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Prince Charming's Pampered Wife

Prince Charming's Pampered Wife



“I’m pregnant, you should be responsible for me.” The woman acted cutely and pointed at her bulged abdomen. Master Koo cast a glance at her lightly, “You got pregnant after one night. Not bad!” After marriage. “Honey, someone bullied me.” The next day, the one who had bullied her got punished and knelt in front of her to beg for mercy. “Young master, young madam sells your luxury watches at a low price!” Master Koo raised his hand, “As long as she is happy.” “Young master, young madam sells you as a gift on the double eleven sale!” Master Koo changed his face immediately. She became so crazy without his favor? “Take her back!” Spoil her to death! Someone asked Barbie, “Master Koo always bullies you. Are you afraid?” Barbie was cracking melon seeds with a carefree expression, “Not at all. I bore a son to torture him. Look, he is tutoring our son and has been insane. Hahaha...” With Master Koo’s excessive indulgence, the woman’s life was getting more and more comfortable. Until one day, she knew all the truth. It turned out that he had a “scheme”.

Chapter 1
Prince Charming's Pampered Wife

On a dark rainy night, the lightning flashed and thundered.

Barbie was holding an umbrella and was about to cross an unmanned road when there was a sudden harsh sound of speeding wheels around her ears.

As she turned back and looked around, a large truck was rushing towards her!

It came to her in a flash before she could react, only waiting for the car hitting her violently ...

At such a horrible moment, she was pushed away and at the same time, there was a sound of someone being hit and then bombarding the ground, which was very extremely harsh and ear-piercing!

She got into a panic. When she suddenly turned back, she found the man who saved her fell into a pool of blood and it turned out to be Moore!


Barbie was awakened by a nightmare with cold sweat and face pale. Her eyes were full of panic for everything in the dream was too real as if it had happened before!

she had been tortured by this nightmare a year and almost every night.

In reality, Moore hated her and couldn't save her at all.

Looking at her watch, it was two o'clock in the morning. At this time, people were sleeping most well.

She got up to the bathroom, took out the scraper in front of the mirror and scraped a lot of small red strawberry marks on her neck and other obvious places.

Then, she quietly came to a large bedroom that she usually dared not enter.

The moonlight came in through the large French window and Moore's dark blue bed was clearly visible.

She stood on tiptoes, opened the quilt carefully and slept beside him.

There happened too many things to her recently. In order to survive and figure out why she had that nightmare all the time, she had to size Moore, a super backer for her.

In the early morning, the sun outside the window shone in.

" Barbie!"

A roar suddenly sounded in the room, almost causing her earaches to be hurt.

"What? What is going on? "

Barbie sat up in surprise with a pair of ignorant eyes, pretending to be surprised and innocent, and looking at this angry man in front of her!

The man was so handsome and perfect in shape as if he was carved by an artist. His body shape lines were tight, eyes clear and cold. When he stared at her with deep black eyes, there was a strong sense of authority around him.

"What's wrong?" Moore's face was somber with his dark eyes frosty. Gritting his teeth, he asked her with every word clearly coming out "Barbie, you dare to get on my bed; are you so brave?"

Barbie's slight body shrunk with her wet eyes filled with panic and her pink lips trembling. She pointed at the direction of the doorway with great fear.

Like a frightened bunny, she shook her head and said with much grief, "Last night, it was Brother Moore that brought Barbie into your room and you kissed Barbie over there. What's more, you put your tongue into my mouth at that moment. "

Moore followed the direction she pointed. Behind the door? He had no idea of it at all.

Kissed her? Deep kiss?

Moore's eyebrows suddenly took a jump and his handsome face turned dark. The light in his eyes was like a torch. All of those made the person beside him tremble.

"Barbie, have a try if you dare to say a word about this falsely!"

Having felt his fierce attention with an inviolable feeling, she was so frightened and burst into tears immediately, saying "Brother Moore, you are so fierce now. Last night, you liked Barbie so much and kissed Barbie."

Moore moved downwards coldly and stopped at the place that she was talking about. All of a sudden, his body shook as if he was struck by the thunder and his angry eyes stared at her, shouting "Barbie, you must have fantasies, don't you?"

Kissed her violently?

He admitted that he drank too much last night but it is impossible for him to lose his mind and it is also impossible to have flesh sessions with this silly girl!

Wiping her tears, Barbie tried her best to prove herself and said, "Barbie didn't lie. Brother Moore, you pressed on Barbie last night, babbling and bouncing all the time ..."

She was crying awfully but when she told those to him, she suddenly became happy with her small body shaking, like a little monkey jumping up and down, saying "You are just like this, making Barbie so itchy, extremely itchy... "

Looking at her as if she was in that situation, Moore moved the corner of his mouth fiercely and there was some dark light in his eyes.

Immediately, his face turned gloomy as if he was about to be irritated at any time.

"Barbie, if you go on talking such nonsense, I will kill you!"

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