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Ghost In Red

Ghost In Red



Note: *This is not a horror story!* --- Olivia Jillian Hunters has it all— beauty, body, brain, money, friends, the perfect boyfriend that every girl wanted, and the haters, of course. But because of a broken heart from knowing that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with Sydney Roswell, her long-time enemy, OJ got into an accident that caused her to be in a coma. OJ woke up one day and knew that she was not in her body... not even near. She is now a ghost. When OJ overheard that her physical body was living with a machine for life-support and would not go for long, she panicked as she didn't know how to stop her parents from letting her die. In searching for help, she found herself wandering in the academy and learned that Sydney was the only one who could see and hear her. Will she ever ask for help from the girl who she hates and hates her back even more?

Chapter 1
Valentine's Day

*Olivia Jillian Hunters' POV*


"Oh, damn! Who is that girl? Is that OJ? Why are you looking so gorgeous, as always, girl?" Amanda Grayson let out, smiling widely at me, and remarked when I had arrived near them at our locker area, and her sister and another friend of mine, Daisy, followed, "That's the effect of being in love, Mandy."

"You look so great in red, Liv. Never seen you in that one before." Pauline Wright commented as she kissed me on the left cheek, and I laughed softly in response. These girls are damn flatterers. But, one is missing; Grace, the loudest one and the latecomer.

"Are you kidding me? We bought this one just last Saturday with what you are wearing, Paulie. By the way, you look awesome, too. Hi, Mandaisy! Are you done with your statistics work?" I replied cheerfully as I gave two of my friends their kisses and hugs while asking them about our homework. Then I proceeded to open my locker to get the things I needed for my morning classes.

"Oh, sheemmie! Now that you have mentioned it, Liv... I have just one item that I have a hard time dealing with. Daisy won't help me with it, yet I am hella sure that she doesn't have an answer for it, too. Can we have a clue, please?" Mandy answered and earned a smack on the arm from her older sister. We all are classmates in three subjects, but in my APs, we aren't, and I know they need help with some of our lessons, and I am happy to help them because what are we friends for, right?

"Yeah, of course! We will discuss it later, after lunch. We still have---" I told them, but Pauline's murmur cut me off, "If you have time for us."

"Of course, I have. It doesn't mean that today is Valentine's Day, I would be so busy not doing academic shits. It goes first, you know." I retorted just to make them feel like I am abandoning them, and Mandy clapped her hands with a bright smile plastered on her face.

"Yeah, that's our girl! Does that mean you won't be going on a lunch date with Harvey?" Mandy cheered and asked me while wearing a suspicious look on her face.

"No. I will spend a lunch date with you, girls. I actually have a dinner date with him later tonight, and you know, it's our first Valentine's Date together." I answered and talked about my two-month-long boyfriend, who asked me out on a date just a week ago for this special one tonight. I am just so excited.

"Mmm, yeah, sure! That is so great! Best of luck for your date then, Liv." Paulie uttered cheerily and turned her gaze to Daisy, who let out a sigh, and I looked at her with a facial expression that seemed to ask if there was anything wrong.

"Oh, wow! I thought you would be leaving us alone for lunch, Liv. Thank you, if not." The bothered girl stated, and we all turned our heads to the noisy newcomer when she belted, "Hello, my b**ches! What have I missed? Oh, sh*t, you look stunning as hell, OJ! Look at that dress! Red as the sun, and lovely in all other ways. Oh, no, the sun is yellow, orange? Yeah, whatever. Hi, girls! Missed me?"

"Hi, Grace!" We all greeted her back as she gave us each her power hug.

Oh, here comes the hugger person. She is the most hyper sunshine that I have met in my whole life. And I love this gay bitch down to my bone marrow.

"Happy Valentine's Day, by the way! Who got dates later tonight? Me? If you ask mine? I have. Yeah, I do have one. Last year. But now, f*ck, she turned me down yesterday. Damn, she said she's straight as heck. I'm so so so so unlucky." Grace Thales bellowed and sobbed like an elephant, and I patted her back to comfort her. Of course, I know she's not that hurt, but she needs comfort.

"How did you ask her in the first place, Grace? Or did you even ask her? I don't believe you can talk to girls, though." Mandy asked and taunted our broken-hearted friend.

"It's none of your f**king business, you straight b*tch. You don't even have a boyfriend yourself. Or the rest of you all here. Unlike OJ here, blooming as heck and having a handsomely good-looking boyfie. Oh, I forgot, you have one, too, Daisy, right?" The ecstatic girl countered and made the two single ladies roll their eyes in reply. And the girls continued bickering so early in the morning.

When I finally faced my locker to get my things, I was greeted with lots of envelopes, scented ones, while there were some ribbons on them. Just like the usual every time it is Valentine's Day or my birthday.

"Are there chocolates in them, OJ? No, it can't fit in the hole. Hey, for those who want to give Olivia Jillian Hunters some gifts, you can give them to us! We are her representatives to receive!" Grace asked me and announced through the hallways shamelessly.

And Mandy went to choke the girl because of embarrassment when some of the students, especially the females, snickered while the males cheered. Well, me, myself, felt a bit humiliated, too. Damn this girl! Can't she knock it off?

"I'm just kidding, you know? Kidding? Joke?" Grace added in between coughing, and Mandy dusted off her hands.

