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Secrets In The Marriage

Secrets In The Marriage

Janie Ghorai


The conspiracies brought Annie and Ronald together. They had the wrong notion about each other. While Ronald thought that his bride was Florrie, the first daughter of the White family, Annie thought that her groom was a poor man called Addy from the countryside. But that was very far from the truth. It was a substitute marriage. Despite being substitutes, they gradually fell in love. What would they do when they found out that their marriage had been one big lie? Would their love die or wax stronger after their true identities were revealed? Don't miss out on this tale of love, sacrifice, and family devotion. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Oh, that feels so good..."

Annie White felt a tingling sensation in her entire body as she arched her back on the soft bed, giving in to temptation and desire. She couldn't see anything clearly, but she could feel a man planting sweet kisses all over her neck.

A pair of strong and firm hands explored the sensitive areas of her body. They slowly caressed her soft and plump breasts, traveling all the way to the inner sides of her snow-white thighs. She panted and groaned with pleasure under the man's tender touch.

Surrendering her whole self under the control of this dominant man, Annie trembled slightly in great anticipation. A surge of heat swept throughout her body.

She stretched out her hand feebly and felt the muscular arms of the man on top of her. He raised Annie's chin and touched her lips tenderly with his fingers. A sharp breath escaped her mouth as her eyes begged for more.

In one swift movement, the man lifted her by her waist and began sucking her pink nipples. A warm sensation surged over her in waves. The feeling was indescribable. She couldn't help but groan loudly in delight. "Oh..."

Once her legs were gently separated by the man, she suddenly woke up from her dream just when he was about to enter her.

Annie suddenly sat bolt upright, gasping for breath. When she came to her senses, she immediately rubbed her forehead due to the splitting headache she felt.

Why did she have this dream again? She was still a virgin, but she had been having such lustful dreams for the past several years.

Moreover, everything felt so real, as if she had experienced them personally.

Suddenly, the loud creak from the door's rusty hinges brought Annie back to reality.

Still grimacing from the headache, she looked at the person entering her room. It was Florrie White, her younger sister. She suddenly knelt in front of Annie with a pleading look on her face. Holding a piece of paper in her hand, she held back her tears and begged, "Annie, please help me! Grandfather had arranged my engagement to Addy Wilson from the Wilson family before, and now he's forcing me to marry that man. I don't know who else to turn to. There's something I need you to do for me. Can you marry him instead?"

This shocking request left Annie utterly speechless. She didn't expect that her sister would come to her with such a problem.

After all, the two knew little about each other. It was not until recently that Annie and Florrie met. Annie grew up in the countryside and lived with her mother, who died in a car accident when her daughter was just five years old. Soon after, she was adopted by a kind-hearted woman named Anika Wilde. A week ago, a man who introduced himself by the name of Herbert White suddenly showed up at their doorstep. After claiming himself

to be Annie's biological father, he took her back to the White family residence. Only then did Annie discover that her father had become a famous and wealthy businessman in Ywood after he left her and her mother behind.

Her father claimed that he had never forgotten her and her mother. He had actually gone through a lot of trouble to finally locate Annie. After leaving Annie and her mother on their own, Herbert got married to another woman and had a child together. Now living under the same roof, Annie's stepmother and Florrie were both very kind to her. Annie thought she was very fortunate to have this chance at a better life. She used to be a poor village girl, but now she had a father and a lovely sister. It was the happy family Annie always dreamt of having.

Florrie handed the paper to her sister and said, "Annie, I have to be honest with you. I've already had a crush on someone else, and I'm secretly carrying his child. Our parents don't know about it yet. I'm scared, and I don't know what to do."

Annie took a closer look at the paper and saw that it was actually a pregnancy test report.

The frightened girl kneeling at her bedside was still crying. She grabbed Annie's arm tightly and didn't want to let go. "Annie, if you don't help me, I have no other choice but to end my life!"

Annie hurriedly said, "Nonsense. How can you die for such a thing? There must be another way to solve this dilemma."

She kept silent for a long time to assess the delicate situation. Annie truly felt sorry for Florrie and would do anything to help her. But she found it ridiculous to replace her sister to marry someone. Annie ran her hands through her long black hair and sighed. "Is there really no other way? How about discussing the matter with our parents? Maybe they'll understand."

Shaking her head in a panic, Florrie touched her belly and said, "Dad and Mom will surely beat me to death if they find out! I'd rather die now on my terms than come clean about it. In this way, I'll suffer less!"

As she spoke, the expression on Florrie's face suddenly turned grim. She rushed to the window and shouted, "I didn't expect that even my sister would be unwilling to help me. I'm left with no other choice. I must take my own life and end things this instant!"

Annie gasped in horror. She was a kind-hearted girl who would sacrifice anything for others in need. Moreover, she was unwilling to destroy the joy and warmth of her new family. Feeling sorry for her sister, Annie rushed forward and hugged her tightly. "Fine! I will marry Addy in your place. You have my word! Just don't do anything stupid, please!"

Hearing Annie's answer, Florrie stopped crying immediately. She leaned in Annie's arms and pretended to calm herself down with a complacent smile on her face.

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