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The Vanished Lover

The Vanished Lover



Because of a mistake, Jill Grace was pregnant with a stranger’s baby. She expected that the man would marry her for this baby anyway, however, she did not realize that she was wrong until the man took her new-born baby away and vanished. Five years later, when Jill occasionally saved Leon’s son from a car accident and made a contract marriage with Leon, the truth was gradually getting known.

Chapter 1
Who is the Father of This Child


It was really hot!

Jill Grace felt a pair of burning hands stroking her body so she opened her dizzy eyes, trying to figure out what was happening.

In a daze, she saw a man’s face approaching her.

In the darkness, his eyes were sending out evil lights, seemingly swallowing everything!

“You...” She wanted to ask who he was, but after only one word, her lips were sealed by the man overbearingly.

His kiss was fiery like fire balls while her body grew hotter and hotter...

She was struck dumbness at the moment, as if her body was hit by lightnings, making her surrender completely without consciousness.

The light was dim in the room. Only a slight of moonlight came through screen windows, shining on the two persons who intertwined together on the bed.

In the dim light, Jill stared at the face of the man who pinned her down. The elegant and handsome face appeared to be profound and obscure among dark and gloomy lights.

She opened her eyes wider and hoped to see it more clearly.

“Tick, tick...” Sharp clock sounds woke up the person on the bed.

That dream, again!

Jill was so puzzled. How could she always have such a dream? Moreover, it was a sex dream! As a woman who had a finance, how could she...dream and cream about another man?

At the thought of it, she felt guilty for her finance.

She couldn’t help thinking of that dream. It was really...too real!

Right at this time, the phone besides her pillow was ringing.

“Jill, come to the hospital right now! Henson Yale awoke!” The moment she picked up the phone, the person on the other end said with excitement.

Hearing this news, Jill took a breath.

“Sister Lily, what did you say? Henson...he...really...” She didn’t even dare to breathe too hard, for fear that it was just a dream.

“You didn’t mishear it. Henson really awoke! Come over now!” Lily Yale, Henson’s sister, said it again.

Was it real? Henson really awoke?

Jill couldn’t suppress the ecstasy in the heart and ran to the hospital as quickly as she could.

She had been in a relationship with Henson for three years. But for the car accident, she had been his wife.

Half a year ago, on the wedding day, Henson got in a car accident on the way to pick her up to the wedding. Then he lay in bed for half a year.

She had been waiting for so long. Now he finally woke up today!

When she rushed to the hospital and pushed the door open, she indeed saw the man whom she missed so much sitting on the bedside, his bright eyes staring at her soulfully.

It was true! Henson indeed awoke!

After half a year, when she saw him open his eyes again, Jill’s tears were streaming down in an instant.

“Jill...” Henson looked at her, murmuring.

Her body had got so skinny during the last half a year and her baby fat face had turned into pointed chin. Obviously she had lived so hard during the last half a year.

His heart ached while he saw it.

“Brother Henson, you just woke up. Have a rest.” Tina Lloyd stood by the bedside, with concerns in her voice.

Tina? How could she be here? Where was Sister Lily?

Jill was surprised at seeing her. When she was about to ask, she felt gross in the stomach so she lowered her head, vomiting without anything out.

“Jill, what is the matter with you? “ At the sight of her sudden change, Henson asked with concerns.

“Just a minor illness. I’ll be okay after two days...Cough! Cough!” Jill waved her hand and wanted to say she was okay, but before she finished her words, the gross feeling came up again. She lowered her head again but didn’t throw up anything.

“You look so awful! How could it be a minor illness? My sister has told me everything. You took care of me day and night in the hospital in the last half a year. Now I must take you to see the doctor.” While seeing her vomit so hard, Henson guessed that she must be burnt out, which caused some problems on her intestines and stomach.

Jill didn’t think it was a big deal, but she couldn’t persuade him, so she had to register Digestive System Department.

However, after the doctor checked her up, he transferred her to Gynaecology Department.

“Congrats! You are pregnant! It has been over a month.” The doctor said while looking at the report.

