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Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation



Marilí Cook is a girl of just 18 years old, her life with her mother is not easy, she was abandoned by her father before she was born, she struggles every day to get ahead, but her mother's illness will lead her to make a decision that for some it is frowned upon to "sell your virginity to the highest bidder" and thereby help your mother. An ambitious man, wealthy, tyrant and with dark desires who always gets what he wants, crosses Marilí's path. A contract that seemed easy turns into an odyssey or maybe a pleasure? This arrangement will take you both through a world of desire and pleasure. Registered by safecreative under the code: 2001292957292 Registration date: January 29, 2020 Copying or adaptation is prohibited.

Chapter 1
Know Me

My life has never been easy, nevertheless, I have always been happy, I may not have everything I have wanted in life, but Mom made an effort to give me everything I needed. I have grown up without a father, without luxuries, without many friends, and in a house that is about to fall on us, but what has never been lacking in my life is love and good parenting. My mother has prepared me for the world, this world that is cruel and ruthless, has also warned me of the danger that people represent, honestly, I never believed that her warnings could be given, but I have run into them, now I must decide whether to follow my mother's advice or fix it for myself.

A bad move in life makes my mother sick, without help and with her in the hospital, I have to try twice as

hard to pay the hospital payments, a crazy idea becomes my best solution and since everything easy has its consequences, now I am paying mine.

Marilí Cook: 18-year-old girl with a heart of gold and admirable humility, her sweetness is impressive, her faith in people is unique, her intelligence is disconcerting, and her wit makes her dangerous for some, she is a passive-aggressive person but with She is not mistaken, she is not the fragile girl that her appearance implies, she is strong and independent, for her freedom is the main thing, she does not like dominance or possessiveness, she is capable of learning quickly and putting into practice what learned, it has the ability to give unexpected twists to situations it is new to or has never been in.

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