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Wing Of change

Wing Of change



After six years of working tirelessly with every other thing in her life taking the back seat, Aria suddenly decided it was time she kick off her working shoes and live the life she had pushed right under the rugs as she came up with a to-do list which were not so complicated of course but easily said than done right? Especially when life doesn't always give us what we want. Frank Okoji a perfect description of a ruthless and mean boss. Most feared by his employees and hated by those who can't attend half of what he has achieved in just a short period of being the CEO of one of the most talked about exporting company in Nigeria when compared to how poorly his counterpart had performed in the same span of years when placed on the same paddle stone . Could it be his no nonsense working attics or his success story that he owes solely to his gem of an assistant in which no one took notice of because of her non existence nature in the company. What happens when his most loyal and workaholic assistant of six years suddenly turns in her resignation without as much as a reasonable explanation other than living the life she thought she could be missing out on. Will he let her walk right out the door or do whatever it takes to keep her by his side but on the second thought;one would be forced to wonder if his quest to keep her at his side at all cost is all work related as he claims or they is much more than he is willing to let on

Chapter 1 ~to-do list~


Aria is a fine young lady. Smart and very innovative but an introvert to the butt._having being raised in a strict Christian home where the children are duly restricted from engaging in anything that would bring shame and disgrace to their family's name.

Aria grew up avoiding a lot of things especially the opposite sex as it was strictly forbidden. All these and many other rules to live by, left a lasting impact on her social life over time as she grew older.

At age thirty_Aria has zero to no social life experience as she gave little or no room for fun outside of her work at the Okoji's enterprise.

Not that she would have it any other way though!. Does she have female friends perhaps? One might ask.

Well the answer is yes! The closest thing to being called a friend in her life was her best friend Lizzy. They practically grew up together and went to the same university but are two polar bears.

Lizzy was fun and out going. Full of energy and ambitious to own one of the biggest fashion house in Lagos city even though she still far from achieving any of it. Even though they both live in the same city_They hardly ever find time to see each other and hang out.

For over six years, Aria had dedicated herself solely to her work. She had just two routines in her schedule. From work to home and home to work and back again._which kind of goes a long way to explain why she was still a virgin at thirty.

There was no room for anything else except family gatherings but definitely not fun. Fun was for Lazy and idle minded people and Aria was far too serious for such non profitable ventures.

Year after year, there was no significant changes in her life. No one to call her own and why would she? when all she does is hid her perfect figure in that horrible oversized piece of clothing she usually put on.

Her boss couldn't call her out on it so long she was doing her job diligently and staying invincible as well, then there was no need to stress himself over it.

Aria doesn't even have a boyfriend to bug her about her sense of fashion that were so ancient and ninety eighties. It was just she and her little apartment and working life.

A lot of male prospect saw her but never took notice of the beauty that lay within and it has always been that way.

A boy had once smiled at her in fourth grade but that was all there ever was because she replied with a frown and the poor kid never looked her way ever again._That was the closest interaction any male has ever had with her.

She wasnt exactly bothered about anything until something happened that struck a cord in her mind and changed everything.

It all started out with an invitation from her cousin who was finally tying the knots with her childhood sweetheart and since it was a family thing, everyone was required to be there.

She could still recall her aunt's words vividly like it was stuck on a replay in her head.

"Aaah ahn Aria, it's being so long I saw you_are you married now?" Her aunt Lucy had asked with an expectant look on her face while Aria fumble within herself for a reply.

"I'm not yet married aunt" she managed to answer with a forced smile.

"But you are engaged to be married soon right?" She pried further.

Aria half coughed and choked on nothing in particular as she looked to her cousin for help. Topics like this one are not her favorite and she knows exactly what her aunt could be driving at.

"Mom! Mom! Please,can you just stop already?Uncle John would have invited the whole family if she has don't you think? so quit asking her those questions" her cousin Zara_ the soon to be bride finally took the cue and stepped in to save her from her mom's unruly behavior.

But did that stop the old lady from pushing further? No!

"I'm sorry my dear but you should really give it a thought if you haven't done that already..." She leaned in closer to Aria and touched the nap of her chiffon blouse and adjusted it a bit before she continued with a smile.

"_when i was at your age, i already had my second child. To be honest?I really don't know what is keeping these generation from giving us grandchildren when time really wait for no one these days"

She ended with a dramatic huff and a gentle tap on her shoulder before moving over to adoring her daughter and ignoring Aria all together to mold over the words she had just said to her in silent.

Aria couldn't believe she made it through that very day with everyone preying at her private life. Why won't she be the topic of discussion when her socialite of a cousin has found herself a prince and was getting married already unlike her who was already above the marriage age.

Aria was six years older than Zara and she was getting married and it won't be long before she start having children while Aria on the other hand doesn't even have a boyfriend to call her very own_That fact alone was enough to get every eyes rolling at her direction.

After that day, she made a silent pledge to herself never to attend any family events again,at least not while she was still single.

Even though she had always lived by the rule; never looked at boys other than for the sake of it and never kept their companies either. She was still unmarried unlike what she was made to believe while growing up.

Their preacher wife at Sunday school always emphasize the need for one to keep herself for the right person and when at a marriageable age, the one meant for him/her would show up but none of that has happened in the last thirty years of her life.

What a dream!

She sighed and turned on her side with a deep scowl on her face as she lay on her bed that night_ feeling lonely and sad.

She has had a restless week, just thinking her life over, and after arriving at what seemed like the right thing to do. Aria finally decided it was time to go over the usual limit of being the perfect modern woman.

And having the courage to finally step out of her comfort Zone was the first step out of many as she had come up with a to-do list to guide her through while making sure she doesn't miss out on anything.

With all the things that needed to be done, turning in her resignation letter was topping the list of course and the sooner she gets it done, the better.

There was no going back!

Tomorrow will sure as hell be one to remember but whatever happens, she was willing and very determined to faced it come what may. She could already imagine her parent disappointment over the phone when they learn of her latest decision but her mind was already made up and there was no going back.

Aria read through her to-do list for what seemed like the hundredth time that night before a silly wide grin appeared on her face and she felt her tensed shoulder relax a bit.

Taking out a mask tape from her table drawer, she stuck the paper against her newly painted wall right where she would be seeing it as soon as she wakes up in the morning. Satisfied with her actions,She then proceeded to picking up her laptop and placed it on the bed in front of her before she began to type frantically at the keyboard.

Once she was done typing her resignation letter. She yawned and stretched before logging off from her laptop and placed it away at the night stand. She took off her lens and rubbed at her eyes a little before turning off her lamp stand. Stretching her full length on the bed, she sighed in exhaustion before drifting into a peaceful little snore.

Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day and she will be needing all her energy to keep up.

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