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My Charming Wife

My Charming Wife



Laurene Walton is a famous CEO and model. She grew up in Los Angeles with her father. He got divorced from Laurene's Mom named Leslie. Ben took care of her well until she grows up but sadly Ben was diagnosed with cancer. He died when Lauren was 22 years old and the CEO decided to travel to different places to unwind but now that she's back she decided to go to Korea for business. She finally met her Mom and her new family. She saw the letter from her Dad it was all about his wishes and one of those is marrying one of the daughters of The Jeung. They instantly got married and try to get to know each other Jihye has had a huge crush on her for almost three years now and she didn't even mind doing everything for her just to make her fall in love with her. It didn't take long before Lauren fell in love until they had the family that Laurene wants. Lauren ended up dreaming about her Dad and it was giving her some warnings about her life and future. She was stressed and bothered by it until they left in Paris to move back to Korea. She's really protecting parents and step-siblings especially her Wife Jihye and son Jayden. Until an accident happened the broke Lauren. After that person woke up, Lauren was very happy and the family that she wants was built again.

Chapter 1
My Charming Wife

The CEO is currently looking at the view at her Mom's penthouse. It was nice and relaxing knowing she's in an unfamiliar country. "Lauren" She heard a soft voice, the girl looked around and saw her Mom smiling at her "Mommy," she said and hugged her as she hugged her back. Lauren sigh finally after 23 years of staying in Los Angeles to manage her modeling agency, being a model and a CEO.

The girl pulled out the hug and looked at her Mom who's smiling at her "Look at you, a grown-up already" her Mom said rubbing her cheeks while Lauren melted into her touch, she surely miss her Mom so much. Her Mom led her to the balcony wherein you could clearly see the view, the weather is just at the right temperature and surely Lauren really like it. "So? How was your flight? Why are you not resting when I came home?" Leslie her Mom asked while pouring some tea and handing it to her daughter "I'm really not that tired especially I slept on the plane, maybe I'll just use my sleepy eyes tonight" Lauren said sighing looking at the view.

Her Mom Leslie was looking at her wondering how her daughter is right in front of her. Leslie is staying in Korea with her eldest daughter who is an idol while her Son is currently a senior high school student aged 17. To be honest, they are Laurene's step-siblings. Laurene has a different father. Leslie and he really had a great bond really love her so much. Leslie got pregnant with Lauren, of course, her real Dad was there to support and really treat her as a real princess but sadly, Leslie and Him decided to divorce for some reason, Laurene was 4 at that time. Leslie decided to focus on being a celebrity in Korea, she was so kind that she decided to let Ben, Lauren's father take care of her. Of course, the father is happy. He took care of Lauren so well, he mostly brings him to the office with him because he was working as a CEO of a modeling agency for Men and Women, a lot of his workers really adored Lauren and the girl also grew up in that place.

Ben was diagnosed with Cancer when Lauren was 13, of course, Lauren was too smart so she knows how to take take care of her Dad and spend her time with him, she studied hard about business, fashion everything that her Dad studied and how he really became successful. Of course, Lauren didn't lose contact with her Mom but she mostly spends her time with her Dad.

At the age of 20, she graduated college and at that time Ben passed everything to Lauren, of course, the girl was so shocked but she still accepted knowing her Dad is not looking good already. So, she spends her time in the company having training and spending her time with her Dad. She instantly became in the media when she modeled for Balenciaga and for Victoria's Secret, a lot of people got shocked because she was a CEO, a 21-year-old girl, AND the daughter of the famous Former CEO of Walton Modeling Agency all over America.

A lot of people tried to win her heart but one person caught Lauren's eyes it was a man named Liam. Mid-January when Liam confessed his true feelings but sadly Lauren turned him down because a lot of people are saying that Liam was just a gold-digger and just want Lauren's body. It was also told by her Dad. So the girl-focused more on her career but another thing is she was surprised that her Mom has a lover already, Leslie introduced the man named Lee Dowon. She said that she met him after 1 year of her divorce from her Dad, Lauren couldn't complain even though they are far away from each other she still looks after her. So, she had no choice but to accept it and accept the fact that she has step-siblings who are really looking forward to meeting the CEO. Of course, being the busy bee Lauren she's just talking to her Mom if she finds a time.

