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Pregnant With The Billionaire's Heir

Pregnant With The Billionaire's Heir



A young flirty billionaire who doesn't believe in love nor marriage is forced to look for a temporary bride when his father threatened to give his shares of the company to his step brother if he doesn't get married within two months. After much search, the only lady he deemed fit to be his contract bride was Monalisa Jacobs. A middle class beautiful and brave young lady who grew up in the streets and had developed slight hatred for the rich due to her past experience with them. Rest assured that she can never fall in love with him, Regan decided to sign a fake marriage contract with Monalisa who needed money to treat her sick mother. Regan and monalisa pretended to be a lovely couple outside but deep down in their hearts, they couldn't wait to break off the contract. Two weeks towards the end of the contract, monalisa suddenly announced to Regan the worst news he had ever received in his life; "I am pregnant for you"

Chapter 1
Episode 1 - Married

Monalisa's POV

I turned on the shower and let the warm water flow freely down my bare, tired body. I hope this helps! I hope this would aid to wash out the helplessness or should I say regret that I feel right now. I have been hiding in the bathroom for almost an hour. For a bride on her wedding night, that was at least thirty two minutes too long.

I, Monalisa Lucas just got married to a billionaire! A billionaire!

Was I supposed to be happy? Hell no! My new husband is from one of the most popular influential families in America and the heir to the Lucas empire. He is a freaking billionaire and I hate it. I hate billionaires.

My new husband?.. None of this seems real. This should be a dream and I pray to snap out of this nightmare sooner than later or I would end up losing my mind.

I had fantasized about standing at the altar beside him. I had dreamt of cooking him corn dogs and hot chilies - his favorite. I had imagined massaging his tired body each day he gets back from work and cuddle him to bed. But those dreams had gone up in flames because I ended up getting married to my worst enemy.

Now here I am, a twenty year old woman, embarking on a two year marriage of convenience with an annoying billionaire who only cares about his shares and sees marriage as a game. How absurd those words sounds.

I closed my eyes as the water poured freely on my skin. If only it could wash away the guilt and anger that I feel right now. Yes, I am so angry right now. I am angry at life for playing such a scary game at me. I am angry at myself for not being able to provide mum's hospital bill, if I had the huge amount of money the doctor had asked, I wouldn't have signed any contract with this jerk.

I was still lost in my thoughts when I heard someone banging.

"Hey! What are you doing inside?" Alexander hoarsed.

"Playing football" I snarled. Such a dumb question!

"That is not what I meant. You have been in there almost forever." He said, stating the obvious. " Can you get the hell out of there or I will be forced to break open the door"

Pervert. Thank goodness I had shut the bathroom door earlier, I don't trust him even a bit.

" You don't have to threaten me, I am coming out already" I hissed. I turned off the shower and wrapped the white towel around my breast region before stepping out from the bathroom. I unbolted the door and without uttering a word to him, I walked past him and sauntered over to my dressing table. I heard him bang the bathroom door behind him making me flinch.

What is his problem?

I ran my hand through the dressing table which was covered with different stuffs, creams, jewelleries. I really have to arrange my stuffs, probably tomorrow. Right now, I am so tired.

I rubbed some cream all over my body and slipped into my night wear. I let out a sigh of relief and laid down on the king sized bed. Three of my bed can't even measure up to this. I felt so much comfort as my skin came in contact with the bed. All of my life I have been laying on a bed which is just a few metres away from the ground, so uncomfortable and hard that I wake up almost every morning with pains all over my body.

But Alex bed is different. So soft, big, many metres above the ground. It felt

so good!

I kept on rolling on the bed smiling and enjoying every moment of it. I didn't notice when Alex came out of the bathroom.

"What are you doing? Get off my bed now!" He roared making me flinch back in fear. I looked up to see him dressed in black pant and white singlet. Did he got changed in the bathroom?.

"Hey! Don't you dare yell at me, you almost scared me" I scowled, sitting up.

He shot me a hard stare. " Can you please get off my bed" He repeated, a bit calmly.

"No. I won't"

" What do you mean by you won't? This is my bed and I don't plan on sharing it with anyone, not even you."

I don't plan on sleeping with you either, jerk.

I scoffed. " Your bed? Looks like you are forgetting something. We are now married so whatever belongs to you, also belongs to me"

" Really? Does that include your body?" He said slowly walking towards me with a mischievous smile on his face.

I crawled backwards as he climbed unto the bed. "Don't you dare come closer to me, I am warning you"

He didn't say anything rather he pinned me to the wall. I felt my heart beat increase, i tried to put on a brave look but I was really scared. Is he going to force himself on me?

"What are you doing? Don't you dare lay your filthy hands on me" I stuttered.

"Why darling? You just said that whatever belongs to me also belongs to you and vice versa. So I am just following your biddings" He spoke softly into my ears causing shiver to go down my spine.

I pinched him hard on his hand, he groan out in pain and quickly let go of me.

"Have you lost your mind?" He yelped.

"It fits you right" I snapped.

I picked up one of the pillows and continuously hit him with it. "Next time, you will think twice before laying your filthy fingers on me"

He dodged it and picked up a pillow too and struck me with it.

"Ouch" I exclaimed and hit him back. He retaliated and hit me again on my head with the pillow.

I won't spare him.

We kept on hitting ourselves without any of us willing to give up, more like those wrestlers in the television. We suddenly heard a knock on the door and that made us stopped fighting abruptly. We looked at each other, thinking of what to do next and without uttering a word, we quickly dived under the duvet, this was the best thing to do.

After another knock, the door cracked open to reveal Alex mother, Anita. We both sat up on the bed with our bodies still under the duvet and breathing heavily.

"Sweet Jesus" Anita exclaimed staring at the floor. I and Alex looked down and was surprised to see cottons scattered all over the floor, it must have fallen from the pillows during our fight.

Alex cleared his throat. "What are you doing here mum?"

"Sorry. I came to check up on you guys because I was scared that.."

Alex cuts her off "scared of what?"

" Forget about it. I am happy with what I am seeing. You guys should continue with what you were doing before i came in okay?" She chuckled and left.

Is she serious right now? Looks like Alex is not just crazy but everyone in his house. I quickly pushed the duvet off my body as soon as she closed the door behind her and let out a deep breath of relief.

We both shot ourselves a hard stare waiting for the other to take a step first.

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