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The Cold Temptress

The Cold Temptress



Ava is an ice Queen and a force in the business world. She catches her fiancé cheating but doesn’t cry and sets out a plan. Why is Ava doing this and where will her plans lead?

Chapter 1
The Cheater

It was a stormy night, lightning kept flashing in the sky and the rain wasn’t showing any sign of stopping. Inside the villa and in the privacy of the master bedroom moans could be heard and two people were tangled together.

“Ah” Addison moaned with pleasure as the man thrust into her

“Say my name” the man growled and thrust faster and deeper into her.

“Damien” Addison screamed, she couldn’t keep her voice down.

This drove Damien crazy and he picked up speed until he finally reached the climax. He collapsed on top of Addison. Then he kissed her forehead and rolled off her. She moved and cuddled into his arm.

“Are you really going to marry Ava next week?” She knew that he was being forced into this marriage for business but she wasn’t reconciled. Addison had been with Damien for years and knew that he would easily secure his position

as CEO of the Sunshine group. Damien sat up, grabbed a cigarette, and lit it.

“Babe you know I have to, I need grandpa to give me his shares and that can only happen with this marriage. She will also get the shares from the Phenix group”

Damien said as he took a drag from his cigarette

“I still don’t like it!” Addison pouted as she sat up and grabbed the cigarette out of his hand and took a drag.

“I only need to put on an act until I get her to transfer her shares to me then I’ll divorce her and we’ll get married” Damien flashed an evil smile and leaned in to kiss Addison then he pushed her down on the bed.

At that moment the small shadow standing outside the door stopped recording, put the phone in her back pocket, and snuck out of the villa. She got in the car and drove away into the night with a triumphant smile on her face.

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