At the age of 22, It was declared that Ben died in his bedroom. Lauren was so sad and Leslie visited wanting to be there for her Daughter. It was so hard for Lauren, she had a vacation in the Bahamas, Amsterdam, and Paris. When she came back, she decided to start some new business. She decided to open a hotel, restaurant, and a music agency wherein it also became at the top 3 best music agencies all over America, she also became a Fashion designer for her agency and the modeling agency really at the top so she decided to start a survival show about modeling. Well, Lauren really is a successful woman that every person wanted to win her heart.

Since her modeling agency is getting famous all over the world a lot of people are begging her to open up an audition for Global. She did that and it went well, 3 persons won wherein they already started working as a model. But now, she was curious about the Country named Korea. She wanted to have a Korean model in her agency so she decided to give it a try. She contacted some agency and to her surprise, there was a lot of it but she got curious about JYP, YG, and SM since they were the first ones who really emailed her she researched about it, and turns out they were the big three music entertainment in Korea she just needs to choose 1 but she decided to choose the 3 of them but also decided to choose some smaller companies.

She told everything to her Mom and Leslie instantly told her to stay in the house, Lauren doesn't want it at first knowing she felt like she doesn't belong to the family but Dowon and Leslie told her that she really belonged to the family and Dowon really treat her as his own daughter. And finally, here she is now facing to face with her Mom, Laurene is really beautiful, tall, has a proportional body a model-like to be exact, a pointy nose and kissable lips, and what makes her most hotter is her jawline.

To be honest, Lauren is half Korean because Leslie is full Korean. "How are you darling?" Leslie asked looking at her daughter "I'm okay Mommy, how about you?" Lauren asked before she drink her tea "I'm okay, the kids are really looking forward to meeting you. Dohyun can't wait to get home later while Daeun is trying her best to make an excuse so she could go home later and meet her" Lauren smiled, Leslie has been telling her that they are really wanting to meet her because they can't believe they have an older sibling.

"How old are they?" Lauren asked, she really doesn't know them that much because she was so busy "Daeun is 19 while Dohyun is 17. They are the kids that you really want to be with whenever you are stressed or you need someone to talk to, they are the sweetest kids you'll ever meet" Lauren smiled "How about Dowon?" "oh, you know that guy. He's the sweetest, he really wants to adopt you but I explained to him that you still need some time and your consent"

Lauren nodded, until now even though it's been 1 year it's still fresh for her but someday soon she's willing to be adopted by him but Ben will always be her best Dad. "Maybe someday soon Mommy, you know I'm still adjusting and it's still fresh. you know how much I treasured Daddy" Leslie smiled sadly and stood up to hug her while Lauren just melted right into it. They continued their conversation about her plans and when is the survival show they stayed on the balcony for 3 hours when Lauren decided to have a rest since she wanted to finally meet the kids and Dowon.

Lauren just came out from the bathroom, she woke up 40 minutes ago and it surprised her that she slept for 4 hours straight, she scrolled to her phone for 1 hour and decided to take a bath when she heard some commotions downstairs. She opened her luggage to find some clothes once she did she wears them and dried her hair as she also combed it. She was about to close her luggage when she saw a small safe box, she took it and she finally realized that her dad left this at his side table before he died with a note saying that to open it because there's something important that Lauren requires to read and there was a key.

Lauren took it slowly and went to the table as she took a seat in the swirling chair, she took out the key in her small purse and took a deep breath before opening "Whatever this is I hope this isn't a jump scare" Lauren said to herself knowing her Dad really likes to pull some pranks. She turned the key and opened it slowly while her eyes is closed a bit but to her surprise, it was a piece of paper. Lauren sigh and took it as she unfolded it. It was a letter.... "

"My Lauren, I know someday soon you will read this since I'm planning to leave this beside my side table before I really vanish. Just so you know my baby, you're my princess, my baby girl, and my best daughter. You don't know how happy I am whenever I see you smiling, laughing, and doing the things that you really like. You don't know how proud I am of you, most especially you're the one managing my company and of course, it's already yours" Lauren smiled as tears threaten to come out from her eyes but continued to read it "To be honest with you, Me and your Mom really had plans when you're at your twenties. I want you to marry the only child of the Jeong. Your Mom and I are really close to them, they are my best friends so is your Mom also. I still love your Mom, to be honest, I really do. It's so hard for me to see her happy with someone else but I need to hold up with my best friends named Chahee and Beum suk, Your Mom and I promised them that someday soon. You have to marry their child it's because I don't want you to pass my wealth with someone who I don't know and also because to keep our bond strong even though I'm dying until now your Mom is close to them and to be honest we talked yesterday telling us about it and they are still looking forward. This is just my wish Honey. I love you so so so much Princess, please have a happy and nice life. Love, Ben your best friend and Dad"

