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When I Hacked the Snow Prince

When I Hacked the Snow Prince



Caroline Ann Turner is the new student at Harbinger high. After getting expelled from her previous school for punching and breaking a guy's nose, she is sent away by her parents to her uncle's house to attend high school with her cousin brother Tyler Martin who is not only a goody two shoes but also the top scorer and model student at Harbinger high. On her first day, Caroline happens to run into a huge trouble after colliding with the school's popular nerd and basketball captain, Asher Carter. Not only does Asher welcome Caroline to Harbinger high by rewarding her a one week detention but also keeps on troubling her. What will happen when Caroline decides to take her revenge on Asher by hacking his social media account? Will she be successful? Or, will strange things happen in her life that she never even imagined?

Chapter 1

“Are you nervous?”

Tyler asked as the countryside began to pass by the windows. He was driving and I was in the passenger seat of his car, simply looking outside.

“Not really,” I chuckled turning my head to him. He had his eyes on the road ahead, and his light brown irises held a cheerful expression within them.

“Then what are you thinking?”

“Just wondering what sort of things are in store for me this year. You know I'm joining the school in the middle of the year. So don't know what people are gonna think,” I voiced my thoughts.

Ty tilted his face to me and frowned. “When did you start caring about what others think?"

"I don't.." I shrugged my shoulder. "But I need to fit in and somehow survive here."

"Carrie, you're gonna fit in perfectly well. And I'm sure you'll have a nice year ahead. We'll enjoy a lot together,” he flashed me a warm smile. I just nodded and smiled in response. I really hope I have a nice year.

Well, before we move on, let me tell a little about myself. My name is Caroline Ann Turner. I'm called ‘Carrie', 'Annie' etc by my close ones. Ty usually calls me Carrie. Tyler is my cousin brother, but he is just like my own brother and we are best friends. We are both 17, but I'm a bit older.

My home is in Perellard and I arrived here in Witalder yesterday. Dad is a General manager at a company and Mom is a doctor. I'm their only daughter and now they practically send me away from home.

The reason is that I got into a few troubles in my previous school and along with that my GPA wasn't that impressive. So they, at last, dismissed me when I punched and broke a Jerk's nose. But it wasn’t my fault. He asked for it. Believe it or not, somehow troubles automatically find their way to me, wherever I go.

So yeah, here my lovely Cousin Tyler is the top student in school and my parents thought it would be a good idea to send me here and make me attend the rest of the two years of high school along with him. So that maybe Ty can influence me and I'll finally become a goody two shoes like him. But I know myself better.

Anyway, I agreed with their decision. Because first of all I couldn't by any means stay at my previous school. I messed up with the wrong gang and it was even dangerous for my life to continue there. Just kidding. It wasn’t dangerous for my life or anything. I just only got a silly death threat from the jerk I punched.

Secondly, I love food, and Ty’s Mom is a great cook. No wonder, she runs a café. Let me say openly, My Mom's cooking skills suck.

Thirdly, I'm happy to attend school with Ty. You know, at home I'm alone and I really hate being alone. I hope here I can enjoy a lot with Ty like he said. Right now we both are on our way to my new high school ‘Harbinger high'. And we both are in grade 11.

"Ty, are you popular in school?" I blurted out the question which suddenly popped into my head out of nowhere.

“Uhm...not really,” he hummed.

“You aren't?” I asked, knitting my eyebrows. He might be really popular. I mean he is extremely handsome, the top student and he is also on the basketball team. Or is he still that nerd from middle school?

Yeah, our Ty was a typical nerd when he was in middle school and he used to get bullied a lot. He even changed school during 8th grade. But he said it changed after he joined the new middle school and got selection for the basketball team.

“Yeah. I'm not that popular,” he repeated, leaving a sigh. "But I have a few friends to whom I can introduce you."

“Well…I wonder why you haven't got a girlfriend yet.”

“C'mon… I told you I hate the relationship thing,” he groaned.

“So that means you get hooked up a lot,” I smirked. He rolled his eyes. I just asked that to tease him. I know he isn't into that kind of stuff and he most certainly hasn't lost his v card yet. And I even doubt he is secretly into boys. Maybe I can make him come out to me soon.

“So what about you?” he asked.

“I haven't come across the right person yet. Let's see if I can meet them here,” I replied.

Ty smiled and nodded. “Carrie, I have basketball practice evening. So Take my car and go home after class.”

