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My Cat Husband [BL]

My Cat Husband [BL]



√ Updates on every Friday and Saturday --------------- Infidelity How do humans react to it? They feel pain, sadness, hurt and insecurity. They feel angry, humiliated and sometimes to the point of feeling murderous. Liang Kong didn't feel any of that. He simply chooses to walk away and leave behind everything. -------------- Liang Kong, a 22-year-old cold-blooded man is going through the dark night of the soul. A man who was once at the pinnacle of his life is now reduced to an ordinary café owner. He chooses to bury his emotions and drown in work. His stale life takes a turn when he rescues a wounded cat on a rainy night. Later, Liang Kong discovers that the cat isn't an ordinary cat at all when he finds a stark naked man inside his apartment instead of his cat. Who is the naked stranger? What is the connection between this man and his cat? Most importantly, why is this man clinging onto him! *dark night of the soul- means a period of life where you are going through extreme pain or sadness due to a horrible experience.* ---------------- After a very long time - Small Theater : The handsome devil: ~Wifey~ Wifey : What? * Tries to push the clingy man away *😣 The handsome devil : Why did you let that bastard touch you? * pinched his wife's waist lightly * Wifey : Hey, I was caught off guard, okay so I didn't have time to react when he touched me. What's wrong with you? * angrily barked *👿 The handsome devil (darkened): ~Wifey~ It seems like you need to be punished *threw him on the bed and pounced*😻 Later- Wifey (Who was eaten clean): My waist Q_Q (╥﹏╥) Clingy, wife slave ML X Cold yet cute MC --------------- English is my second language so pardon grammar errors. Contains mild sexual content, violence and romance between boys. Cover images not mine. I just edited it. Started: 13/07/21

Chapter 1
World Guide

Here is some information about the world to understand the plot better. Please read them before you proceed because I won't be explained the details in the chapters.

The storyline transpires in an alternate, fictional universe, where along with humans exist creatures called shifters. Among the various shifters, only the wildcats and leopard shifters are focused here. The leopards and wildcats are considered sworn enemies throughout their generations. After thousand years of struggling, the shifters can now live freely and peacefully among humans without getting discovered. Presently, humans are yet to know about supernatural creatures. Thus shifters are very careful with their surroundings.

Same-sex marriage is the norm here.

Shifters are half-human and half-animal. They can shift into their animal form at will. Shifters can control their animal side but their human body so even if they shift into their animal form or human form there will be only one person.

Basic information about both shifters:

➪Clans ‐ Each type of shifter has numerous clans however, only one clan is recognized as the True Clan. Only the head of the True Clan can lead their shifters.

The Bai Clan is recognized as the True Clan of Wildcats. Sub-clans of Wildcats are the Chu clan, Cheng clan, Mu clan, etc.

The Lin Clan is recognized as the True Clan of Leopards. Leopards also have numerous sub-clans like the Sheng clan, Rong Clan, Chi clan, etc.

➪Mates - Shifters are blessed with 'The Promised One' who are bound to their soul for eternity. If mates reject each other then they will die within one

year due to Soul Traumatization.

➪Soul Traumatization- Soul Traumatization is an excruciating burning that torments one's soul and eventually destroys it.

When a mate rejects their other half their soul connection will sever resulting in the soul burning.


Wildcats are one of the superior, vicious alpha shifters. Wildcat shifters have three common cat forms- brown fur, grey fur and black fur. They are commonly identified by the blue glint in their cat-like pupils. Common wildcats have a body size and weight equal to that of leopards. Bai Clan is the True Clan of Wildcats blessed by the Goddess Bái Māo[1]. Their animal body size is much larger than common wildcats and True Clan leopards, furs are velvety soft and white as snow, eyes are red like flames with a pink glint in their pupils.


Leopards are the next most violent alpha shifters. Leopard shifters have two common forms- dark brown fur and dark blue fur. They are commonly identified by the green glint in their pupils. Average leopards have a body size and weight equal to that of wildcats. Lin Clan is the True Clan of Leopards blessed by the Goddess Lín Māo[2]. Their animal body size is slightly smaller than the True Clan Wildcat shifters but larger than common leopards. Their furs are light brown, soft and smooth, eyes are brown with a yellowish glint.


[1] Bái Māo- Translates to the white cat in Chinese

[2] Lín Māo- Translates to forest cat in Chinese

Here, Bai translates to white.

A/N : I am not Chinese and my knowledge about Chinese language and culture is not sufficient.

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