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Rejected and Unloved

Rejected and Unloved

Layo Ladele


Brent is a 17 year old omega who as suffered from discrimination and bully. His family hates him for being an omega and homosexual and his community do not like him that much either. Brent believes he is cursed and only bad things happen to him. Close to being eighteen he doesn’t believe he’s going to get a good mate who would accept and love him. He feels sorry for his future mate for having to be paired with someone like him. On his eighteen birthday he finds out that his bully is his mate. What would happen to Brent now? Has he jinxed himself ? Would he be accepted by his mate? Would his mate reject him? Read and find out what happens to Brent.

Chapter 1
Introduction to Omegaverse


Alpha’s are the highest rank in the omegaverse. They are very protective of what is theirs and can be highly aggressive. Alphas have many things that differentiate them from the other types, ranging from physical characteristics,psychological attributes and physiology. Among one of the common traits is the knot at the base of an alphas member. The knot is a bundle of muscles that expands when the alpha is close to climaxing and is pushed into the omega to lock themselves in to ensure the omega catches. Regarding Alpha females, they lack the penis that their counterparts have, so in place of the penis,their is a retractable memory. Female alphas however can not become pregnancies and so the womb doesn’t exist. Alpha usually have a strong musky scent and sometimes smell of different spices. This scents can induce heats in omega or arouse them. They are always on top during reproduction.


They are similar to alphas but only psychologically, that is to say, they are only aggressive and territorial in nature. But in the presence of alphas, they are second in command and are the right hand man or woman of alphas. There is usually one delta in a pack. Their scents isn’t as strong as alphas but not as weak as betas p. Their scents can induce heats in omegas but can not induce ruts in alphas. Theism scents is a mis of smells you find in nature and musky smells like alphas.


Betas are basically your everyday human with some exceptions. One is that they have very weak scents, they have one but their glands do not produce it as much as alphas, deltas or omegas. Beta males can reproduce with omega and beta females can reproduce with alphas. They can also reproduce with other betas. Female betas are the same as humans, they

have menstruation and can become pregnant. Betas can reproduce with mates but when the knot is shoved in them they experienced varying degree of pain. Their scents is also calming to omegas and alphas


Gammas are basically betas with omegas characteristics. They however lack scent glands and knots, rendering them immune to alphas, gammas and omegas scents. They can also not smell them unless they are given the information of an omega in heat or alpha in rut. However, they aren’t similar to humans as they have strong maternal instincts even if they are male or female


Omegas are the last on the list. Omega go into heats,increasing their fertility. They can get pregnant during heat period. Female omegas anatomy is the same and nothing unique and special is needed during the birthing process. Males on the other hand are a bit more complicated. Males lack the reproductive organs needed for birthing. Their anal cavity serves as a means for natural processes such as waste removal , mating as well as an uterus.

When the male omega gets pregnant with pups or offspring, they usually have to have a C-section in order for the pups to be removed. However, they can still give birth naturally but it sometimes leads to complications.

One key thing about the Omega is their heat. This is the time where they are sexual aroused and their scents glands are most potent. The reason being is so the omega can find a suitable mate to knot them. However omegas can function properly while in heat but they can experience irritation, high sexual arousal, laboured breathing, high body temperature and secrete large amounts of slick.

Note: every alpha,delta,beta and omega have a chosen partner called mate.

Mates are chosen by the moon goddess

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