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Changing My Fate

Changing My Fate

Alice Marie


Chloe Brass works her entire life for a goal she never achieves, dying at the young age of 25 after working herself to death - quite literally. On the verge of her last breaths, she prays that if she is given a second chance, she will not take advantage of her life and waste it again. Her prayers are answered when she wakes up in the body of 21-year-old Athena Rose, a successful model and heiress daughter to a wealthy fortune. It seems all her prayers have been answered, and life couldn't be any better. It It seems everything she could ever want is at the tip of her fingers; but all good things must come to an end. While trying to live the life she always dreamed of having, Chloe is quickly learning why even Athena couldn't stand her own life, and tried to harm herself to get out of it. With new goals in mind, Chloe sets out to change her previous fate, and get revenge for the former soul of her new body. All Rights Reserved © Alice Marie 2022

Chapter 1

Many slave their lives away to make something of themselves. To become someone great, someone famous, someone rich or the rare person that just wants to achieve true happiness. For Chloe Brass, she just wanted to rise up out of the struggling working class, and pursue her passion of design in fashion. She wanted to both design clothes and model them herself, being the powerful dynamic duo in society.

Unfortunately, she was born to a low-income family that could barely afford to feed and clothe their three kids, with Chloe being the oldest of them. Being the oldest of her siblings, she was expected to get a job and help the household at a young age, studying day and night to make sure she gets into a good school and gets a solid and well-paying job, so she can continue to support and provide for the family.

This isn’t what she dreamed of doing, and as much as she loved her family, she knew she only had one chance at life and wanted to use it to make the best of herself. A few months after she graduated from high school, she took off for the big city and enrolled in a design program at a local community college, working her days yet again day and night, to make a name for herself.

She worked from the tender age of 18, to 25 but was barely able to get her foot in the door. She soon developed sleep insomnia and frequent panic attacks due to high stress, lack of sleep and barely eating. Although she lived with two other girls from her school, she never joined in any of their wine or game nights, never socialized with them outside of class or in the house, always locking herself in her room or running around the city trying to land a contract deal with even a small business, but no one was willing to even look at her designs.

One night, the life she knew was so precious but still ended up throwing away anyway, came to an abrupt end. Delirious from sleep deprivation and c

affeine highs, she mixed up her sleeping pills with her anxiety pills, and took a larger dose of sleeping pills than necessary.

Never having reached out to her roommates and abandoning her family in the pursuit of her dreams, there is no one to check up on her when her eyes had slowly started to close and her heart had rapidly sped in her chest. Her body went numb and slumped to the ground, nothing but the sound her heart pounding in her chest, each beat slowing bit by bit, until the life she tried to cling onto so desperately, faded from her.

She wasted 25 years of her young life doing nothing but working. She never did a single joyful thing in her life, never went out for drinks with friends or experienced a work party with colleagues or a college kegger. She never confided her struggles or secrets in a close friend, and felt the bond of having someone to rely on, to be there for her. She had so many people around her, and not a single one of them knew of her struggle because she never told them.

Chloe Brass, 25-years-old, died from a pill overdose after never having achieved a single thing she set out to do in her short life. A life wasted; she only wishes that wherever she ends up next, she will no longer experience the struggles and hardships of her last life. She can finally be free to live how she wants, without the burden of wealth and status to weigh her down.

When she opens her eyes once again, she doesn’t expect to have her prayers answered – by being transported into the body of a completely different person!

Chloe Brass has died and awoken as Athena Rose, a girl who has everything Chloe dreamed of having and more. It seems like all her hard work in her previous life has finally paid off, and she has been given a new life where everything she has ever wanted is being handed to her.

What could possibly go wrong with this too good to be true life?

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