“So how are you coming back?” I asked. “I'll wait for you.”

“You don't need to wait. I'll ask Asher to drop me back at home.”

“Who is Asher ?” I asked, and he chuckled at my curiosity.

“Our basketball captain. His house is only a few blocks away from ours.”

“Oh…”, I nodded.

In another five minutes, we pulled up in the school's parking lot. Ty tilted his face and looked at me while unbuckling his seat belt. His expression suddenly became a serious one.

“Okay Caroline, now I need to give you some instructions since it's your first day. First of all, don't get into any fights with girls or boys. And behave politely to teachers and generally everyone. Also, listen carefully to class and take notes. At least you should listen when the teacher is talking about assignments. I heard you didn't turn in half of the assignments last year. It's not gonna happen here,”

He said in a very serious tone as if he is my science teacher Mr. Roger. Oh hell, my Mom! She has told him everything.

“C'mon Ty, you already gave me enough instructions yesterday. Please don't start again,” I groaned. He sighed and got out of the car. I opened the car door and got out as well, falling into step with him.

“Who is the new girl with Tyler?” I heard a girl whisper as we entered the hallway.

“Don't know. Will she be his girlfriend?” another girl whispered, almost in a shocked voice.

"No way. The last time I checked, Ty didn't have a girlfriend. She is probably just his friend."

Whispers continued to arise from the crowd of people in the hallway as we walked to the office to get my schedule. I thought Ty said he isn't popular. Damn boy! He was lying. Everyone here seems to know him, judging by the looks they are giving me.

Soon we reached the office and got my schedule. Ty was about to compare both of our timetables to see which subjects we have in common when someone called out his name. I turned around to see a tall, dark handsome guy coming walking toward us with a wide smile plastered on his face.

“Hey, Brent !” Ty smiled brightly.

"I wondered why you didn't come for morning practice. But now I see you got a valid reason.” the Brent guy said whilst flashing a cocky smile in my direction.

“Oh man, this is my cousin sister," Tyler sighed causing the Brent guy to let out a laugh.

"I knew it. I was just teasing you. Asher told me your cousin sister is joining today and you're accompanying her on her first day," he grinned and turned towards me, extending his hands. "Hi, I'm Brent Dexter, I'm on the basketball team with Ty. So, what's your name?"

"Caroline Turner," I replied whilst taking his hand and quickly giving it a firm shake. As I left his hands free, he raised his eyebrows in an impressed kind of manner and grinned at me as if I passed his vibe check.

"Okay then see you both later," he said and leisurely walked away, stuffing his hands in his pocket. I turned to Ty to ask him more about the guy, only to see him frowning looking at my timetable.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I can't believe we only have maths together." He whispered in an almost discouraged tone, giving my timetable back to me. His face looked so dim as if he had expected me to be with him in every class.

That's kinda sad but anyway I believe whatever happened is for my good. I mean, I don't want him to see me sleeping and getting scolded in every class. Not that I care but I don't want him to do spy work for my Mom.

“It's okay. You've still got plenty of time at home to try to make me a nerd, although it's not gonna happen," I patted his back, to which he shook his head in defeat. "Okay then, my first hour is History. See you next hour,” I said and smiled. The second hour was Maths for both of us.

“Okay, History class is on the second floor, left corridor. Or wait, I'll take you to the class so that you don't lose your way around,” he said grabbing my hands.

“No need. I'm not a kindergarten kid," I jerked away his hands causing him to leave an inaudible sigh. "Now you better go to your class before you get late,” I chuckled and turned around, walking in the direction he showed me.

I looked at my watch and saw there was still time for the first hour. So I walked slowly, looking around and admiring the school infrastructure. The corridors were clean and attractive, with paintings stuck on the walls above every classroom door.

I was walking whilst gazing at the picture of a sunset on the wall when suddenly, I felt myself colliding hard with someone. The force of it almost knocked me down on the floor that I assumed the person who hit me was probably running.

I heard a 'cling' sound during the collision that I immediately looked down at the floor to see a white letter cover and a silver pen lying on the floor along with a chocolate.

My gaze was soon interrupted by a rude comment, “Are you blind or something? Or you decided to purposefully collide into people this morning?” I looked up at the owner of the voice, who was standing in front of me, eyebrows knitted and intimidating grey eyes boring into me.

