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Mr Wither's Forsaken Bride

Mr Wither's Forsaken Bride

Red Halo


Evelyn Jones had gotten married to Nathan Wither through an arranged marriage on the basis of bringing luck to him and changing his sure fate. Nathan Wither hates her for preventing him from getting together with his true love, accusing her of Co operating with his father, using his inheritance to threaten him. He disappears immediately after their wedding and they did not even consummate their marriage. After five years he is back for a purpose but still dwells on the past misunderstanding. She is fed up and wants a divorce but he chases her now realising she was what he made his life, whole. "This isn't working out Nathan" She took a deep breath. "Let's divorce!" Her heart raced but she kept herself together, there was no backing out now, she had cornered him. Silence "You can share the properties anyhow you want, I do not mind receiving the smallest portion." She placated him, uncomfortable with his silence. "Sure." Nathan tossed a piece of paper to her. "This is?!!!" Her eyes widened in shock. "I have signed off everything I have to you including my mansion, companies and also my life. Please take care of me Mrs Wither!"

Chapter 1

The first son of the Wither family was about to get married, to his lucky bride. It was going to be the wedding of the year, an event to be actively gossiped about for months to come. Everyone was in very high spirits.

However, the happiest of persons at this moment was Evelyn. Swaying in her wedding gown and beautifully adorned face, she could help but smile from time to time, overflowing with joy. This was her dream wedding and it was happening at the moment.

"Won't you take a break from your thoughts of fantasy sister? Spin one more time and I might actually faint from dizziness." Lexi groused, tired of seeing her sister's repetitive actions.

"Lexi, you are here!"

"You dragged me in here, remember? Why did you do it though we aren't even that close and I don't like mushy things." Lexi snorted and grabbed a chair and swung a leg over it, seating with her frontal body pressing against what should be the backrest.

"I can bear leaving you to actively scout rich victims today. There shall be no scandals." Evelyn spoke truthfully, her sister was a wild card. She needed to be kept under close watch at these crucial moments.

"My life doesn't concern you. I'm not even of any use here. This time, the Wither's has full-on pampered you with the extravagant and effective preparations. The hall is organised, the food and snacks are spectacular and just look how beautifully your hair is done! As a hair lover, I'm impressed by it."

Evelyn giggled, not surprised by her sister's words, "You are right I'm pretty blessed. I've been able to check off all I want for my dream wedding, even the ones I had come up with on the spot. In the end, a good number of them were ridiculous and I had to take those things down myself."

"Hey! Me hyping this up doesn't mean you should even show off in greater depths. Humph, you should be more humble! This is your day so I'd allow you fluff up like a peacock however you like. I won't allow myself to be oppressed any other time" Lexi spoke without filter, glad that her sister who usually wasn't moved much by material things loved all that were showered for her.

"I know my bad." Evelyn quickly came to her senses.

She moved to her sister, deciding to tease her a little, "You look serious with your relationship with Jack this time. Who knows, in a while, I might actually be the one to use your own words against you when you are over the moon, on the D-day."

Lexi blushed a light shade of red, "J-jack?… it. We only got together a few months ago, don't spout nonsense. I don't plan on being tied down with marriage, unlike you i'm still very young and have a lot of things to do and places to explore."

"Tsk. You are calling me old now?" Evelyn pulled on Lexi's supple cheek, "I only senior you with a year's difference!"

"O-ouch, alright, alright you aren't so old…" Lexi was quick in having a change of heart.

"Evelyn stop bullying your younger sister." A warm masculine voice breezed in as the door let open.

"Dad, you are here." Evelyn let go of Lexi immediately, regaining composure.

Her father paused in his steps, stunned from the beauty his eyes beheld, "You look really beautiful, like a princess… daddy's big princess."

"Thank you, daddy." Evelyn smiled. Her dad's approval, although seemingly just polite, meant a lot to her.

Lexi rubbed on her sore cheek, "You came. Then it's time isn't it?"

Mr Moore nodded, assuming a neutral look, "Indeed it is. I have come to get you, Evelyn. Are you ready?"

Evelyn paused at his sudden question, taking a moment before answering, "I… I don't know. I feel like something's missing."

Lexi rolled her eyes, "What could you possibly want this time? It might be too late to get them, I think you already got enough stuff at hand."

"Lexi, be quiet and don't anger your sister." Mr Moore warned her sternly.

"Biased." Lexi mumbled before keeping her mouth shut.

"What's bothering you honey? Are you unsure of your choice for marriage?" Mr Moore tried to find out why Evelyn suddenly became moody.

His tone was inclined with slight displeasure as he spoke.

Evelyn sighed, "It would be perfect if mom was in here with us… with me. Her support would go a long way. Although I'm very lucky she even chose to attend this wedding and give me some face. She strongly opposes this marriage and it bothers me a lot."

Mr Moore heaved a sigh of relief. So that was it.

