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The Stylish Mafia Girl and Her Muse

The Stylish Mafia Girl and Her Muse

Author NehZ


Simone Thompson, the ruling Mafia of Austria has succeeded to break the dominance of the mafia men by her terror and everlasting love to kill for adventure. She seeks revenge from her favourite enemy but on this quest to satisfy the thirst of years, her heart leaps towards the top Hollywood Model, and the biggest Hotelier of Austria, Ashton Walkers. Unlike others who’re petrified with Simone’s power, Ashton challenges her dangerous lifestyle while managing to fight his own growing feelings. Despite knowing that she can turn into a venomous snake, he enters into her world to only find an answer, he’s been searching but will it free him or he’ll become indebted to Simone forever?

Chapter 1

Dressed in pure black outfit with a velvet scarf wrapped around her face, clanking her five-inch stilettos on the tiled floor, she entered the premises of the Great Glacier Hotel.

The bodyguards in black followed her with big rifles in their hands. As she passed the corridor, the blonde receptionist stood up petrified and so did the customers, checking in and out of the hotel. Every eye glued on the 5 feet 11 inches tall girl who walked with extreme dynamism around her screaming power, dominance and authority.

Except of her brown caramel eyes and rosy pink lips nothing was in view but still one can immediately recognize the beauty she was.

"Board Room??" She queried in her soft and powerful tone. With two words, she scared the female sitting behind the huge counter. Her eyes were ready to fall of the sockets as she received the stubborn glares from the women security standing behind her latest fear.

She looked for help but everyone stood rooted to their spots including the hotel security who couldn't halt the lioness from entering her desired place.

"Last.... floor. Room No..... 4.” The blonde girl stuttered as the girl in front of her began scrutinizing her long nails which were ready to scratch off anyone and everyone who dared to mess with her.

"Good girl.” She commented. Then, without another word she marched towards the elevator followed by her security who gave evil looks to the customers who exchanged worried looks with each other.

Inside the elevator, the ride to the last floor—floor no. 55 seemed extremely boring and tiring for her hence she preferred watching the ever so famous cartoon, Tom and Jerry on her tab. Her guards looked ahead not disturbing their boss while she had the time of her life.

"Ma'am, we are here.” One of the women guards, gained her attention earning a dead glare for spoiling her moment.

She checked her reflection in the mirror, attached on the left side of the elevator; took ten steps to the left, and there she was in front of her desire.

Without a single thought disturbing her she pushed the wooden doors opened, startling the gentlemen engrossed in a serious discussion with the man—standing far away near the big projector screen.

"Lights!" In his husk

y tone, he ordered.

As soon as one of the managers obliged his order several gasps escaped as the seated members around the big round table stood up in shock. Their worst nightmares stood right in front of their eyes in her terrifying glory.

"Who the hell are you?" His angry voice blasted in the room petrifying the clients but instead of being scared, the girl laughed her ever-so-majestic laugh.

In few seconds she covered the distance between them, as whispers echoed in the large well-furnished room.

“Too bad, Ashton Walkers! You’re in this city to rule over this seven-star hotel, and you’ve no idea about the lady ruling over the entire Austria.” She feigned surprise in her eyes as well as voice but didn't removed the black scarf covering her face.

“Neither I know who you are, nor I’m interested in knowing it. So, will you care to tell me what the hell is it that you want?” He lashed with no hesitancy hoping the angry tone would set the girl right in her mind, but it didn’t do any damage instead she chuckled finding her own amusement.

Her pink lips twitched from one corner to other, and she demanded in the most authoritative yet sweetest voice she had ever used.



He screeched loudly, flabbergasted by her insane behavior. She still stared at him in merry as if she spoke Greek, while he couldn’t get a word.

"Who are you again?"

"If my identity is so important for you then let's do the introduction finally."

She forwarded her long-manicured hand, and introduced, "Simone Thompson. The terror of this country. The Mafia Girl.”

"What?" He yelled.

She took two steps forward almost touching his chest; with confidence charging in her every fiber raised her index finger and ran it across his jaw making his eyes go wide in disbelief. He felt as if he was day dreaming standing in the middle of his meeting whilst all the clients stood hypnotized by the lady in front of them.

“Since the moment I have seen you, it's you who is ruling my mind, and until I don't make you mine, I can't rest in peace. But I also know, you are one stubborn piece directly exported from San Francisco, so I won't take you forcefully but in the next 48 hours, you will yourself find me to be with me.”

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