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Wager on Love

Wager on Love



"Three years ago, Chynna Jewell was a freshman; during a summer vacation, she lost her way. She strayed into Joshua Baker's house and was forced to sleep with him all night. Three years later, her family was in decline and she was forced to attend a dinner party to meet the upper class. When she met him again, at this time, this man was already the president of the Bulcheri Empire, attractive and dazzling. He missed her for three years, deep into his bones, and just wanted to lock her by his side for a lifetime. She hated him and wanted to escape, but she couldn't escape from his palm."

Chapter 1
Wager on Love
See the Demon Again

A white gown set off a petite and dainty figure, and the black hair, like seaweed, was loose above her shoulders.

Putting light make-up on her delicate and small face, she looked innocent and lovely.

Farrah Jewell saw the little beauty in front of her and said with a smile, "Chynna, you look so pretty when you dress up like this. Today is a great opportunity. You have to grab it."

Chynna Jewell nodded with a bitter smile. She had no intention of attending this cocktail party, but her sister kept coercing and bribing her.

Her sister, Farrah, called her yesterday. She said that her brother-in-law was going to attend a cocktail party.

The people who would attend this party were all big shots. In order to meet some magnates, Farrah asked Chynna to go with him.

Chynna had never heard that a man would take his sister-in-law to a cocktail party instead of his wife.

Of course, she refused her sister's request.

However, Farrah persuaded her, "Chynna, this is for your good. Both of us were born in a wealthy family, but we have been reduced to poverty since our family suffered a mishap, and we have been the derision of many people. I'm already married. So, I have no choice. Now, I hope you can bring about an upswing as soon as possible so that those villains won't dare to laugh at us anymore. It's good for you to meet more movers and shakers. That's the reason why I ask you to go to the party."

Hearing Farrah's words, Chynna had to give her consent.

Thinking that it was only a cocktail party, she would attend it superficially, take a perfunctory attitude to her sister, and go through the motions.

However, Chynna didn't expect that she couldn't deal with this party perfunctorily.

The reason was that she met the man again at the party, whom she treated as a demon!

If she had known that she would meet the man at the cocktail party, she would never have attended it.

It was a top-notch cocktail party. All the guests were big shots of the city.

Many limousines parked outside. Some beautiful ritual girls in gowns stood outside the door to greet the guests.

After Chynna and her brother-in-law entered, her brother-in-law was busy exchanging conventional greetings and getting acquainted with guests. He didn't bother about her.

Chynna was also happy to be free. There were a lot of exquisite cakes and fine food at the party. She could feast on them.

As for getting acquainted with some movers and shakers, which was her sister's idea, Chynna didn't have that in mind at all.

All the men and women exchanged toasts at the party, except Chynna. Hiding in a deserted corner, she was absorbed in eating the fine food which was in front of her.

These delicacies were made from some top ingredients. Usually, ordinary people couldn't eat them.

She thought that the party would end, and she could go home, just after eating a few more slices of Elysée milk cakes.

Suddenly, the cocktail party was in tumult. Then, she heard someone shout, "Mr. Baker is here."

All people stopped their motion at once. Their faces became respectful.

Especially for many female guests on the scene, their eyes were shining immediately.

Looking at the reactions of the people around her, Chynna frowned slightly, "Mr. Baker? Which mogul is here? He certainly puts on quite a show!"

The people present were all big shots in East City. Each of them was very arrogant ordinarily. Who did have such a great ability to make them all respectful?

Following everybody's gaze, Chynna saw a group of bodyguards, who wore black, trim suits and black sunglasses, escort a man to the cocktail party.

Although a bunch of people was coming, the tall man in the middle of the bodyguards attracted all people's attention.

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