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Married To The Reckless Billionaire

Married To The Reckless Billionaire

Miss Rhe


“As it was my grandfather's last wish, I married Raphael Roberts, the heartless, attractive guy I instantly fell in love with at first sight. After the wedding, we turned out to be strangers living in the same house, and we didn't even share the same interests. We keep our marriage a secret. He can have all the girls he wants while I'm busy building my career. But because he is so reckless, he despised me and cursed me for making his life miserable due to our marriage; hence, he lost—me.” Is it somewhat too late to start over?

Chapter 1
The Planned Wedding

"Are you really marrying this total stranger from nowhere?" Jane stated as she observed the gloomy bride gazing at herself in the glass, "Well, I must do it because I love my grandfather and he is doing it to make me a better person in the future."

"Ava! This is not who you are! I've known you for so long and you always get what you want, so why are you now following your grandfather's orders?"

Ava sighed as she felt her heart shrink as she recalled her grandfather's situation. She adores her grandfather and does not wish to disappoint him in his final moments.

"Jane, you do not know anything. That is the dying wish of my granddad! I can't disappoint him,"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I had no idea..." As soon as Jane got the dreadful news from Ava, she embraced her. "He is your sole family, I mean... Some of your relatives treat you so poorly, but don't worry, I and Cj are still here."

Cj, Ava's personal assistant, stepped in and said, "Hello sista! The makeup artist has arrived..."

Ava straightened her back when the makeup artist arrived and did her hair and also her make-up despite her sad expression.

“Can you just smile?” Jane asks and smiles again, “Yes, smile, darling you look so beautiful…” the gay make-up artist said.


Raphael has arrived at the church, but he has not yet seen the woman he's marrying today; this feels like a punishment to him. His father punished him for this type of wedding since he was addicted to drugs, frequented nightclubs every night, and dated random women weekly.

In order for him to learn his lesson, his father arranged a marriage between him and Ava.

He wore a black suit, and he rolled his eyes when his father arrived and took a seat in the corner when the church's grand door opened.

When he saw the gorgeous girl come down the aisle with his grandfather, his eyes brightened up.

As soon as Ava's eyes focused on his, he swallowed and felt his heart flutter.

When Ava arrived at the altar, the man with green eyes and a thick, lovely eyebrow grasped her hand and said, "Hello..."

Ava felt uncomfortable and ignored him.

Don Armando returns to his seat and observes the wedding of his granddaughter.

"Thank you for the partnership, Don Armando." Edgar Roberts said and shook hands with Don Armando.

"It's for the future of my granddaughter, and for the future of our company, I know your son will take good care of her."

Ava can't help but peek at the man next to her; she parted her lips and wanted to smile at him, but she's too bashful and uncomfortable, so she's currently standing as still as a statue.

"We have gathered here to witness the marriage of Ava Adams and Raphael Roberts, " the priest added in a sympathetic tone.

Ava closed her eyes and parted her lips so that Raphael could kiss her lips. He said, "Just go with the flow," as he leaned forward.

When Raphael felt Ava's soft and kissable lips, he was compelled to continue; he cupped her face and kissed her as if he had known her for a long time. Ava's eyelids opened when she felt Raphael's tongue devouring her lips inside her mouth. She placed her hand on his neck and carefully pinched it so that Raphael would stop kissing her in front of everyone if this continued.

After the kiss, everyone continues to app

laud. Ava observed her mother and stepsister standing at the corner with a bored expression; Emily and Priscilla were not even pleased that Don Armando invited them.

"How could she marry a man like Raphael Roberts?" Priscilla whispered to her mother, "It's because your grandfather planned this nonsensical marriage. I don't know why, but if he told me that he wants you to marry that billionaire, I would strongly encourage you to divorce your foolish husband!" Emily told her daughter, "Mom, I love Lucas and no one, not even Ava, can tear us away! I am aware that Ava has flirted with my husband for such a long time! No wonder, she is like her mom, she is a whore and an illegitimate child!”

“Priscilla, lower your voice, your grandpa can hear you!” Emily said.


Everyone congratulated them except for the two women outside, Ava sighed because even as of today, there is still hatred in Emily’s heart when it comes to her so she just ignored them and she hugged her grandpa, “Thank you, grandpa, I hope you feel better now.”

"If your father was alive, he would be more proud of you, granddaughter!" Don Armando said happily.

"I know, grandpa…and you need to take your medicine now, I don't want you to get tired because I love you so much," Ava said and hugged her grandpa again.

"Hello, papa!" Emily said and gave a kiss on the cheek of the old man, "Congratulations, I have never seen this man as your boyfriend, but I think he can be a good man to you," Emily added as she glanced at Ava and Ava knows that is only a fake gesture.

Ava turned her head to search for Raphael, who was conversing with another guest at the time. She exhaled. She doesn't know what kind of life she will lead when they live under the same roof.

"Do not fret, Emily. Ava will be alright, she's tough and can defend herself; I've raised her to be a strong, independent lady like her mother."

"Papa, I am not worried about her and so…Are we discussing the whore yet again?" Emily sighed.

"You can't talk to my mom like that! my mother is not a whore!" Ava said.

"Oh, I'm sorry, but where's your mom now? she's not even here to witness your wedding!" Emily teases her, and Don Armando holds Ava's hand and says, "Don't mind her, Ava." Then he glances at Emily, "Get out of here, Emily! don’t ruin the night!"

"What?" Emily widens her eyes and can’t believe that she was dragged out of the party.

Don Armando instructs the guard to lead Emily out of the room. Ava merely smiled secretly because even when everyone hates her, she always has her grandfather by her side.

"Mrs. Roberts, the car is now ready..." The driver said, "Grandpa, I will visit you tomorrow," When she saw Raphael waiting for her inside the car, she swallowed anxiously and hugged her grandpa again.

"Don't worry about me anymore, just remember that Raphael will be the man who can help you and will always be by your side, I know I cannot stay in this world much longer, the doctor told I only have a month to live, but it feels like I'm saying goodbye, be happy, princess..."

she shook her head slowly, "Don't say that, grandpa..."

"Of course, I'm just joking, princess..."

“Grandpa, that was a bad joke! don’t say that again…”

“Mrs Roberts—”

“Okay, I’m coming!”

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