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The Shadow In My Dreams

The Shadow In My Dreams



THE SHADOW IN MY DREAMS Remember Me BY Authoress Eve 💜 DO NOT COPY OR REPOST PROLOGUE You can't tell me what to do and what not to, I am old enough to make decisions for my self, I screamed violently at my aunt who was trying to talk to me. You can't keep letting yourself be affected by what happened, you need to do something too.... she was still talking when I cut her off. Do what? Fight? I questioned sounding irritated by her words. You just have.... yet again I didn't let her finish before cutting her off I am not fighting until I find out what exactly happened, I have my ways and no one will dare stop me, not even you. But she hates you, my aunt said and at that my boiling blood was almost spilled Get out!!! I yelled banging the table. What do you..... I said out, I don't want to see you here again except I call for you, now out, I said in a loud voice and she quickly took her back and left with a straight face. Damn, I cursed as I hit the stool beside me with my leg and it was sent flying across the room. Then I walked towards the bar picking up my favorite wine, monkey shoulder and started to drown it without a care not minding how it burnt my throat. You will have to forgive my arrogance, My name is Maverick Benson. I am an eighteen years old ruthless, arrogant and rude dude and I'm filthy rich too. Though I am still a student at Boston high, I am already a billionaire and no one messes with me even if I am the smallest among them. Enough of the talks, you will get to know me as you read. Vrick, i heard from behind, I didn't need anyone to tell me who calls me that. I turned to look at her and saw her running towards me with watery eyes. I clenched my fist in anger as I rushed to her. Who hurt you? Get the last bag in my room, we can't afford to miss our flight, Mom called from downstairs as I quickly picked up the slightly heavy bag dragging it downstairs while staggering with it. I gave the bag to dad who collected it from me while I went to sit at the back seat waiting for them to come in and get us out of here. My name is Vine Anderson, my parents and I are finally leaving San Francisco to Germany after many years of pleading to go back. I was told my childhood began there but unfortunately I remembered nothing about them. Not like I am bothered anyways. They both got in and dad zoomed off to the airport in a hurry as we have a flight to catch up with in less than two hours. Vine, mom called from the front seat she sat turning to look at me. I looked up from my phone giving her my audience immediately. I already registered you in boston high for your two final classes, you will be starting school tomorrow, she said and I nodded. The drive to the airport was quiet for me but obviously not for the love birds sitting in front as they chattered away. Sometimes trying to get me involved but I only nod or say just a word before turning back to my phone. I can't wait to finally be in Germany, I thought smiling happily For some reason I just feel like there is a part of me that's magnected to Germany and im sure going to find out about that. Germany, here I come!!! 😊

Chapter 1
Getting To Germany


A bald headed man who dad introduced as his old friend came to the airport to pick us up as they exchanged pleasantries which i was not interested in.

My feet hurts and I can't wait to be out of this place, I plugged in my airpods as i listened to first love by Adele.

Love songs aren't my thing but I don't get why I am listening to this, I shut my eyes letting the song sink in.

🎵Forgive me first love, but I'm tired.

I need to get away to feel again.

Try to understand why,

don't get so close to change my mind.

Please wipe that look out of your eyes,

it's bribing me to doubt myself;

Simply, it's tiring.

This love has dried up and stayed behind,

And if I stay I'll be a lie

Then choke on words I'd always hide.

Excuse me first love, but we're through.

I need to taste a kiss from someone new.

Hearing the part she said she wants to taste a kiss from someone new got me angry.

What a nasty reason for leaving someone's first love, I sighed then I pressed the next button removing it while twisting my nose in disgust..

The next song was high school by Nicki Minaj, perfect I thought as I vibed quietly to it.

This time i didn't bother shutting my eyes as I looked out the window enjoying the beautiful view.

The bald headed man I finally heard them call John was busy laughing his ass out as they talk about dads childhood.

I would have increased the volume of my music as they were being too noisy but something they said caught my attention.

John was teasing dad as he recounted how he chased mom around during their high school days.

It was so funny and surprising judging from how mean dad looks sometimes, makes me wonder if he ever enjoyed his childhood or he was just a boring kid with no friends.

But this big guy John just cleared that idea of my head.

"I remember when Rose chased you out of her class with a mopping stick because you wouldn't let her be" John said

What? Dad really did that? I asked from behind as they turned to look at me

John!!! dad screamed at his friend who burst out laughing.

Come on Vinnie, it wasn't like that, don't mind.... John didn't let him finish fired him some more.

If it wasn't for me Rose would have beaten the hell out of you, isn't it Rose, he asked mom who nodded still laughing.

Dad was really naughty in school, I never knew I said giggling as I saw dad pouting cutely.

Alright now Jones, my sweetheart is going to cry if you don't stop, mom defended dad as she caressed his shoulders.

