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Prison of Love

Prison of Love

Airi Thur


There is so much life on earth, there are places where science has never found a clue. The ocean occupies three-quarters of the surface, but is this earth only man's dominance of wisdom? Sinextria Kim is a researcher in paleontology at the Nation EX Department of paleontology. Exposed to the mysteries that make her believe that in this world, except for humans, there is also another civilization that exists side by side. The world is so much more cruel than humanity, they ruthlessly use their fellow human beings as guides, as food to live and maintain power. That's the parallel world - vampires. The bank accidentally met Anson Uri - a vampire nobleman sealed in the research institute's forbidden laboratory. She unsealed and helped Anson Uri out of her chains. The war is just beginning now, and when you get out it's time to stain the city with blood! What will the love of a mortal and a vampire look like when the world wants to make you an experiment? Why was Anson Uri sealed? And how can the Sinextria Kim solve the seal? The answer is‘ Prison of Love ’! He smiled grimly, saying to her, “Master, congratulations on falling into my prison!”

Chapter 1
The forbidden zone

In the room were four girls surrounded by a table, each holding a drawing card numbered from one to four. It's easy to see that they're playing the draw to do the challenge.

Each player in turn flipped her drawing card, the atmosphere was very tense at the moment, in turn, Sinextria Kim, above the drawing card, wrote the number four, all other players turned their eyes towards her.

- Sinextria Kim are losers! - A girl exclaimed.

- We keep following the covenant, whoever has the number four must go into the forbidden zone to discover the secret!

Everybody's like taking the burden of cause losers aren't them. What they were afraid of was the "ban" in the rumor, fortunately because there was Sinextria Kim who was dead.

Sinextria Kim was a loser but did not panic, she just said:

- If I lose the game, I will be fined. Rest assured, I will bring the secret of the no-fly zone back!

- You can do it. Don't die there and blame us!

Waiting for everyone to leave, the Sinextria Kim suddenly laughed in a monstrous way.


That night, 11: 00 pm.

Since Sinextria Kim lost on a bet, she entered the university late at night to explore the abandoned lab called the ‘forbidden zone’.

In fact, the ‘forbidden zone’ is an abandoned laboratory area for a long time, and all the teachers in the school see its presence as a nightmare, and even the university forbids students to go near the area.

The school's prohibition has aroused curiosity for students, and Sinextria Kim and her friends are no exception. There are people think that this is an experimental area from the Second World War, and it contains many of the crimes of scientists of that time that should be banned by the government, or it contains radioactive material that incompetent scientists could not handle.

The rumor of a ‘forbidden zone’ is widening.

As for Sinextria Kim, she knew the secret inside the forbidden area, she even knew that it contained something she needed to find out the cause of her parents' death. So the fact that she lost her bet to enter the forbidden zone is part of the arrangement.

But she could not avoid the nervousness, it was late at night, the lights in the hallway flickered indefinitely, and Sinextria Kim had a feeling someone was following her.

All of a sudden the rattling music came out of nowhere!

Sinextria Kim panicking stood still, its eyes fluttering around without seeing anyone, the music was still splashing very close.

- Evening at school, someone plays music? Is there a professor who's been working overtime so far?

Walking for a moment she had set foot in front of the forbidden area, she snapped the lock, walked inside.

- So the music coming out of here, that's freaky!

There was no wind inside the room but the curtains were still flying, the air was very eerie. The music s

till echoed in her ear, but it was almost far away, and even the hoarse singing didn't make sense.

-Anyone here?

She asked, but no one answered.

Sinextria Kim trembled and took out a red ink bottle in his pocket, directly bit his fingertips and stirred in the ink bottle.

In the ink jar filled with the blood of black dogs, mixed with her blood came a fishy smell. She drew on the floor a large circle. Then, Sinextria Kim stood in the circle to cast a spell, suddenly the wind whirled somewhere into the room, blowing both her hair and the sweat on her forehead.

The four walls made a giggle, and suddenly a shadow of the man appeared behind the curtain.

Sinextria Kim panicked backward, shouting:

- Who is that, who?

The mantra she read was in the forbidden book, which summoned the dead spirits. She doesn't know she's summoned ghosts or demons, it's still dangerous!

The man's shadow slowly appeared, and if he looked carefully, he would see a lot of bats bursting through the glass door, gathering into the man's body. Or to say, he's the incarnation of thousands of mystical black bats.

The man in the moonlight appeared extremely handsome, he walked towards her, grabbed her slender hand and put a kiss on it.

- My master! It's good to see you again, angel!

His voice was like a brandy that numbed her heart, but from deep inside was a very quiet laugh, carrying endless hatred deep into his blood. Two people standing across from each other, a girl standing across from a mystical man, all of them taking precautions against each other.

Sinextria Kim panicked but showed calmness, asking:

- Why do you call me master?

He answer:

- Because I've been sleeping in this place for over 100 years, it's only because of you that I woke up. It was you who changed my destiny.

The man came one step closer to her, and she was afraid to step back. But his temperament was too brave, momentarily pressing her against the wall, he lifted her hair, staring at her knuckled white neck.

- Warm blood will be the most wonderful source of nutrition, look, the pulse is so lively, it's been over 100 years since I drank human blood!

Sinextria Kim trembled and threatened him:

- Do you really think of me as food? If I summon you, I can lock you up. Aren't you afraid of me?

- No one can beat me in the world, I'm sealed for an unintended accident, you're not scaring me!

The man opened his mouth, his two distinctive pointed fangs of the protruding vampire preparing to dagger into Sinextria Kim’s neck. Suddenly he shouted in agony:

- What is it, why does it hurt me?

Sinextria Kim breathed a sigh of relief, his hands raised, the bone carved into the shape of a cross appeared in front of the man, the inanimate bone suddenly rattled like a living thing, the other man was very afraid of this thing!

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