"We better get to our classrooms now, girls. See you on the third subject, the rest of you. Come on, Grace." I told them after I closed my locker and bid my other friends goodbye as we will go our separate ways. It's just that Grace is my classmate in all of my subjects. Smartass, but has a loud-ass.

"Hey, OJ, look! It is your boy, Harvey. Do you wanna talk to him first? I can wait. Not that I am gonna eavesdrop, but I will wait till we are good to go. Or do you want me to go ahead first? I could, too." Grace Thales, one of my closest friends, asked me curiously as we got sight of my boyfriend, who has been eyeing me as he walks in the hallway with his group of friends.

"Oh, umm, no. I will just tell him something before we proceed." I answered as I closed my locker after getting the things I needed for my morning classes, and I saw her smile become wider.

"What? I love you? Eeeeet! Oh, damn, I am so single." She teased me, and I just glared at her playfully.

"Shut the hell up, Gracey!" I told her. That just made the idiot laugh like a witch on crack.

As Harvey Jon Ferrer, the academy's quarterback, and I'm proud to say that he's been my boyfriend for more than two months now, went near us, I felt my cheek warm up as he proceeded to check me out from head to toe. Can't he stop it?

"Hey, that's... that is... That red dress is... You look... Firey. Is that a word? Well, what I mean, Babe, is... you look amazing. Yeah, amazing. Good morning, by the way. And, this is for you. Happy Hearts' Day." He stuttered in remarking and greeted me with his bright handsome smile as he handed me a red rose in his hold that I didn't notice that he was holding. And I turned to look at my dear friend, who seemed to be exploding anytime soon when I accepted it, and the guy kissed the back of my hand.

"Thanks, Babe. Happy Valentine's Day, too. I'll see you later, okay?" I told him, to which he winked at me in reply, and he bid us goodbye as they went to his locker with his pals. Well, yes, he asked me out for a dinner date tonight, and I'm just so excited about it.

"Oh, I am gonna melt! I wish I had a girl complimenting me like that. Or just me having a girl to compliment and give flowers to. Damn! She better come quickly to my life." The hopeless romantic Grace let out while we continued to walk to our classroom, and she kept on blabbering things until we arrived.


We still have ten minutes before dismissal time in the afternoon will come, and here is our History teacher giving us an assignment. Not just an assignment but a pairwork for next week, where our partners are the ones who picked the same number as we have and the teacher is the only one who knows who that is. It's a surprise, and it is this young woman's way of making us work with someone we don't usually talk to. It's crazy, and I am a bit nervous about it.

Well, it's just that someone is coming near my way and carrying her piece of paper that she picked from the box after she asked the teacher for her partner's name, and she is someone that I would pray down to my grave for her not to be my partner in any class activities. I will really trade my soul for a corn chip if it happens.

When she looked my way with her cold stare, I turned my bitch mode on quickly. I would be very challenged to work with her if so. But damn, I am not sure if there will be no blood to shed, though.

As my seatmate noticed my uneasiness, she nudged me and asked, "OJ, do you think that Sydney Roswell will be your partner?"

"Grace, wish me luck that she is not because I could just kill her first. You wouldn't want me going to jail, would you?" I told her in a whisper, and she cleared her throat when the blue-eyed blonde-haired girl stopped at our table. Can't she just go and ask for another partner from the teacher?

"Grace Thales, meet me at the library tomorrow, right after class in the afternoon." Sydney Roswell, the mean girl, uttered and left when my seatmate answered with a trace of surprise, "Yeah, sure. Of course, Syd!"

"Damn, OJ! We are partners. Am I gonna die? Can you help me out? What if she... she is... A vampire, and she will be devouring me? Can you go with me tomorrow? Please?" The freaking girl let out and held my arm so tight, and I just giggled at her.

Then we both looked up to the another person who went near our table.

"Hi, uh... Olivia! Umm, we are partners. Good to see you. I mean, it will be nice working with you. You set the schedule, and I will just give you my number. Here. Just give me a beep. Bye!" The girl began while stammering, and it's Emma York, she is one of Sydney's best friends.

"Alright, it's going to be great working with you, Emma. I will surely message you. Bye!" I told the girl in response, and she left with a bright smile on her face.

"Well, we will surely have great activities next week. Let's go and meet with the girls and announce your blazing news, Gracey." I let out as I kept my things and stood up to leave with my friend.


"Hi, Miss OJ Hunters! Someone wants me to give this to you." A guy from the other class approached us and handed me a white scented envelope with a bouquet as we were about to turn left in the hallways, and I told him in reply, "Thanks. Tell them my thank you, also."

"Who the heck is that that gave you such things, OJ? Isn't it Harvey? Nope? No chocolate? Fine." Grace uttered as we both looked at the things in my hold.

And I told Grace to hold for a while the pretty flowers. I just want to read what the letter in this scented envelope says about the person who gave it to me. Maybe it's from Harvey.

"Come on, come on, open it, girl." Grace cheered excitedly, and I finally got the sight of the things inside the envelope.

"What the hell is this all about?" I cursed when I saw before me pictures of my boyfriend and someone else. Not just someone but a person who I hate the most. Now I hate her more than anything.

"Holy shit! Who the fuck sent you that? Should I kill that bitch now, girl?" My friend let out angrily when she saw it, too, and I felt my heart beats faster as I saw the rest of the pictures of them both so sweet, and one of them is the two of them kissing.

No, this is not real. How can he do this to me? And with Sydney Roswell? They certainly are the worst!

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