Lauren doesn't know what to say, she doesn't know if she will agree on this specially she doesn't who in the world is Chahee and Beom suk she has no idea who they are because she didn't even meet them or seen them and hasn't told her about them. She also doesn't know if their child is a girl or a boy and what it looked like.

Lauren really had a high standard towards a person when it comes to love, she wants someone who is good-looking, tall, muscular, and very gentlemanly mostly especially kind, and has some respect. She really wants to have kids especially she had a lot of business going and wanted to pass them sooner enough.

But it was her Dad's wish, The Man that he loves so much, that she promised even before he die she will fulfill all his wishes for herself and his. One thing that Lauren really hates about herself is if she will not fulfill something she promised to someone she will literally hate herself for it and she will feel guilty if she didn't do it but should she go for it?...

"Darling" Lauren came back to reality when she heard her Mom's voice Lauren looked at her "Dinner's ready and the kids are downst -- Darling, did you cry?" Leslie instantly went close to her daughter and cup her cheeks "Is there something wrong and bothering you?" The adult asked again Should Lauren tell it already? 'No, Not yet Lauren' Lauren smiled sadly "Can we talk about it later?" Leslie nodded and kissed her forehead, as she held Lauren's hands and pull her downstairs.

Lauren was nervous of course, she's gonna be meeting her Mom's new family, her new husband. Once, Leslie and her reached the dining area Lauren saw that the three of them are gathered in their respective seats probably smiling from ear to ear while they are speaking hangul. Leslie coughed to get their attention as they quickly looked their way, their eyes went wide seeing the tall and gorgeous girl beside their Mom she's like a goddess, Dowon got back to reality "Oh, Lauren. It was finally nice meeting and seeing you personally" Lauren was taken aback, she was surprised Dowon is speaking English she looked at his hand that it was waiting to be shaken so Lauren took it and smiled brightly "It was nice seeing you and meeting you Dowon," Lauren said formally while Dowon smiled "Kid--"

The two kids instantly stood up introducing themselves as Daeun and Dohyun, Lauren cackled knowing they are looking forward to meeting her and looked very excited. Lauren doesn't know what to do since they are speaking together, she doesn't know who to answer first so she just hugged them.

Lauren find it awkward but the two kids became silent, she looked at her Mom and Dowon they were just smiling lovingly at them. But, she was surprised that the two kids hugged her back and buried their faces in her shoulder their grip was tight seemed like they don't want to let go.

Lauren looked back at her Mom again "They felt comfortable towards you" Down mouthed while the girl just nods rubbing their back, After a few minutes the kids pulled out the hug and pulled Lauren in between them asking her some very serious questions about her while Dowon and Leslie are just listening.

They are in the middle of Leslie's story when Daeun asked something that Lauren wasn't familiar with it

"Can I call you 'Unnie'?" Lauren stared at her confused "Can I call you 'Noona'? This time Dohyun curiously asked 'Unnie? Noona?, What in the world is that?' Leslie looked at the two kids waiting for Lauren's answer and looked at Lauren "Uhm, I'm sorry but what does that word mean?" Lauren asked curiously "Unnie is used to females to describe an older and respected female and Noona is used by males to describe an older and respected female"

Lauren nodded in understanding when Daeun told it "So, Can we??" Dohyun asked "Uh kids maybe Lauren is not --" Leslie was cut off by Laurene "No, It's okay. You can call me that no worries. I-I consider you both as my siblings" Lauren said smiling, to be honest, she wanted to have a sibling but sadly her Mom and Dad divorced but still, she's thankful that she has these two kids with her. The two kids smiled and finally came back eating their meals.

Lauren asked about Daeun's career turns out Daeun was in the entertainment where she would judge some models who applied and will be accepted at the survival show and the CEO is requesting her to also judge some contestants for those who auditioned to the ones who wants to become an idol which Lauren gladly accepted it. It was YG. At least, she knows someone will accompany her if she ever gets lost in that huge company.