“Excuse me! You are the one who hit me, if you didn't realize yet,” I informed him. He was the one who collided with me, right? How dare he speak to me like that and now glare at me like this?

I looked back at the items on the floor and I saw a single red rose petal lying near the letter. But there weren't any flowers on the floor. That's when I looked back again at the guy and noticed a fresh red rose sticking out of his bag's side pocket.

“I see.." I couldn't help but chuckle. "Boy, you couldn't wait for one more second to see your girlfriend that you were rushing like a bullet train? You realize you almost fell over another girl?” I chuckled.

It's obvious that it's a letter to his lover or crush, lying along with the chocolate and the expensive-looking pen. Do guys still give love letters? So outdated.

The guy in front of me glared at me harder. And it's then I realized he was looking really weird yet somewhat attractive in an unearthly way. He wasn't very tall, I guess 5’8 or 5’9. But still, he was very much taller compared to me as I'm only 5’3. His hair was creamy blonde and some fringes fell over his forehead. His narrowed charcoal grey eyes were alluring but cold. His skin was too pale for anyone's liking.

I suddenly found myself thinking about Draco Malfoy, Ursula and Jack from Frozen. He wasn't like any of them but he really looked like some Ice prince who came out of a cartoon. It's only a moment later that I realized I was gawking at him while he too was staring back at me. I also felt many pairs of eyes on us from both sides of the corridor.

“How dare you talk to me like that? It was you who bumped into me,” he said in a low voice, through gritted teeth. “Pick it up,” he said, pointing at the items lying on the floor.

“Hello? Why should I? You pick it up if you want,” I scoffed.

“Pick it up right now,” he said looking at my ID card, his expression now blank.

“No…! What will you do?” I snapped.

“Pick them up. Go to Room no 212, Chemistry class and give it to Claire Wilson,” he said calmly. I chuckled at that. What did he think of me? His wing woman? I was about to speak but then he turned and walked away, tucking his hands in his pocket.

Seriously? Did he really think I would pick it up and deliver it to this girl, Clair Wilson? Oh, what about that Rose then? Wasn't he rushing to meet this girl? Why would he leave his love letter on the floor like that? I can't understand, what the hell is wrong with this guy. Either he is extremely stupid or extremely arrogant.

I shook my head and started to walk. But then the chocolate captivated me. It was like the chocolate was calling out to me from behind. Okay, I'm gonna eat that chocolate. If I don't pick it up, someone else is gonna pick it up and have it. So It's better I have it.

I turned and bend down picking the chocolate. Should I pick the letter and pen? Maybe I can open the letter and see what the Ice prince has written inside it. I guess it’s okay to open the letter since he left it on the floor so cool like that. I ended up picking all three items. And then the bell rang.

Oh, shoot! I need to find my class. I quickly rushed in search of the History classroom, tugging the three items into my jeans pocket. Soon I found the classroom and a lot of people looked at me in confusion as I walked in.

“Hi! Don't worry, I didn't get the classroom wrong, I'm the new student,” I said, smiling at the people before walking towards an empty seat in the back, near the window. As I sat down, a few people surrounded me and started asking me questions. I enthusiastically replied to their questions, as I didn't want to give them a bad first impression of me.

Unfortunately, a guy named Noah found the chocolate poking out of my pocket and was looking at it. Ahh…I had thought to have it alone. Now I have to share. I groaned inwardly and took the chocolate out. The chocolate disappeared no sooner than I opened it. I got a tiny piece and honestly, it was really tasty. It might be really costly. Too bad, I couldn't get a bigger piece.

Soon the History teacher Miss Cooper, a middle-aged Woman in her forties arrived and everyone went back to their seats. Mrs. Cooper opened the second chapter in our textbook and quickly began teaching without noticing me.

I tried to concentrate hard since it was my first class in this high school. But sadly, I failed terribly after ten minutes. It's not my fault. The class was hella boring. I looked out of the window and found the vast football ground. However, it was empty. But a nice cool wind was blowing inside through the window.

I sat like that looking out for some time until I heard the teacher call my full name. Shit! I messed up in the first class itself. I quickly turned my face to look at the teacher.

“Who is Caroline Ann Turner?” Mrs. Cooper asked. Oh, so she was just asking to know who is the new student. I left a relieved sigh and stood up.

“Caroline, you are wanted by the principal,” Mrs. Cooper said, shooting me a glare.

What? Why!?

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