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Cute Mommy With Twin Babies

Cute Mommy With Twin Babies



On her escape out of an arranged marriage, she had a crazy night with a strange guy... Six years later, she came back from abroad with her twin babies and embarked on the journey of revenge. Her stepmother and sister, whoever had hurt her should pay the price! In the meantime, however, the stranger that night also kept an eye on her and a cat-and-mouse game began. "Mr. Loren, Wilmett is out for a movie with your brother.” Loren, “Go get someone to break his leg and throw him out.” "Mr. Loren, some guy proposed to Wilmett!” Hearing that, he hurried back home and saw his little woman fiddling with a ring. He pressed her down against the sofa, his hot breath blowing over her ears, “Honey, let’s make some more babies.”

Chapter 1
Tying Up a Man

In the capital.

At a five-star hotel.

In a spacious luxurious private room.

A bewitching, slender, tall man was tied to a Roman-style bed with beige wooden legs.

He was in a coma, his eyelashes trembling. The fiendish heat almost deprived him of his reason.

"Wilmett, I've got him all ready for you. You must not tell my sister about this."

Bert Sone didn't know if what he had done was legal, but if he didn't do it, it would probably be him who was tied to the bed now.

He didn't know what had gotten into Wilmett, but she said she needed a man, a good-looking one.

So, he saw a man fainted on the street and carried him there.

Wilmett Yale patted Bert's shoulder and said, "Well done. You can go now."

She blinked quite cutely.

But her charming eyes were dripping with shrewdness.

Her family wanted to marry her to an old wealthy merchant. To put it in a nice way, she would be his console after his divorce. But in actuality, the marriage was a superstitious attempt to drive away illness.

Tomorrow, she would marry the wrinkled geezer against her will. Her life would be bereft of hope with him, so she had to do something to save herself.

Her plan involved a man who could help her get rid of this shitty marriage.

She approached the bed in the dark and reached out to touch the man.

He came to his senses.

Loren Sherwin slowly opened his eyes. After adapting to the darkness, he could vaguely see the shape of the woman's face under the opalescent moonlight.

She should have beautiful eyes.

Because even in shadow, they were shimmering like those of a deer.

Her curly hair trailed over her shoulders and gently touched the back of his hands, giving off an intoxicating fragrance.

She did not notice the man had woken up.

She groped to untie the rope around his hands. She blushed while making an effort, complaining shyly in her heart.

'Damn it, Bert, the knots were too tight and complicated. They were getting in the way of my business.'

Bert was the younger brother of her bestie, Chenoa. They were in a gang, and he had some henchmen.

Normally, he was unwary, but what a nice job he had done tonight!

With great difficulty, she loosened the knots. She got butterflies and rambled on.

"Bro, you must understand desperate times call for desperate measures."

"My family wants to marry me to an ancient jerk. He is old enough to be my grandfather."

"I am so young and beautiful. I don't want to waste my best years on that dinosaur!"

"Well, since you are not saying anything, I'll take it as a yes."

Loren got the story and understood the lady wanted to bang him.

She was having jitters because this was her first time.

On second thought, sleeping with a man was no big deal. She could just pretend it was a dream.

She had been the nightclub queen since she was 14, and even went to jail in 15. This was nothing compared to those heroic deeds.

She silently cheered herself up while unbuttoning Loren's shirt.

To be honest, she was afraid he would wake up.

In the darkness, she touched his abs.

'Sweet Jesus, aren't you fit!'

She swallowed despite herself and felt like a nympho.

Actually, she was hesitant about this.

But when she thought about how her family was going to trade her happiness for the cooperation with that wealthy businessman, she had to buckle up for this.

She would never let that nightmarish thing happen.

Sensing Wilmett was fondling h

is body, Loren frowned slightly.

Scoring this sassy little fool was the only thing he could think about.

It was time to show her the dark side of the world. She should not have picked up some strange man on the street.

Wilmett took out the condom she packed in case she got pregnant, but she didn't know how to handle it because she had never touched it before.

It was dim in the room. She had trouble seeing and studied it for quite some time.

In the end she had to call for help.

"Hello, Bert, listen...."

A bang came.

Her phone was snatched and thrown to the ground.

Wilmett was startled, and her mind went blank. Then she was pinned down with force.

Her world was spinning.

A man was on her, and she couldn't move.

It was like she was being preyed on by a nightwalker.

Her bright eyes were filled with shock and fear.

No way! That man!

He actually woke up!

Loren grabbed her wrists and raised them above his head, his husky voice crawling all the way from the abyssal hell.

"You don't know how to use it? I'll teach you."

"Man, take it easy. Listen to me. It's a misunderstanding. I'm not lying."

Wilmett stammered and didn't know how to phrase it.

This was terrible. Was he going to call the police on her?

After all, this was attempted kidnap.

"You want to bang me?"

His cold voice rang out as he gripped her harder. She felt as if her wrist bones were about to crack.

She spent a lot of money on this luxurious presidential suite for an amorous night.

She even paid Bert 100 yuan for his trouble.

The thought of all this hard-earned money down the drain!

She made up her mind to take the risk. At least she would go down knowing she had tried.

No matter what, never in a million years would she marry that ancient creep!

She had a boost in confidence and pretended to be fierce.

"That's right. I'm going to sleep with you tonight. My bed is the sacred palace you will not escape from."

Loren smirked. The girl had balls.

"You asked for this."


Meanwhile, in the Yale's in the capital.


A maid got slapped.

It was from Rhoda Yale, the daughter of Wilmett's stepmother.

She was furious when she noticed Wilmett had disappeared, her eyes speaking of death.

"You had one job, which is to keep an eye on her. You useless pigs! Quickly get her back!"

That slut Wilmett actually dared to run away!

Rhoda would get her in Mr. Arnot's bed one way or another, even if she had to break her legs for it.

"Rhoda, what is all the fuss about?" A woman in pajamas asked lazily.

"Mom, that bitch Wilmett ran away!"

"What? She escaped? Quickly notify your father and uncle!"

"Don't worry, Mom. She won't get far. It's better she got away, because now things are going to get nasty." Rhoda clenched her fists, and her beautiful face twisted into a terrifying and gloomy grimace.

In the hotel's luxurious suite.

A pair in passion were moaning in the sweet agony of ultimate intimacy.

The next day.

Dawn broke, yet the sky was still dull.

Wilmett woke up in a daze. One slight movement was enough to trigger the dormant pain all over her.

She felt sore and feeble, and every bone in her seemed to have been relocated in the wrong places.

The retrospection of their wild night gave her a blush.

On the bright side, now she had an excuse not to marry the old bag.

Shortly after she left, Loren, who was in the Roman-style bed, woke up.

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