This time, Lauren also asked about Dohyun's school and soon to be course turns out he wanted to follow in Lauren's footsteps since her mom doesn't stop talking about her business and how the girl become successful like her Dad, he said if he ever had the chance to work in one of her business he will surely do his best to make her proud. Of course, Lauren is proud and promising him someday he will be the one managing one of her businesses of course the boy got so happy and had more motivation to study.

The dinner ended, Lauren has time to talk with her Mom and Dowon while the two kids are having fun playing the PS5 that Lauren bought. Down was currently talking to a client when Lauren decided to bring up the topic of the note that her dad left. "Mommy?" Lauren said looking at Leslie who's scrolling "Yes Dear?" The adult asked, Laurene took a deep breath "Who are Chahee and Beom Suk?" Leslie looked at her quickly while Laurene is waiting for her answer, the girl realized that her Mom was shocked by looking at her Mom reaction

"Where did you know that? How did you?" Lauren handed her the letter while Leslie took it. "Is it true?" Lauren asked while Leslie is reading it she sighed when she closed the letter "It was indeed in our plans of you marrying their child, It was one of our wishes especially your Dad even them. We didn't have the chance to tell it to you when you were at the age of 20 because you were busy and we don't want to interfere at that time" Lauren swallowed thickly she doesn't know what to feel.

"Are you still expecting?" Lauren asked lowly, Leslie lied she doesn't want to lie knowing she also wants to make their bond stronger with the Kims since ever since they were a child they are best friends already. "Yes.." Leslie said, Lauren, sighed heavily "It was your Dad's wish and so do I. To be honest, before he die he talked to me saying that to marry Kim's child quickly. He's looking forward to it and they are also waiting" Leslie said, "C-can I think for it for now?" Lauren asked gripping the table "Can I have an alone time before my wedding?" Leslie couldn't help but smile, surely. Ben would be so happy about it finally fulfilling his wishes for her daughter. Leslie stood up and hugged her tightly "Of course baby. I promise you everything will be okay and Mommy will always be here" Lauren just hugged her tightly burying her head in Leslie's neck.

Jeong Jihye, a 25-year-old girl, Korean girl, is a CEO and runs luxury clothing. She just got back from London and she came back to Korea because she needs to handle her Dad's company. She was a very independent girl, she grew up kind and understanding and she will fulfill and do all her parents wishes

"You have to tell me what's going on Ara," The Blonde girl said "You know if Jihye kept looking at her phone, I'm sure her eyes will sore," Ara said while Megan the blonde girl furrowed her brows "Every halt she always has her phone" Yejun the Korean said "Okay, you gotta tell me what's going on" "Jihye is looking at the picture of the CEO named Lauren Walton" Megan just rolled her eyes when the two of Jihye's friend said that, it's not new for her knowing their best friend Jihye has a huge crush on that model and CEO.

Megan stood up and looked at Jihye and to her phone. She is looking at Lauren's picture which was just posted on Instagram last week "Jih.." she said but the brunette wasn't answering "Jihye!" The blonde girl shouted while the girl jumped "finally" "What?" The girl asked "stop looking at her like a snack" Jihye said sitting beside her "How can't I? I mean she does look like a snack" Megan rolled her eyes and smack her head while Jihye groaned in pain "What was that for??" Before Megan could answer the door opened revealing one of Jihey's bodyguard

"Phone's for you," The bodyguard said handing Jihye the phone while she took it "Jihye is this you?" "Mom? Why are you calling at this hour? Is there something wrong" Jihye asked looking at her phone notifying that Lauren just posted so she smiled "Can you meet me at the cafeteria of the company? I want you to meet someone important" Jihye agreed knowing it might be into business so she quickly changed into her business outfit and asked the girls to continue working without her, she came down seeing her Mom sitting with someone unfamiliar.

"Oh, Jihye!" Her Mom Chahee said "Hey" Jihye said "I want you to meet Mrs. Lee she's my best friend that I'm talking to you every day and Leslie this is my daughter Jihye" Leslie smiled and Jihye shake her hands and sits. "So, why'd you call me?" Jihye asked biting the sandwich " You will be marrying her daughter" Jihye instantly choked on her sandwich and went wide eye "WHAT?!" Jihye screamed

"Dear, Your Voice please," Chahee said

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