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Always There: Win My Ex-wife Back

Chapter 3 Bad Luck

Word Count: 723    |    Released on: 01/01/2021

In fact, Gerard used her to win the Greenwoods' approval of many of his projects while she used him to escape the Greenwoods. Perhaps their marriage was just a give-and-take relationship.

Michelle was so riled up in her thoughts that she did not notice a figure rushing towards her, and it was not until the robber violently snatched her bag did she awaken to her senses. She was stunned by the crime that flashed right before her eyes, but she was quick to react as she pursued the robber through the crowded streets!

"Stop that man! He snatched my bag!" exclaimed Michelle as she yelled in the hopes that someone would help her. Regardless of what she was wearing, Michelle was hot on the robber's tail in what seemed to be the chase of her life. Unfortunately, she forgot one important trait about this place. Here, people were detached and callous. So, no one bothered to come to her aid. Some even managed to cat-call her.

"Hey! Stop!" said Michelle. She was gasping for her breath as she turned to a corner in her pursuit. This street was much quieter than the bustling street that she was in a few moments ago, and fewer people were passing by. She thought, 'I guess today is the day I lose my bag and everything in it.'

Just as Michelle was about to raise the white flag, a red sports car zoomed past her on hot wheels and drifted accurately to stop the mugger from getting away. The running criminal fell heavily to the ground in his attempt to dodge.

She might have looked like an exhausted horse, but Michelle hurriedly took off her designer heels and rushed bare-footed towards the robber. She snatched her bag back and threw it aside. She then stomped as hard as she could on the robber who was aching on the ground. She said, "How dare you steal my bag!"

Michelle was fuming steam at this point. She grabbed her heels and thumped them hard on the man's head. When she finished beating the criminal, she straightened up and panted hoarsely. She suddenly reckoned about the driver who helped her in her time of quandary. She thought that she must thank him for the kind favor.

She raised her head, and was immediately startled by the pair of handsome eyes that beamed towards her. The man leaned against the car as he gazed at her with a smile. His eyes were tender, and his masculine jaw had the most perfect contours. Even a stunner like Michelle could not compare to this man's overwhelming charm.

"Well, thank you for your help," said Michelle. She stood upright with her high-heels hanging in her fingers and glanced at the attractive guy in front of her as she didn't say anything else except expressing her gratitude.

"You're welcome, gorgeous. I won't take the credit for it though. Your persistence got the better of this robber," said the man. He picked up the bag on the ground and handed it over to Michelle. Noticing the shoes in her hand, he grinned in ridicule and said, "You have no idea how to take care of yourself, do you?"

The man shook his head with pity as he took the pair of heels from Michelle. He crouched down on one knee and gently dusted off her sole before sliding a shoe back on her foot. He repeated the same courtesy with the other foot, and his gesture seemed to be so noble and eloquent as if he was dressing his own feet.

Michelle was petrified by the impulsive deed and did not know how to react. She felt like a pet in the hands of Gerard, but this man made her feel like prey. Deep inside, she was in a hysterical panic as the chivalry happened. This was the first time that she behaved like this in front of a stranger.

"You ... " Alas, Michelle succumbed to her racking nerves. She had no idea who this man was and what he intended to do next. She quickly grabbed her bag, bit her plump lower lip, and was priming herself to leave the scene, but somehow she could not. Her feet seemed to have rooted on the ground, and she was unable to move a single muscle.

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