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After being hurt by those she trusts most, Champagne thought that a night stand in her friend's bar bathroom with a stranger was the best way to forget the night... Until the stranger of the night comes back for her

Chapter 1

The windy weather made Champagne realise that reality wasn't like her dreams.

She pulled on her jacket to secure her body from the cold, her moss green eyes scanned the park for him again.

Her Thomas, he had asked to meet her here because he wanted to talk but now he was no where to be found.

Champagne had tried calling his phone multiple times but it went straight to voice mail.

She stood up and looked around again but he wasn't around, her lips set in hard line.

Now Champagne was fully worried, it had been two hours since she arrived.

Thomas had never made her wait this long.

Champagne decided to take the only option left, she strode along the the other side of the street.

The nerves wrecked and palms were sweating so hard.

Champagne felt so worried for her boyfriend.

What if something happened to him, what if.. Damn what if all this was just a speck of her imagination and he was okay but just forgot.

For the past five years they have been dating, he had never forgot until now.

Champagne shook her head as if to erase all the wild thoughts running through her mind.

She strode into the building lobby away from the outside wind, her face was flushed

Champagne brushed her palms together as she slowly waited for the elevator.

Her moss eyes roamed around the empty place.

She didn't catch sight of the security guard but the cameras were alert.

When the elevator dinged open, Champagne sighed and walked right in.

The doors closed at the same time as grabbed her phone again.

She pressed the button to the fifth floor and then dialed Thoma's number for the sixteenth time but still it went to voice mail.

Champagne ran a hand through her black curls roughly, what the hell was even going on.

The elevator arrived at the fifth floor and she stepped out.

Champagne walked over to Thoma's apartment and halted in front of the door.

Her heart told her that he was in there but she didn't know whether to call out to him or to just open the door with the spare key he had given to her.

Champagne chose the second option..

She reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out her red wallet.

She wondered why Thomas would ignore her calls, maybe he was hurt or some thing else bad happened to him.

No.. Why would some one hurt sweet Thomas. He was just a simple nerd yet a handsome gentle man who loved and cared for her.

Finally Champagne found the keys, she slid them in to the key hole and unlocked the wooden door.

Champagne placed her keys back and her wallet away.

She only pushed the door wide open and stepped in.

Her heart beat wildly in her chest and her eyes scanned the room. Nothing seemed to have changed except the clothes on the floor.

Champagne felt flushed. Thomas was having a shower.. may be she could surprise him since he forgot to meet her.

As she took a step forward, her eyes laid on another piece of cloth.

Her insides shuddered that instant.

Her feet moved forward as her whole body tensed.

Her fingers slowly wrapped around the yellow thong, raising it to her face.

Champagne knew one thing for sure, Thomas doesn't wear such.

Her ears caught breathless sounds coming from Thoma's room.

She wasn't stupid to not realise what was going on but her mind and heart didn't want to believe it.

The thing slipped out of her hands landing on the floor and her pink lips trembled.

She wished so hard that what she was thinking was far different from reality.

Her heart accelerated and a shiver rushed down her spine as she took a step forward.

She quietly stepped in front of the open room and her eyes landed on the unclad bodies.

Champagne felt the little hope left in her shutter along with her heart.

None of the two pe

ople noticed her presence yet but their position gave away their identity.

Every nerve in her body stilled, icy chills running through her veins. Her fingers shook violently as she balled them into a fist.

A sob escaped her lips as the lump in her throat tightened more.

The sound of her crying made the two people on bed alert.

Her eyes squeezed shut as if to stop the tears that were running down her face nonstop.

All color drained from Thoma's face, his thrusts coming to a halt. He slowly got off the girl below him finally catching sight of the figure that stood in the door way.

" Paige.." The girl with him paled as she whisper called out to Champagne.

Champagne's eyes flew open and her expression hardened as she glared at her boy friend and her little sister Lilly.

All she done for these two meant nothing.

Her nose flared up and she turned around walking back in to the living room.

Her lips drew back in a snarl and she gnashed her teeth when her eyes landed on the frame by the table.

"Champagne .. Baby I can explain "

She wasn't listening any more, Her fingers shook hard as she reached for frame next to the lamp.

It was a photo of her and Thomas on their first date.

Champagne stared at the photo with her glossy eyes.

All sudden the emotions came back to her in full swing, her nostrils flared up and her eyes glanced at the ceiling.

How dare they do this to her?

Her upper lip curled up.

Her body shook with anger and she turned around towards them.. With a scream she threw the flame towards them.

Thoma's face blanched and his eyes widened, he stepped out of the way quick pulling Lilly along with him.

The flame hitting the wall and the shattering of its glass made Champagne feel a bit relieved.

"Champagne please let me explain " Lilly spoke up softly as if trying to soothes her elder sisters heart ache.

Champagne's brows knitted together and she rolled her eyes.

Explain.. What the hell are they going to explain?

How they had the best sex behind her back.

Her blood was boiling wildly

Champagne's green eyes searched quick around the room and caught sight of the vase by the door.

She had given him that blue vase.. Yet he can fuck another woman without thinking of her reaction for a minute.

Champagne walked towards the vase, she took it in her arms and stared at it for a while, memories flashed in front of her.

The nights she missed without eating so that she could feed Lilly and that girl did this to her.

The days when Thomas had an accident, she rarely slept just taking care of him and he had paid her in the most honest way possible.

More tears ran down her face, she turned her whole body to these people with the vase in her arms.

Her head tilted to the side and she sniffed.

Her eyes pinned on Thomas..

His short blonde tousled hair she loved, his chocolate eyes staring back at her through his lens.

His chest on display and his boxers hung low on his hips.

Champagne's eyes finally turned to her little sister, she stood hiding half of her body behind Thomas.

She was even wearing his shirt, with her wavy hair falling down her back.

Champagne felt the urge to ask why but at this moment no words wanted to come out of her now.

She slowly planted a fake smile on her lips.

She let the vase slide out of her hands and land on the floor shattering in to tiny pieces.

Champagne turned her eyes to the two one more time then stepped out of the room.

Her heart wrenched, numbness infused her body.

Champagne felt so suffocated, sobs raked her body wildly and she ran to the elevator just in time as doors opened.

Champagne walked in and her legs gave way and she fell to her knees, despair dragging her down.

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