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The Alpha's Personal Maid (The Fate Series Book 2)

The Alpha's Personal Maid (The Fate Series Book 2)

Audrey W.


"There was nothing crueler than a family that wanted to kill each other. When the time came, Peter and Serena would meet their daughter again, only to find out that she was raised to kill them." 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Unbeknownst to her, Celine was taken from her true parents and raised by a man she was made to believe was her grandfather. Growing up, he had always told her that her parents were brutally murdered and that she must avenge them one day. She spent many years training to be stronger, but when she came of age, her wolf had not arrived. Because of this, she was expelled from her pack and was forced to find home in a new one. In order to keep her place in the new pack, the Alpha assigned her to the near impossible task of monitoring his brother Lucas. If she was not able to do this job well, she would be kicked out again. However, she was in for a surprise-- the person she was monitoring turned out to be her mate. How long could Celine keep the secret that she still didn't have a wolf? Would she truly be able to avenge her parents? Could she possibly make a choice despite Lucas' relentless pursuit of her? Who was Lucas past all of his effortless charm? Did he hide behind a facade? What was to come for this couple? *This book is a sequel to The Alpha's Mysterious Mate. It is about Peter and Serena's lost daughter.

Chapter 1
A Wolf-less Girl

Celine's POV:

"Such a wolf-less loser! Stop looking at me like that, or I will gouge your eyes out." A vicious curse sounded in my ears. Then a hard stone was thrown towards me, scratched my forehead, and left a bloodstain. I shrank to a corner. In addition to the anger and grief that I felt, envy also filled my eyes.

If only I could be like them and have my own wolf.

My name was Celine Aquitaine. My grandfather, Albert Aquitaine, was the Gamma of the pack. Our family was one of the top aristocrats all over Europe. As his only granddaughter, I should have been living a carefree life. However, he had never liked me since I was a child.

Shortly after I was born, I was kidnapped by the Red Maple Pack. My parents tried to save me, but they were killed by the Alpha and the Luna of the Red Maple Pack. My grandfather lost his beloved daughter because of me. That must be the reason why he hated me so much.

Since I was a child, I promised to avenge the death of my parents on my coming of age. This was the only way for my grandfather to like me. However, the reality was always ruthless. I was still wolf-less even when I became an adult. I could imagine my grandfather's disappointment.

I was too weak to resist attacks and protect myself. I was a complete loser and a shame to the pack.

As a result, I became a freak to everyone. My grandfather despised me even more, and even my friends began to distance themselves from me. The werewolves avoided me every time they saw me. It was as if I was a virus, and they were afraid of being infected by me.

I wished that one day, I could also have my own wolf. In that case, everyone would accept me again. Then I would be capable of avenging my parents. What was more, my grandfather would definitely like me.

At the moment, I discreetly hid in the corner of the training ground and watched a group of pack members transform into wolves in the blink of an eye. I tried to remember the whole process of their transformation.

But what awaited me was their endless abuse and beating.

"Smelly bitch, you are really courting death." These werewolves seemed to be very dissatisfied, so they started to attack me directly. One of them grabbed my hair tightly while another kicked my back. It hurt so much that tears uncontrollably streamed down my face.

"What's the use of creepily hiding and watching us? You don't have a wolf, anyway. Even if you watch us a thousand times, you can't transform into a wolf no matter how hard you try."

"I can't believe that a wolf-less loser like you still dares to live in this world."

"I'm not a loser. I also have a wolf. It's just a little late. But I'm sure it will definitely come," I retorted stubbornly.

"Really? When is it going to arrive, then?"

"You are a loser. You deserve to go to hell!" One of the she-wolves grabbed my hair and slapped my face fiercely. My mouth was instantly filled with the taste of blood, and my vision became blurry for a moment.

"Alpha has decided to kick this loser out of the pack. We will never see her disgusting face again." Scornful sneers rang out in my ears.

Although my mouth and nose were constantly bleeding, and my mind was a little fuzzy, I could still hear their words clearly.

"No, that's not true. You're lying!" I didn't know where my strength came from, but I was able to push one of the werewolves away.

"How dare you push me!" The werewolf was stunned for a while when I pushed him to the ground. But when he came back to his senses, he rushed over to me like cr


Then a group of werewolves approached me and pressed me to the ground. They punched and kicked me, and I felt like my bones were about to break.

"All of you, stop it!"

I heard a familiar voice not far away.

Knowing that it was Grandma, I was overjoyed.

"Bah! Do you think she can protect you all the time? Just wait and see, bitch!" snapped one of the werewolves. He even spat on me before he left with the others.

Grandma pulled me up from the ground with a worried look. Her eyes were full of distress while she checked the wounds on my body.

Andrea was my grandpa's second wife, so my mother wasn't related to her. It was probably the reason why she didn't hate me as much as Grandpa did. And because I had always been pitiful, she took care of me behind his back.

"Grandma, don't worry. I'm fine." I forced a smile, but it accidentally tore the wound at the corner of my mouth. I couldn't help but wince in pain.

"Grandma, they said just now that Alpha is going to kick me out of the pack. Is it true? They are lying to me, right?" As I spoke, I pulled Grandma's sleeve and looked at her expectantly.

She was stunned and didn't say anything for a long time. She just looked at me sadly. After hesitating for a while, she finally found her tongue.

"Celine, it's true. Alpha has ordered to drive you out of the pack." Grandma's tone was so heavy.

"What? No, I don't believe you!" My eyes widened in shock. I suddenly got agitated.

"Celine, listen to me first. You don't have a wolf now. So if you become a rogue, you will definitely die. I don't want it to happen to you, so I contacted a new pack. The Alpha of that pack happens to need a maid to take care of his brother."

"But Grandma, I don't want to leave our pack," I said with tears streaming down my face.

"Celine, don't be stubborn. My capability is limited, so this is all I can do to help you. In the future, you don't have anyone to rely on but yourself." Grandma then handed me a letter with tears in her eyes.

I held it tightly in my hand and shed tears silently. With what was happening right now, I felt so helpless.

"My dear, don't cry now. You have to be strong. Remember, when you get to the Full Moon Pack, don't let them find out that you are wolf-less. And that Alpha's brother is said to have a bad temper, so don't provoke him." Grandma wiped the tears on my face while exhorting me.

"I'll keep it in mind, Grandma." Holding back my tears, I nodded heavily.

"Grandma, can I still see Grandpa again?" I begged before I left.

"Your grandfather doesn't want to see you anymore." Grandma looked embarrassed, and there were incomprehensible emotions in her eyes.

"Celine, please understand him. He lost his beloved daughter, and you are her child. He will naturally remember your mother every time he sees you." Grandma took my hand and comforted me.

"Yes, I understand." I nodded but still felt awful. I was always the one who had to adjust and understand others. What about me? Who was going to understand me?

"But if you can personally avenge your mother's death, then maybe Albert will accept you again." Grandma touched my head, giving me a glimmer of hope.

I held back my tears, smiled at her, and promised, "I will.

I will definitely survive in the new pack. I will make myself stronger and avenge my parents. Then I will come back here." After making up my mind, I stopped being nostalgic. I just turned around and left.

But I was still worried. How could I hide the fact that I was wolf-less?

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