a similar confused expression.

" Wait Jihoon ! What urgent thing suddenly came up on Sunday ?", he yelled.

" Oh Uncle ! We got some works. We need to do a lot of arrangements for welcoming the freshers to college tomorrow. Decoration and all.", Jihoon yelled whilst rushing towards Haru's room.

Jihoon is familiar not only with Haru's room but also with all rooms in the house. He and Haru are boyfriends since two and a half years and so he has come home countless number of times and he is so close with Mr and Mrs Kim.

Strangely he calls Haru's Mom ‘ Mom' and his Dad ‘ Uncle' because he don’t have Mom. His Mom died of brain tumour when he was just 4 years old. So when he met Haru’s mother, he started calling her Mom and Mrs Kim happily let him.

Jihoon is two years older than Haru and Haru met him for the first time when he joined high school. Jihoon was then in 12th grade, a senior student and Haru in 10th grade, a fresher. Jihoon was the football captain of school and Haru was in the basketball team. The both teams were rivals and used to have fights often. But things changed after Haru slapped Jihoon for pushing down one of the fellow basketballers who was jogging in the football ground.

The football captain almost instantly took an interest in the cute guy who slapped him, neglecting all his beautiful fan girls and admirers. Jihoon was the heartthrob of the school. Every girl had a secret wish to become his girlfriend. Jihoon was not only the charming football captain of high school but also the son of one of the biggest businessmen in Busan.

But sadly, no female beauty caught Jihoon’s attention. No one could give him butterflies in his stomach except a certain cute basketball guy. It was this boy Haru who gave him strange emotions and feelings and he fell for him, head over heels.

Not to say much, Haru's freshman year of high school was almost completely surrounded around Jihoon. The football captain would follow him like a shadow everywhere he goes and of course that earned Haru a lot of jealousy and hatred from Jihoon's fan girls. And eventually like in every cliché K-drama or romance books, when they both started dating during the middle of the year, all the girls were totally disappointed.

Now it's two and a half years and they are still the sweet boyfriends. They of course fight a lot, but their fights are over simple things like video games, snacks etc. Most often it's video game. Cause Jihoon is really good at Video games and Haru gets pissed when he finds it impossible to beat him, even after trying his best.

Haru was extremely sad when Jihoon graduated from high school, two years back. Cause Jihoon was going to Seoul to major in business at the Seoul University which is number one in business studies in Korea. He was going to stay in the college dorm as Seoul is four hours away from his home in Busan.

Seeing Haru's sadness, Jihoon actually thought about applying in some university in Busan. He too was reluctant to leave his boyfriend back in Busan. But Haru sternly said he should study in SU itself and they can meet on weekends. And Haru also promised to join him in SU in two years.

Now Haru has graduated from high school as the valedictorian of his batch and he has got admission into SU in Mathematics major with academic scholarship. It was his two years wish and it has finally come true. Tomorrow is his first day in college and he is so excited to start his university life. Moreover he is inexplicably happy to finally accompany his boyfriend in Seoul.

Another happy thing is his best friend Haemin is also going to SU. Haemin and he are best friends since middle school. They were together all through these years. However now Haemin won’t be majoring Mathematics with him. He has chosen business studies like Jihoon. Haemin had already decided to pursue business studies when he entered high school. And it was his dream to somehow get enrolled into SU since it is the best in Business studies.

Jihoon's classes started 1 week before and from then he was trying to find an apartment for them. But unfortunately, he couldn't find any near their college. So at last Haru decided to stay in SU's hostel itself, until they gets an apartment. Anyway the hostel has pretty good facilities. But the thing is they both can't be roommate. The college only allow same year students together in a room.

Mr and Mrs Kim had been told yesterday by Haru that Jihoon would come to pick him by 2 PM and then they will go to Haemin's house to pick him and then will head directly to SU. So they didn't really expect Jihoon to ring the doorbell like crazy at 6 Am and then barge into their house, almost giving them a shock.

As Jihoon barged into Haru's room, loudly yelling his name, downstairs Mr Kim nodded sleepily to himself before tilting his head and looking at his wife. "Jihoon is in the college union. So definitely, he will have to go for such decoration works and all.", he said through a yawn.

Mrs Kim nodded sadly. " I was planning to make a special lunch today. Now we have to let him leave without even having breakfast."

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