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Despising Him

Despising Him



When Zara finds out that her mate is Pedro, the tyrant Alpha of the Infinity pack who had refused to take revenge after Zara parents were killed in cold blood, she publicly rejects him and manages escape his murderous fury. She runs away with George, her vampire lover and soon finds out that she has lost her werewolf powers. With her powers completely eradicated and with Pedro on their tail, how long can Zara run from the alpha and what happens when he eventually finds her?

Chapter 1
He is my mate


He is my mate! Pedro Wade is my mate? Can my life get anymore eventful? I am seated in my chambers—his chambers actually. It has been twenty four hours. Twenty four hours of me seating in this chamber, twenty four hours of devote skincare and being surrounded by the infinity Wolfgang to watch my every movement and every action. It has been twenty four hours since I found out that Alpha Pedro Wade is my mate and in the next twenty four hours, he would be hosting a grand ceremony all over infinity city to announce that we are mates. I wince at the thought, my fingers digging deep into my skin in dread and anger. I could possibly use any means to get myself out of here, of course I wouldn’t even have come here in my own accord had the ruthless sonofabitch didn’t demand that the Wolfgang forcefully makes sure I am present. That’s right, Alpha Pedro never asked. He demanded. My chest heaves slowly when my mind casts back to the demise of my parents, to the moment when my hatred and resentment of Alpha Pedro had all began four years ago. Four years ago “Run! Run Zara, we’ll catch up with you. No matter what, run and don’t let them see you-” I heard mum hurriedly say as her hands transformed into a pair of white claws and her back clothed in furs, she gave me one more glance, nodded and growled — Asif to say she was going to survive this no matter what. I hid behind a massive tree, watching helplessly as she pounced on the huge black wolf attacking my father furiously. I watched as father tumbled, letting out a painful grunt, gradually transforming into his human form, his whole body bled as he lay weakly by the side, staring helplessly at the menacing wolf approaching him. Mother is growling at another giant black wolf who cruelly has her pinned to the ground, his claws around her neck and I know in a nanosecond, he’d smite her throat. Carefully, I stuck my foot out of where I hid, positioning my stance, trying to mumble out the spells mother had taught me. I whispered the words faster, ignoring her instructions to run. The black wolf drew nearer and I mumbled the words faster, feeling the weight of massive force of air surround my palms, the whole place is rumbling, shaking beneath my feet. I say the words persistently as my whole body quake from the spells, from the side of my eyes, I see mother slowly transform back to her human form, a lone tears streaking down at her face as she stares forlornly at me. I forcefully push my hands forward, releasing the spells which surrounds the environment, throwing back both the black wolves and I across the woods. I feel my a sharp pain shoot through my spine as I struggle to pick myself up, my cuts and bruises sting painfully. I mange to run when I don’t hear the sound of the black wolves. I’m running and running and running until I can feel my legs no more. There’s no one in the woods but I keep running. Images of my parents bleeding to death flashes across my eyes, tears sting my eyes until I breakdown in sobs. I run as swift as I can although I couldn’t sense the black wolves around me. Suddenly I collide into someone, he’s pale skinned and his hair is full, black and shiny. His eyes are a color of sea green and before I can process anymore featured of him, I fall exhausted in his arms. Letting the thick shroud of darkness envelope me. I awaken after what looks for an eternity. Startling in surprise at the man who sits beside me, patiently waiting for me to gather up my remaining strength and stability. I don’t know how long I’ve been asleep and I don’t even know how long he has been watching me sleep but what I do remember is my parents bleeding to death, the black wolves tailing me and passing out in the arms of this stranger. The black wolves… It rings in with a start in my head and I immediately prop myself up, taking note of all my cuts and bruises gone. I look as good as new except for the pains I feel internally. The black wolves? Why were they after my parents? Why would they suddenly go after my parents? I’m horrified and terrified about the th

ought, the questions ringing continuously like a broken siren and then the only explanation I could come up with was reporting this whole incident to the Infinity Alpha. Alpha Pedro Wade. Alpha Pedro— the leader of the light pack and the very strongest of all packs in infinity city. He would surely know what to do. Stricken with conviction, I stand up determinedly to get to the home of Alpha Pedro. I was going to report this incident and together, we would hunt down the black wolves until justice is served. I fasten the cloak around me, proceeding to leave when I hear a voice speak with uncertainty. “Hey,” These are the first words I’ve heard him say although I have no idea what he wants to talk about. I look over at him, taking in his full features. His eyes are kind and he regards me with benign affection. I realize that I haven’t said any words of appreciation so I cut through his words before he could say anything else. “Thank you for yesterday.” I speak softly, turning around to walk away when I feel his soft touch graze my skin. I could sense unlike me, he is a vampire. I slowly pull my hands from his touch when I hear him speak again. “Your wounds are not fully healed. You could get caught by whoever chasing you if you step out again.”

“My bruises are gone and I need to get to the Alpha as soon as possible.” I say, feeling his presence around me.

“Still you’ll need to rest for a little while before you step out again. Something tells me whoever is after you, is still lurking around.” I take his words into consideration knowing that he maybe right after all, the black wolves although in the woods I couldn’t sense them, they may still be lurking about. Slowly I draw back my steps, taking note if the wide spaced apartment we were. The lights are dim and the windows are closed to prevent sunlight.

“I am George,” he says, “George Stewart. A vampire. What’s your name?”

I swallow a brewing lump in my throat, gazing up at the pale skinned guy who just introduced himself. His deep voice is unconventionally attractive.

“Zara WilGeorge. A werewolf.” I introduce.

He shoots me a warm smile, getting up from where he reclined.

“Zara do you mind me making you breakfast while take some rest?” he asks, I open my mouth to tell him that it’s fine when he interrupts.

“It has been two and a half days since you past out.” He reveals. My eyes widen at the information. He knows he has made his point so without further questions, he disappears into a section of the house which I presume to be a kitchen. The next time she arrives, he is with a tray of bacon and cheese. The smell of food waft through my nostrils causing my stomach to grumble aloud. He gives me an amused smile and I reciprocate with a feigned clueless gaze. The food is placed in front of me and I immediately pounce on it, stuffing my mouth with the bacon quickly.

“Woah! Slow down honey,” he chuckles and I nod at him still with my mouth stuffed. George watches in amusement, as I continue to eat hungrily. After I am done, I turn to him in acknowledgment. “Thank you George.”

“It’s my pleasure, Zara.” He begins to help put out the plate, turning to me again. “are you from this city?”

I nod, “yes. I was born and brought up here. You?”

“No. I’m just visiting the city once again.” He admits. “It’s a beautiful city. Bet you’d love your stay here.”

“Actually, Light city is known to be one of the best cities among the packs. I’ve read so much about the city and each time I visit, there’s always something new to fall in love with. In this case, someone.” He says, giving me an affectionate stare. I double blink at his words which I know is directed at me.

Nervously tearing my eyes off him and his toned muscles which he has on display when his sleeves are rolled up to do the dishes. My heart beating erratically in excitement as his words spurs a feeling of warmth.

“That- that’s flattering, I may say.” I reply and he gives me a lopsided grin. “In any case, the truth.” He dries the plates in the sink, “tell me, why are you being chased?”

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