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Lost In Carnal Love

Lost In Carnal Love

Micah Liggett


"Keith, I need to you have sex with my wife secretly." This request hit me like a bolt from the blue. My billionaire boss just asked me to secretly have sex with his wife, a charming lady from the upper class. I was merely his driver! Why did he ask me to do such a thing? Was he impotent? Did he find his wife sexually unattractive? Or was he out of his mind? Before I could ask him any questions, he explained why he made such an outrageous request. He wanted me to impregnate her! My boss's father suffered from cancer and had only two years to live. As the first son, he was given an ultimatum to produce an heir, otherwise, his inheritance worth billions of dollars would be given to his younger brother. Now that he was desperate, he revealed why he hadn't been able to impregnate his wife during their eight-year-old marriage. He suffered from necrospermia—dead sperm! Nobody, including his wife, knew about his condition. I was his confidante, so he wanted me to do the job. I agreed because I couldn't resist his wife's charm. She was every man's dream. From that day, the course of my life changed for good. I became a billionaire and strings of beautiful women were at my beck and call. And here is my story...

Chapter 1
The Outrageous Plan

"There's something I need you to keep in mind, Keith. My wife's most sensitive parts are her earlobes and neck. Remember to touch her in those places when it's your turn to be intimate with her."

My boss, Carlson Hayes, who was sitting in the back seat, told me some private information about his wife.

I, Keith Benton, was his driver and closest confidant.

Our plan was a top secret. My boss's wife wouldn't know that he colluded with me to do this ridiculous thing to her.

In a short time, he would go up to his bedroom and flirt with his wife.

The room would be dark while they had foreplay. Afterward, I would sneak into the room and have sex with her.

Sex wasn't the only thing I had to do. I also had to cum in her in order to get her pregnant.

It wasn't that Mr. Hayes was impotent or not sexually attracted to his wife. The only reason why he asked me to have sex with his wife was that he hoped she would get pregnant afterward.

Although his male member was working fine, he suffered from necrospermia—dead sperm. He kept everyone, including his wife in the dark about his condition. He had been married for eight years, but all efforts to impregnate his wife proved abortive.

Some time ago, Mr. Hayes's father was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor revealed that he only had two years to live. This revelation drove him crazy.

His father was an old and family-oriented man who didn't want his name to go extinct. He felt that his major priority now was to make sure the family name continued after his death. Since Mr. Hayes was the first son, he was given an ultimatum to have a child before his father's death. Otherwise, most of the inheritance would be left to his younger brother.

Mr. Hayes couldn't let his birthright slip away from his fingers. His brother already had two sons, but he had none.

Out of desperation, he asked for my help.

The request came as a great shocker to me. At first, I vehemently refused to do it. But after much persuasion and when I remembered all the good things he had done for me, I began to consider his request.

Three years ago, I had just returned from my service in the army. I was only twenty-one years old and was trying to find my way in the labor market. It was hard to even get a job that paid a monthly salary of two thousand dollars. I was living hand to mouth at that time. Fortunately, my story changed for the better after I met Mr. Hayes and he hired me as his full-time personal driver. According to him, I was a good person and deserved a chance to prove myself. He paid me five thousand dollars a month. Not only that, but he also took good care of me.

I was currently living in my boss's villa. My job was pretty easy because I only had to drive him in his Maybach wherever he wanted to go. To crown it all, my salary had been increased to a whopping fifteen thousand dollars.

It could be said that I was eternally indebted to him. Now as I looked at his anxious face through the rearview mirror, I agreed on an impulse.

Aside from the fact that he had been so nice to me, there was another reason why I agreed to help.

It was that his wife

, Averie Hayes, was so beautiful.

Her beauty was out of this world. She had a stunning appearance and a good temperament. Her skin was as white as snow, and she had curves in the right places. She was thirty-two years old, but she looked like a twenty-five-year-old girl. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that she was every man's dream.

Mrs. Hayes's beauty made her extremely popular in the upper class of Clathe. She was second to none.

She was doted on by her husband. If it weren't because of his medical condition, he wouldn't have permitted me to go close to his wife.

After the reminder, Mr. Hayes looked at his watch and said, "My wife would be done showering soon. I have to be in the bedroom before she gets out. All the domestic workers have been sent away. I will contact you via a video call when it's time. Just wait for my secret signal."

I nodded quickly. My emotions were in a tangle at this moment. I was excited, scared, and indecisive.

Mr. Hayes was about to open the car door, but he turned to say seriously, "She's currently in her ovulation period. I will create opportunities for you to have sex with her and ejaculate inside her for three consecutive days. You need to work hard. Make no mistakes. She must get pregnant after all this. Do you understand?"

"Got it, Mr. Hayes," I replied without hesitation.

He nodded with satisfaction and got out of the car.

Afterward, I parked the car in the garage and went to my room on the first floor. I took a quick shower and waited for the secret signal.

It took only a few minutes before I received a video call from Mr. Hayes.

With a shaky hand, I answered it almost immediately and turned off the microphone. The screen was dark at first, but Mr. Hayes soon came into view.

He looked at me with a nervous glint in his eyes and placed his index finger on his lips to hush me. Afterward, he moved his phone and aimed the camera at the luxurious European-style bed in the master bedroom.

The image soon stabilized. It seemed like he had put his phone on the TV cabinet or somewhere a little bit high.

Mr. Hayes then stood beside the bed and shouted, "Honey, aren't you done showering? Please come out. I can't wait anymore!"

A calm voice came from the bathroom a second later. It was Mrs. Hayes's. "Baby, I'm drying my hair. I will join you soon. Please wait a minute."

A moment later, a charming woman appeared on the screen.

Her body was wrapped in a white bath towel. It revealed her supple cleavage and her gorgeous legs. She continued to dry her long hair with a small towel in her hands.

The sight of her made me hold my breath. She was so beautiful even though she had no makeup on. Her white skin glowed with health and it was so enticing. Her body features were impeccable. Her wet eyelashes were upturned and long. They made her even prettier and sexier.

As soon as she walked up to Mr. Hayes, the latter yanked off her bath towel without uttering a word.

A hot sensation traveled to my groin immediately.

Mrs. Hayes's naked and curvaceous body came into view the next second. I swallowed hard at the amazing sight.

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