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Burning Passion: Love Never Dies

Chapter 7 Teach Her A Lesson

Word Count: 852    |    Released on: 07/04/2019

The next day, Emmett sorted out some documents and took them to Carlos's office.

As Carlos looked through the information, he gradually frowned.

There were only two pages. The first page was Debbie's admission application in school, and the other was her profile. There were also some photos of her.

The introduction was very short and simple. It only mentioned her age, the school where she studied, and her hobbies.

In the photos, she looked like an ordinary college student. But although she wore simple shirts and trousers, she looked so attractive. Some of the photos were taken when she hung out with her friends, but she always wore a lazy and indifferent expression. In some photos, she was smiling smugly, looking a little naughty.

When she smiled, her big eyes shone so brightly as if stars gathered in there. She seemed filled with happiness.

Staring at them made Carlos's heart skip a beat.

When Emmett noticed that Carlos was looking at one of the photos, he couldn't help but praise, "Miss Nelson is really beautiful. This photo was uploaded on the Internet and became viral abroad. Many talent scouts sought her out, but she refused all of them. She even declined a director's offer to give her a lead role in a movie."

Carlos glanced at him coldly and threw the documents up into the air. "Emmett, have I been too kind to you recently?"

Carlos's voice was so cold that Emmett felt like his heart raced. But he tried hard to keep himself calm. He took advantage of the time when he had to bend over to pick up the documents on the floor to hide the guilt in his eyes. Then he said, "Mr. Hilton, Miss Nelson's background is actually very mysterious. There is not so much information about her. That's all I can find out for now."

"She's mysterious? But yesterday, she pulled you to the side and talked to you for a long time. I haven't dealt with you about it yet. Are you sure you're not familiar with each other?"

Getting caught in a lie, Emmett felt so helpless that he wanted to cry. "We only met once... I'm not very familiar..."

"Get out!" Carlos interrupted.

"Yes, Mr. Hilton," Emmett replied in a trembling voice. He then turned around and hurriedly walked out of Carlos's office.

As soon as the door closed, Carlos's eyes fell on the photos on the floor. He had to admit that Debbie indeed looked charming in those photos.

He rubbed his aching eyebrows, picked up a document, and put it on her photos heavily to cover her face.

It was his way of venting his anger. Then he was in a better mood.

However, only a few people in Alorith had the surname Nelson. How was she related to the Nelson family?

It was autumn now. So at school, the maple leaves on the trees on both sides of Maple Road gradually turned red from green.

Kasie pulled Debbie and ran towards their faculty. She yelled, "Bad news!"

Debbie thought that something was wrong, so she also ran, out of breath.

When they arrived at the gate, they saw a group of people swarming around the bulletin board. The two of them managed to squeeze into the front of the crowd.

"Debbie... Look! Mr. Hilton has donated one billion dollars to our faculty. It will be used to build a new school building for us," Kasie shouted excitedly.

One billion dollars?

Looking at the enlarged words on the bulletin board, Debbie couldn't help smacking her lips.

"Wow! I didn't expect that the aloof campus belle can also be infatuated with a man."

Debbie clearly heard the voice, and she knew who it was. But she didn't even bother to respond, let alone turn around.

Seeing her indifferent attitude, Gail Murphy snorted coldly and remarked, "You don't deserve Mr. Hilton at all. Don't think that you can seduce him just because you are pretty."

Debbie put one hand in her pocket, pulled Kasie with the other, and walked away.

"Hey, Debbie! I'm still talking to you!" Gail rushed in front of Debbie and raised her hand, wanting to slap Debbie in the face.

However, Debbie grabbed her wrist effortlessly as soon as she raised her hand.

Gail was so furious that she went wild. "Debbie, if you don't let go of me, I'll teach you a lesson!"

"Just you? I'm so scared!" Debbie sneered and shook off Gail's hand.

Gail staggered and almost fell to the ground. She tried her best to keep her balance. Then she rubbed her aching wrist and shouted, "Hit me if you dare! I will never..."

Immediately, there was the sound of a slap.

Before Gail could finish her words, Debbie's palm landed on her face, leaving a red mark on it.

The impact was so strong that Gail felt like her head buzzed. She was stunned for a moment. "How dare you... slap me!"

Debbie just responded indifferently, "You asked for it, right? To be honest, I've never heard such a ridiculous request all my life."

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