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The Billionaire's Wedding Planner

The Billionaire's Wedding Planner



Amelia Theodore is what people describe as an ordinary girl who was not so-good looking. As a child, she was teased about being a plus size to her twenties where her best friend, the beautiful Irene seems to get all the attention, Amelia is made to feel inferior. Her college life was hell, Ares, the school badboy and the notorious bully saw to this. Amelia lost her father to brain cancer when she was sixteen. At eighteen, she was lucky to get a scholarship into one of the best culinary school in New York, Amelia chased her dream of being a wedding planner expert. To Amelia, kitchen work is an honest work and this made her always think she's one step closer to her dream. An entourage of NY's most eligible bachelorettes would be arriving in a month time, many girls are invited to vie for the man of the century: Billionaire Ares. What Amelia didn't know was that she would be planning her enemy's wedding and he will make her question everything.

Chapter 1
Fat Amelia

The sound of the alarm clock woke Amelia up rudely. She cursed inwardly and tossed to the other other side of the bed. It rang again, the blaring sound affecting her cerebrum.

"Argh!" She mumbled as she got out of bed lazily to put it off.

She fit her feet into the black room slippers and made her way into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and brought out a big loaf of bread with a jar of netulla. She had slept hungry yesterday out of excitement of being finally free from Ares, the school bully.

Yesterday night was prom, she was finally done with college and most importantly she is free from her tormentor. She hated him with the bones of her bones and with her blood and flesh, she loathes him for making her school days a living hell. Now, no one would bully her for being a plus size, no one will call her ugly, no one will embarrass her during recess...

Amelia was really glad.

"Amelia, you eat too much! I don't see any of your usefulness in this house, all you do is to eat and eat and eat, I wonder if you haven't eaten your brain together with the foods" Mrs Theodore yelled, on seeing her first daughter in the kitchen.

"But mum, I didn't eat yesterday before going to bed....."

"Will you die if you don't eat?" Mrs Theodore blew hot and cold. Amelia didn't flinch, she was used to the lashes and cold words from her own mother. While her sister, Emily was her mother's beloved and honey, Amelia is just a salt in her mother's eyes.

"Don't you look at yourself in the mirror each time you wake? I always wonder if you are truly my daughter! I mean look at you..."

"You can't even attract a man, even a magnet is more attractive than you. You're too fat, your belly is too big, you don't even have a nice shape, and you know nothing asides making good grades!" Mrs Theodore lashed out.

Amelia pressed the loaf of bread together and slowly took it to her mouth. She was used to it, she's used to people spelling out her insecurities to her.

"And you're still eating!" Mrs Theodore shouted, she picked the nearest stick in and attempt to hit her.

"I didn't create myself!" Amelia mumbled with a cracking voice.

"Hmm" Mrs Theodore sighed.

"Look at you, you don't even have male friends. No guy has ever bought gift for you, no visits from friends..."

"Irene visits me" Amelia uttered lowly.

"I pity you" her mother scoffed and walked out.

Amelia burst into fresh tears the moment her mother was out of sight. She was right, she will never get a boyfriend. She is eighteen and still very single while girls of her age already have boyfriends from age fifteen.

Amelia ate up in sadness.

Her ringing phone jots her out of the sad thought. Her deep almond eyes glittered as she saw the caller. It was Irene. The only true friend she had as a child. Irene was always there for her.

"Hi, baby" Amelia said, a small smile playing on her lip.

"I'm fine, I hope you're getting ready?" Irene asked. Ju

st like Amelia, Irene also has a dream of being a wedding planner expert. They have been preparing for Salma Culinary school examination for over a year and the form was out for purchase today. They had planned to go get the form together, even though they only have tiny hope of being selected for the scholarship program.

The school would only be picking fifty students out of over three hundred applicants.

"I just woke up but I will be ready in a jifty" Amelia replied.

"Alright, we will meet at our usual spot" Irene said.

"Bye, baby" Amelia said and dropped the call.

She cleared where she ate and hurried into the bathroom to have her bath. Minutes dragged by and she was finally ready.

She had on a black jean and a yellow top. She sighed on seeing her reflection.

"No guy will settle for such a fat pig" Ares words played in her ears.

She waved it off and hurried out to meet Irene.

Unlike her, Irene looked so flawless in the floral long gown she wore. While irene hair was black and scanty to fit her heart shaped face, Amelia has a mane of red hair which was very full, she hated her hair and everything about herself.

"You're really beautiful today" Amelia commented, with an admirable eyes.

"Thank you. Amelia, we need to hurry, I can see the long cue already" Irene replied in a rush.

"Alright" Amelia replied and they hurried to join the cue.

"Did you hear the news about Ares?" Irene asked.

Amelia's heart skipped a beat, her stomach churned at the mention of the name that caused her pains for years.

"I don't know" she replied, fear visible in her eyes. Ares is the total definition of a handsome beast. All the girls picked interest in him and were always ready to get a first hand news about his life but Amelia's case was the reverse. She isn't intrigued about his life at all.

"I heard he is out of the states, he is now a CEO in the Weston's investments...I wonder how he would look in suites" irene imagined, dreamingly.

"Petty" Amelia hissed.

"Well the good thing is that we are never going to meet again, and if we do...I will give back to him in spades the humiliation he caused me" Amelia added.

"Come on, Amelia. I'm not also happy he bullied you but this guy is everyone's dream guy"

"Well yours, not mine" Amelia stated, matter of fact.

"Amelia Theodore" Amelia heard her name and walked forward.

"Present ma'am" she answered and stretched her hand to collect her form.

The woman smiled at her. "You're soo cute" the woman uttered.

Amelia blinked her lashes, the woman must be mocking her for sure.

"You look just like my daughter" the woman said.

"And you are happy about it?" Amelia asked.

"Yes, I love chubby girls" the woman replied.

"Come on, follow me." The woman ordered.

Amelia didn't understand what was happening but she followed the woman.


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