“Doctor, it must be a mistake. It is impossible for me to get pregnant.” Hearing the doctor’s conclusion, Jill was honest and decent in the heart, only

thinking it must be a mistake by the hospital.

“That’s true. She just has some problems with her intestines and stomach.” Henson explained for her by the side.

“We won’t make such a stupid mistake. If you don’t trust it, you can do a checkup again.” The doctor said in a very formal tone.

When Tina heard the doctor say Jill was pregnant, a trace of happiness flashed in her heart.

Harboring different emotions, they waited for Jill to do a checkup again. But the result showed that she was indeed pregnant.

“Impossible! How could it be!” Holding the report, Jill didn’t believe it at all.

Henson grabbed the report from her hand with his eyes full of distrust, “That is not true! I had a car accident half a year ago and just woke up today. How could you get pregnant?”

“Since it is not Brother Henson’s child, it must be others’.”Tina lowered her voice deliberately to make sure both of them could hear it.

“Tina, don’t talk nonsense!” Jill cast a warning glance at her.

She didn’t even have sex with Henson and remained a virgin. How could she get pregnant?

“Sister Jill, I don’t want to see you as that kind of person, but the hospital report states it clearly. How could you cheat on him while he was in a coma? You hurt Brother Henson so much!” Tina added fuel to the fire.

“I didn’t!” Jill shook her head violently and turned around to look at the man in the wheelchair, “Henson, listen to me! It must be a mistake by the hospital. I swear I didn’t...”

Speaking of this, she thought of the dream she just had and suddenly was not so sure.

Was it...not a dream at all? It indeed happened to her...

“This is a grade A hospital. Maybe the first time it was a mistake by the hospital. How about the second time? It is impossible for them to make the same mistake!” Seeing Henson’s face darken, Tina kept on adding fuel to the fire.

Finally, the man in the wheelchair blew up, “Jill, it is so clear. You don’t need to argue any more!”

Henson squeezed the boiling hot report in the hand with his eyes turning icy cold.

His eyes towards her were like iron needles, piercing straight Jill’s heart. She knew that he had believed Tina’s words and thought she betrayed him.

However, she didn’t give in. Since so many weird things happened these days, she had to make them clear with him. She reached out her hands, trying to pull him, “Henson, listen to me...”

“Sister Jill, you are going too far. You are pregnant with another man’s child, but still pester Brother Henson. Is that you want him to be the child’s father?” Tina walked forward and pushed her hard.

“Ah!” Jill didn’t stand still and fell on the floor.

Outside the door, lots of people stood there, watching the show and believed that she was an unscrupulous woman.

One of the onlookers was recently cheated on so she harbored a grudge against mistresses. Thus, she threw the newly-bought ash tray in the bag to Jill irrationally.

Jill got hit in an instant with her forehead bleeding.

Curses and gossips were spreading in the air. No one took pity or sympathy on her. Only abuses and “Go to hell” could be heard.

At the sight of her embarrassed look, Henson felt heartbroken. However, when he thought of that she hooked up with another man while he was in a coma and even got pregnant, his face turned extremely cold.

Jill struck the ground, even her palm bleeding and blood on the forehead was dripping down her pale face, which was very horrifying. However, the coldness on Henson’s face hurt her more than ten times than the wounds on her body.

A trace of desperation appeared in her eyes, “Henson, can you let me explain it?”

“Do you think you have to explain it? Jill, I’ve never thought you are such a dissolute bitch! You make me disgusted! Don’t let me see you again!” After the cold words, he wheeled his chair away, leaving her a resolute background.

“Brother Henson, wait for me!” Tina turned around to look at the awkward person on the ground, curling her lips and then chased after him.

Jill had never been so embarrassed. Dissolute? Disgusted? She never expected that he would use such words on her. She harbored hatred but didn’t know who she should hate. She even had no idea who the father of the child was in her belly.

It was so ridiculous!

Right at this time, a group of men in black broke in, squatting beside her, “Miss Grace, sorry we are late!”

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