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The Malicious President's Dearest Wife

The Malicious President's Dearest Wife



Nancy Lewis is famous for being abandoned by the wealthy, while Shane Main is known for his mysterious and honourable identity of being the third young master of the Main Family. Thus, it was totally a coincidence for them to meet and get to know each other because of a surgical operation. From then on, when she was ridiculed and insulted by the public,he protected her from their unreasonable harm to her. However, when she thoroughly fell in love with him, she found a buried truth that it was he who took her first night......It turned out that Shane, who kept protecting her, was actually the one who hurt her most.She was brokenhearted and started to avoid him, but she hides,he hunts. Finally, Nancy is shadowed by tall and strong Shane, and she hears, “Marry me, I will atone for my sin with the rest of my life.”

Chapter 1
I Also Hoped It Was Not Me

Night, late.

It was dead silence inside the darkened room.

The man's beast-like repressed breath blew the ear ambiguously...

Nancy Lewis was frightened. She scratched on the sheets with the hands, subconsciously trying to dodge. But her body couldn't move, and the frenzy in her heart was a wave after wave, as if a fire was burning her.

There seemed to be tiny flames in the man's cold fingertips, gentle and irresistible...

She widened her eyes, trying to see the face a little clearer, but she only smelt the icy breath.

"You... be good!"

After the man sighed deep in the ear, the tearing pain, as if cutting her into pieces, stabbed over.

As if dragging her into the abyss, scorching and frenzied...


Nancy Lewis opened her eyes in the darkness.

Again, this damn dream!

She took a few heavy breaths, lifted the quilt and walked into the bathroom.

The woman in the mirror, with snowy skin and a pair of starry big eyes, was looking at herself, slightly flustered and panicky.

In her eyes was the familiar pain.

Time, as if went back to that night a month ago... That man was with inky pupils, noble, silent, deep and cold without a trace of temperature.

Nancy Lewis painfully closed her eyes.

She knew full well that this was no dream at all!

Showering, blowing dry the hair and changing clothes, everything was as orderly as ever.

At 7:00 a.m.

Nancy Lewis, who wore a white gown and tied the hair up, walked into the surgical ward of the New York Presbyterian Hospital.

The stethoscope that hung around her neck gave off a cold metallic sheen.

"Dr. Lewis, there is a patient with a large hemorrhage in the stomach, who needs immediate surgery." The little nurse caught up with her and said in a hurried tone.

"Where does the patient come from?"

"He came from the emergency department."

Nancy Lewis frowned, "Where is Head Evans?"


ead Evans is already at the operating table."

Nancy Lewis frowned, "I still have a consultation at ten o'clock, and I'm afraid it's too late."

The little nurse quickly smiled, "Dr. Lewis, you are so famous that the person especially asks you to perform the surgery, and other doctors in the department don't dare to take it."

Nancy Lewis's expression stiffened as she made a prompt decision, "Prepare for the operation immediately."

On the cold operating table lay a pale-faced man, who was already in a semicoma.

Nancy Lewis stood still, frowning.

How could it be him?

"Dr. Lewis, is the operation ready to begin?"

After a brief moment of surprise, Nancy Lewis quickly regained her composure, "Administer the anesthesia and prepare to begin."

When the operation went on methodically for an hour, Nancy Lewis had to stop and pointed at the perforated area of the stomach.

"Here, it's rotten enough that a third has to be removed. Hurry up and talk to the family member."

"Yes, I'll be right there."

The deputy trotted out and came in a few minutes later, panting, "Dr. Lewis, the patient's family disagreed with the excision and said they wanted to see the attending surgeon."

"What the hell? His life is at stake. "

Nancy Lewis took off the gloves and hurried away. When he saw the face of the family member, she froze on the spot with the pale face.

Hugo Mac was also looking at her at this moment, and surprise flashed in his eyes, "Nancy Lewis, how come it is performed by you?"

Nancy Lewis curved the corner of her lips. She calmly stared at the man in front of her with the narrow and long phoenix eyes, and coldly laughed, "Hugo Mac, I also hope it's not me."

Upon hearing this, Hugo Mac's face revealed a look of understanding, "No wonder he has to have his stomach cut off; you deliberately use your position to get even with me for the private grudge!"

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