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Blurb Ivy, a young girl was reportedly murdered a few years back. They buried the wrong body not knowing it was not hers. However, she did not die, but was saved by a very kind person. But unfortunately, she had no memory of her past life, and her killers. As time went on, Ivy knew little about her past life and she only has a goal And that was to find out the people who attempted killing her, and all she needed to know about her past life... But during the process she got arrested by the same boss who impregnates her. Do you think she can be able achieve her goal??

Chapter 1
The beginning

All For Love

(Love Caused It)

Episode 1

Elsie's Pov

"Please let me go, I promise to do anything for you guys, I don't know who you are??" I asked as some guys advanced towards me.

"Ha ha ha....and who told you we needed something??, we just want to send you to the hell, you belong" One of them answered.

I regret coming here, I received a call from my friend telling me to meet here meet here but now I can't find him, instead I'm seeing some set of guys I don't know, I took my phone and checked the address again....

Oh no! I am at the long location.

One of them brought out a knife and moved closer to me as I stepped back....

"Just tell me my offense before I die" I pleaded.

" one to know, right???.....You don't listen to warnings, you have been told several times to stay away from Liam but you did not listen, now he is not here to save you" One of the guys added.

I moved a step backwards, and as he moved towards me I tried snatching the knife from him but I was stopped by two other guys.

I tried struggling but they were stronger than I was, and the guy with knife brought the knife closer to my face and scratched me with it......

I cried my heart out and as I knelt down, I felt the blood dropping from the scratch, the rain dropping profusely washed away the blood from my face but it couldn't stop bleeding.

"We do not have much time, ma'am Emilia must be expecting us by now"

"Emilia!!!" I repeated the name, how could Emilia do this.

"Guys she knows who sent us already, how about we kill her completely" One of the guys at my back brought a suggestion.

I stood up and ran as fast as I could but they met up with me and we are getting close to the end of the cliff, I tried struggling again but someone pushed me......

"Ahhhhhhhhhh" I screamed loudly as I fell down the cliff and blacked out.

Emilia's Pov

"Hey what are you going to do with Elsie??" Nora asked me.

"Anything my guys can do, rape, ruining her pretty face something that can make her look disgusting to Liam" I answered with a smirk.

At that moment my goons walked in.

"Hey, what's up with Elsie?" I asked.

"She's dead" The leader answered me and bowed his head.

"What?!" Nora exclaimed, hot tears forming in her eyes.

"What did you do to her??, I only wanted you to scare her so she could stay away from Liam" Nora added and I rolled my eyes.

"What?? You asked for it, so don't blame my guys, cause they have done a good job, imagine yourself with Liam alone...."

"And don't go telling the cops because you are part of our group" I warned her and walked out.


Rosie's Pov (Elsie Mom)

My daughter has not been at home since yesterday, I have been expecting her, I tried her phone number but it wasn't going.

I pray she should be okay wherever she is.

I dialed her friends number but they were not picking..

God! where could she be?

An unknown number called me at that moment.

"Hello who is this" I asked.

"Ma'am this is from the police, your attention is needed here urgently, we will send the address to you immediately" The person informed then ended the call.

Why would the police call me??

A message showing me an address pop up in my phone. ..I dressed up quickly

and my driver drove me out of my compound to the location sent to me.

I got there and I saw a lot of police officers staying there along with the press.

I got down from my car and ran to the scene.

"What's happening here" I asked, my heart pounding sporadically.

"Ma'am can you identify this phone" One of the police asked. and showed a phone to me.

Without looking at the phone twice I know it was my daughter's.

" Can someone tell me what's happening??" I lashed out.

"Ma'am an incident occured yesterday, and with our investigations, I think the victim fell down from the cliff, and I guess it could be your daughter.....We went through her contacts and we saw your number so we had to call you" The officer told me.

I couldn't believe what I am hearing...are they trying to tell me my daughter is dead.

"No it cannot be daughter wasn't the one here last night" I screamed in tears.

"And how are you sure it is her??" I added with a question.

"We traced the blood on the floor...and it led us to the end of the Cliff and anyone who fall off that cliff cannot possibly survive...."The officer answered me.

"That is not enough for me to prove that my daughter was the one here yesterday....I can't believe she is dead except I see body" I said angrily.

"And you guys should call me when you have enough proof that it was my daughter....Or else you will all get fired for counterfeit information" I said and stomped out angrily.

That cannot be my daughter, she is still alive, she might be distancing herself from us but she us still alive.


The Next Day

I already called my husband and he is back, the news about our daughter is the one spreading in the whole America...

Everyone knows our family....We own one of the best company in the America....

"Dear I received a call from the police just now" My husband stated and hugged me from behind.

"They said she committed suicide" He added and tears dropped from my eyes.

"They also told me they have some prove it is our daughter, the necklace that was on her neck was the key necklace I gave to her and the DNA test match with ours.....she is in the mor now" He added and I faced him and hugged him.

"She is our only daughter Felix, what are we going to do??" I asked and he kept mute...

Liam's Pov

I never knew my friend could be gone like that, I just met her recently but she is someone that is very cheerful why would she commit suicide.

I called her that night but she was not in the location where I told her to be.

Everything was my fault, if I haven't told her to meet with me that night she wouldn't have been dead by now....

If I'm like this I wonder how Elizabeth is going to be feeling.

Elizabeth is very close to Elsie though.

I don't know what to do, she was the first person I fell in love with but now she is dead.

Someone must have murdered her, I will make sure I find out the whole truth.

Elizabeth's Pov.

I couldn't believe Elsie is dead now...

So painful, but I have a chance to get closer to Liam...I really love him.

She loved Liam so much but she doesn't know I was crushing on him, me and Elsie are bestie though.

I will have to meet with him tomorrow and tell him my plans.

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