"You know your mother, she can be quite stubborn at times and often never changes her mind when it's set. Don't let her behaviour get to you, spoiling that radiant smile of yours.

Your mother decided to be like that but couldn't bear being absent from her own daughter's wedding. She would come around in due time, in the meantime cheer up and stand tall. You have my unconditional support. Today marks a turning point in your life, don't let thoughts like that ruin it okay?" He cooed, trying to pacify Evelyn's worries.

Claudia had surely done it this time, to make her daughter worry so much on such a day. He would make sure to scold her when they get alone.

Evelyn's face lit up once more, "Yes."


"Not sorry to interrupt but we have guests waiting. I suggest we wrap this

up." Lexi, who usually wasn't keen on time reminded.

Mr Moore, who in his expensive black looked very dashing, let out an elbow to Evelyn, "May I?"

She hooked her hands in his in an instant, almost impatiently, "Let's go."


The huge brown doors of the hall were pushed open revealing father and daughter, who had gracefully made an entry with eyes set in the distance. At the same moment, Bridal Chorus by Wanger began to play, setting the mood.

The audience, all seated on both sides of the path, gasped as they laid their eyes on the bride. Dressed in a white flowing dress of many layers, Evelyn looked like she had a petticoat underneath. She had a radiant face, being a testimony of the makeup artist going full Picasso on her, giving it a gentle air. Her fair skin gave her the presence of peak quintessential beauty, like a white fairy stretching out its wings as it emerged from a blooming flower. In the eyes of many that beheld her, she indeed had the looks of a princess capable of capturing the hearts of both men and women.

While others stared at her with respect a good number glared with contempt, she was only marrying the bastard of the Withers, how could she be so smug and proud of it?

Walking a step at a time, Evelyn could feel everyone's eyes on her and took a moment to take a quick glance sideways. Models, politicians, Ceos, a lot of people from the business world and many other people of high caliber had chosen to grace the occasion. A lot of whom she didn't know at all.

All these people were here to witness the joining of the two influential families, the Moore's and Withers. Evelyn's body stiffened, suddenly overcome with the pressure they threw all over the place. Sitting in the front seats, she recognised the family she would be married into, each with a neutral expression for the procession they were in, with the exception of Anna, poised like a ticking time bomb. On the opposite row sat her mum and Lexi, both not particularly interested in what was going on either.

Evelyn sighed inwardly.

Mr Moore held Evelyn closer, he had felt how stiff she had become, sending a silent reminder that he was there and there was nothing she should worry about in his presence.

She released her body, happiness clouding her mind again, in a moment she would be married to her one true love!

They had reached the podium, Mr Moore let Evelyn go to stand before her groom. Finally, she had a close look at him, the man she was willing to spend her life with, Nathan Wither.

But he only looked at her with cold eyes.

"We are gathered here to…" The officiant started, in a manly clear voice.

"Cut to the chase." Nathan ordered authoritatively.

"Y..yes." The officiant stuttered, this was the first time he had seen a groom emit such a cold aura in what was supposed to be an emotional moment, from his many times of doing this.

Nathan Wither was surely different from the rumours which portrayed him as a wimp.

"On this day, when your love is bound to be the strongest as it merges completely, would the bride or groom have anything…"

"Skip!" Nathan's voice rang out.


The officiant looked at Evelyn, in a dilemma. He didn't know if she agreed with this, she might have other vows to say to Nathan.

Evelyn raised an eyebrow on Nathan's actions. Why was he in such a hurry? She had some heartfelt words she had to say to him. Did he perhaps have a change of heart on her side, therefore couldn't wait to be bound together?

This thought made her blush a bit.

"You can listen to him." She gave her consent.

"And now:"

"Nathan, do you take Evelyn to be your wife?

"Do you promise to love, honour, cherish, and protect her, forsaking all others, and holding only unto him/her forevermore?"

Nathan was silent, it was hard to tell what he was thinking. After a brief moment, he said, “I do.”

"And Evelyn, do you take Nathan to be your husband?

Do you promise to love, honour, cherish, and protect him, forsaking all others, and holding only unto him forevermore?"

Evelyn replied like she had rehearsed a thousand times, “I do.”

After that, the wedding rings had been exchanged with the guidance of the officiant,

"Nathan and Evelyn, it is with such joy that I now send you out into the world to spread the beautiful light that you share with those around you. By the power vested in me, I now, for the first time, pronounce you married. You may kiss the bride."

Evelyn's face lit up fiery red from the closing statement. Nathan is to kiss her now, she couldn't help but feel shy since it would be their first kiss.

She closed her eyes and waited for him to take her.

Nathan stood still staring at the woman who made a silly face with her eyes close and lips pouted, topped off with an unmistakable expression of want.

He frowned deeply, she had already forcefully married him with threats she schemed with his father, what else did she want now?

She had even one handley constructed this luxurious wedding when only a marriage certificate could suffice and had him go through with it, wasn't she content with all of this? Nathan delved into a state of confusion.

If only she could tell how much he hated her.

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