Alright , alright you got saved, Jones said as his eyes farted to the road as he drove without muttering another word.

I plugged my earphone back listening to different music.

Did I say listening to?

Well I was busy nexting and nexting.

Some songs can be very boring.

I settled with a slow 80's blues.

Shutting my eyes, I enjoyed the rhythm quietly, totally toning the other passengers in the car off.

Its been two hours since we left the airport and we are yet to get to the house, I yawned tiredly as I rested my head.

I was already tired of pressing my phone and I was damn sleepy.

We would be there in thirty minutes honey, mom said as she noticed my uneasiness.

I nodded sleepily, I can't wait to get to the house, I thought.

We're here honey, mom said talking me lightly.

I opened my eyes yawning sleepily, just when I was about enjoying the sleep Monday had to wake me up, I sighed bitterly.

Mom and dad were already out as dad opened to door for me.

I came down sluggishly, rubbing my eyes.

Welcome to Germany Vinnie, dad said spreading his hands

as I went and hugged him.

Dads hand went straight to my hair scattering it.

Dad!!! I called frustrated as I ran out of his embrace.

I watched him chuckle and I thought he looked cute

He knew I hated that and he did it to punish me for laughing at him.

That's for conniving against me with John, he said

I knew it, I said sticking my tongue at him.

He wanted to grab me when mom hugged him from behind stopping him

That's enough honey, come let's get these inside, she said and dad followed her in like a puppy.

I smiled at th

e thought of the kind of love they share, I wish to find love like theirs too.

You are welcome ma'am, someone said behind me as I was backing the house and facing the car trying to get my luggages out.

Oh Hi, I said without smiling and continued my work.

She rushed to my side, no ma'am let me do that, she said as she pulled out my bags and started dragging them inside hurriedly.

That was when I decided to take a look at the house I was about entering and I was stunned.

I was expecting a beautiful mansion but this is beyond my expectations.

Wow, dad really did a good job here I commented and started walking into the house still admiring it.

The interior designs are breathtaking, I thought as I sighed out in relief.

Let me show you to your room ma'am, the same maid stood inches away from me direction me with just her hand without looking up at me.

Without response I started walking and she hurriedly walked ahead of me upstairs.

We passed several doors before she stopped in front of my room gesturing with her hands.

Here ma'am,, she said as she opened the door without stepping in.

She looked really nervous with her head bent, Ma'am said you should get enough rest as you will be resuming school tomorrow, she said immediately I passed her and walked inside.

I kept mute as I took in the interior designs of my room and I was impressed.

Everything in the room was designed purple and that's my favorite colour.

I smiled in delight when I spotted my favorite Video games lying carefully on the table.

Since I broke the last one, dad refused buying me another one but here it is, now this is double excitement.

Ma'am, I heard and I turned to see the maid still standing with her head bent.

Ooops, i exclaimed, i thought she already left.

What is it? I asked

Ma'am said i must get a response from ma'am, she said nervously.

I almost burst out laughing at the way she is trying so hard not to be disrespectful.

I guess mom has already given her a dose of rudeness and she's already scared , you haven't seen anything yet

Oh, I said walking away without giving her any response too and as expected she stood there without saying a word.

Sorry I forgot to tell you, I'm a freaking snub and I can be very rude too, keep that in mind.

Come arrange my stuffs I said to her as I walked into the bathroom to take a warm bath.

I came out after dryimg myself, then I applied lotion on my smooth delicate skin carefully.

She arranged my clothes and everything else hurriedly and neatly too, making no mistake.

I must say I'm impressed, despite the tension she still did her work well.

Something caught my eyes on the bed and I looked to see my favorite pajamas she already brought out for me.

WTF, how did she know, I thought my eyes wide.

I picked it up sniffing it with my eyes closed, I missed you, I whispered to the pajamas like it could hear me.

I quickly put it on and turned to see her bowing, she was done already, wow.

Hey, what is your name? I asked rudely

Nicole, she said almost inaudibly.

Nice name for such a beautiful girl, I thought but I didn't say that loud.

Nicole is really beautiful despite not being extravagantly dressed, she still looks hot in her maid uniform and I'm loving her already but I sure won't tell her that.

Oh Nicole, you can leave now, I will call you when I need you, I said looking away as I made to the bed.

She still stood bowing without uttering a word.

Oh, and tell mom that I heard her, alright? I said knowing that why she stood.

Yes ma'am she said and rushed out.

I giggled at her attitude, but I really can't help but be rude though.

I picked up my phone and replied my messages from WeChat.

I noticed Garry my little brother was offline, I sent him a quick message.

"I miss you, come back soon"

Garry had to finish his exam before Coming back, mom said we couldn't wait for him thats why we came back without him.

I checked for important messages and saw none except for boys who were professing their love and it wasnt relavant then I dropped it and drifted off to sleep facing down.

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