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Married To A Radriel.

Married To A Radriel.

Violet Smart


Her suffering's began at a very young age. She would be beaten up at the slightest mistake, she would be beaten up for the pleasure sake. Tortured and pained Raped and scarred. She turned into a young girl that was being possessed by horrible demands of the dark and night. She was scared of her own cry, her own voice. Her skin caused her irritation. She turned to an anxiety patient. She began paying for the sin she never commited. And all this she'd gone through and passed through in the hands of her step father. She was getting used to her cruel fate. Her ill life. One faithful day he bags a deal and marry's her off to the most prominent man in San Francisco. Suddenly after saying I do. Her life begins to change to what she couldn't understand. She just stood and watched A Radriel change her life

Chapter 1

Edited ✅ 1

She walked to the stage in a white slim fit gown.

She walks gracefully in her silver pencil heel and a silver purse in her right hand.

she walks further to the mic as she gives the guest a feign smile.

wearing a blank look on her face with her hair packed in a perfect bond and some strinds of hair on both sides of her face.

”Good evening everyone"she said as she gives a feign smile again.

"Thank you all for coming today ,with all your busy day you still found the time an you honored our invite. As you all know Daniels Industries will be opening thier new business brand today" she said .

"Daniels Industries says a big thank you to each and everyone that has stayed still with us ,from the day one up to this very day"

"Daniels Industries has brought a new means of happiness to the city of New York.

she paused, realised a feign smile inhaled and continued"we give you "Dan chocolate empire” DCA.

the crowd was left clapping, at her short but beautiful speech, she feigned a smile again and waited for the camera's to do it's job before she left the stage.


yes her .....................

she's Maureen Emily Daniels,a twenty three years old heiress to the Dante's Empire.

she always clad in white, always having this blank look, a look that can never be read, she keeps to herself and she's rarely seen she's only seen in important occasion like opening event.

She lives a very cruel and lonely life, sometimes she just wishes that the heavens should come take her.


"This is my daughter"Mr Daniels said as he introduced Maureen to his new partner Mr Radriel Nathaniel.

”Hi good evening sir"Maureen said taking Mr Radriel already streched hand into a hand shake.

The party went on and Maureen attend to the guest with a feign smile plastered on her face.

Most men were left drooling as Maureen walked passed them.

She's endowed with a killer shape, her tiny lips that would always leave a guy wanting to taste it, her grey coloured eyesthat show no emotion, she the type of girl a guy always wants.

.....................THE NEXT DAY...................

”Mr Daniel the reason I invited you to my office is actually because I want the partnership you and I share to change to a relationship"Mr Radriel said handing Mr Daniels a drink.

"How I don't get you?"Mr Daniel responded with a confuse look on his face.

"Yes Mr Daniels I want your daughter Maureen for my son"Mr Radriel said as he sipped from his Champaign glass.

”What are you serious Mr Radriel?"Mr Daniels asked with his inner mind jumping for joy.

"Yes I'm darn serious about it"Mr Radriel said.

"I know your company is in search for a company that will help in boosting your sales an

d will help you in making a good name so here is a chance to make a name for your company cause,

Radriel Legacy is giving an open arms to you”Mr

Radriel said with both his hands apart in a wide spread and a drink in his left hand.

"And not only that. I'll be handing you some shares in my company if your daughter agrees to marry my son"

”This is great” Mr Daniels exclaimed.

"I accept this marriage proposal because I know that my daughter will be happy , I have heard of your son, his the most prominent bachelor in New York and I heard he also has his own company. Infact I have heard so many good things about him and I know he will make my daughter happy" Mr Daniel said grinning.

Christopher Daniels did not say yes to the marriage proposal because he loves his daughter, infact it's the opposite,he loathe's Maureen with everything in him,he wish he could just kill her and getting her married would also be a good thing because he wouldn't have to see her again he'll considers her being sold or dead.

"That is perfect. Both parents in agreement. The contract will be signed on Saturday. This is just between you and I" Mr Radriel let out a soft laugh.

"Okay and thank you so much Mr Radriel"Mr Daniels said grinning from ear to ear.

"Okay thanks for accepting my offer"Mr Radriel said giving Mr Daniels a hand shake .


"Jade"Mr Radriel called his secretary through the intercom.

"You called me Mr Radriel"Jade said as she closed the door behind her.

"Yes I did,cancel all my meetings for this week, I have a wedding to plan"

Last night when Mr Radriel saw Maureen,he saw something more to the eyes of men.

THE RADRIEL LEGACY........................

The Radriel Legacy is owned and manged by Mr Nathaniel Radriel.

Radriel Legacy is one of the biggest company in New York and it has so many branches around the world and it's virtually the company everyone wants to do business with.

Leonardo Nathan Radriel,is a twenty six years multi billionaire.

Leonardo has no time for girls , clubbing or other things young guys do, he is always busy, he has to time to waste its either his funding a new business brand or his partnering with another company.

He's considered the most prominent bachelor in New York.

His perfect muscular body that fitswhat ever he wears, his curly shining black hair that matches his perfect ash eyes.

He's cute ,charming, cheerful, handsome and good at all things, he is nicknamed Mr Perfect.

After the death of Leo's mom ,his only main source of happiness was making his father and twin sisters happy.

Leonardo is guy that can give his last drop of blood to make someone happy, his father considers him ”God sent".

He agrees to marry Maureen because,he wants his father's happiness

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