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Tragedy of Love

Tragedy of Love



Love is a wonderful thing for all human beings on the face of this earth. The thing that would make every human being happy and laugh away, but love actually got gabriela armand into big trouble. The once wonderful life had now turned unsteady, and he had to strive for a normal life. Was gabriela able to regain her normal life?

Chapter 1
Part 1

"Get out! "The sound of someone ringing in my ear means that I have to shut my hearing quickly. Events swirled around in the brain like an open movie, opening a hole in the heart even bigger.

"Go!" said I loudly as trying to shoot away whatever was now inside the brain. This time I want to live in peace, with no shadow of the merciless torments of soul and body. "I never hurt you, why do you hurt me without mercy?"

Tears without a feeling of water moistened cheeks that were never make up. Lips that used to smile sweetly now tremble violently. Not just the lips, but the body trembles. Every time those memories come, the body overreacts. Tried to get a hold of it, but it never worked because of the impact it had.

Am i crazy? No, i refuse to be called crazy because everything is okay. I can still do well, work, travel, and other things naturally. Never overreacted except for the shadows. Wanted to get rid of everything but it was too hard.

"Gab, Baby.” A hug i feel so strongly from someone who has faithfully been my companion in many circumstances, both joys and sorrows. People who assume that what's happening to me right now is a natural reaction, and the only person who doesn't think I'm crazy, is Aries, a dear friend who understands me.

I'm hugging Aries into Aries putting out an entire tightness in the chest. He never minded if the clothes he wore were wet from the water of the pit, Aries were the best friends I've ever had, never complaining about my being so far from okay.

"What's wrong? "Aries asked as the tears slowly subside.

No answer comes from the lips, the tongue does indeed feel so faint as i look back on what made my good condition go wrong at first, especially at the moment in my office, where I most rarely find myself depressed enough to be this hysterical. If i’d been in a room right now, it would've been the gossip of a lot of employee—Gabriela Armand yelled hysterically in the boardroom. Luckily, before things got bad i had time to retire to an equipment shed that was very rare.

I don't know where Aries found out that if i was here, he should be out in the field right now reviewing a project. He and i worked in the same company, but in different parts. Aries is doing a review of a dummy project run by the company, and i'm in the Marketing Department who mostly deals with clients.

"Gab ...." Aries returned asa slight shift my face from his body, leaving wet marks on his shirt. I wipe that blue dress slowly, but Aries walk away as if my hand is an improper stain on it.

"Are you disgusted with me?" I asked as i bit down the fingers that were trying to get wet in Aries' clothes.

Aries goes straight into my hand and clings it tight. His free hand wiped away the trail of tears on his cheeks. "No, you're not gross, Gab, i love your tears, so I don't want you to erase them."

I looked into Aries' eyes with Aries, looking for honesty in those beady blue e

yes. Obviously, all i see is honesty and sincerity, no lies at all until it makes me smile. "I'm obnoxious i’m ...,” I said as i tugged back and began to bite him.

"Tell me, Gab!” force Aries with the moderate rocking of my body.

I stare at Aries, convince myself is it wise enough to tell the whole story? Not an easy thing to say what had happened, all too painful, even i felt that it was a shame to hide. Aries won't necessarily stay beside me if i find out what really happened.

"Gab, please tell me! "Aries is somewhat fortuitous but the lips remain silent and the shadows once again fill the mind which had been in the past few moments.

"No, you shouldn't know!" I shouted with my ears shut and pulled away.

“Gabriela armand!" Aries cried out no less loudly with me and it kept me going all the way back and forth until this body docked against the wall. Aries went ahead and pulled me into his arms in spite of the harshness and the resistance, but still he did it. "It's okay that i can't know everything, Gab, but calm down! Forget all the burdens that still cling to your mind!"

The crying comes back down and tears the house in Aries. The weight that's been hanging over my head feels so bad that sometimes i don't think i can take it away. It's not that i don't want to unburden my self, but it's just so hard that i'm always so pessimistic about it.

"Gab, don't you worry and don't worry, I'm there to keep you company," Aries said as she stroked my hair so gently, "you don't have to try to forget everything if you're not ready. There is no need to tell if it will only make you more sick."

"I'm obnoxious i’m not ready for everything, Aries,” i said in the slow subside sobs.

"It's okay if you're not ready," Aries said with an occasional kiss on the top of my head and for some reason it seems so soothing, "someday when you want to talk, don't hesitate to look for me and tell me everything!"

"Thank you outdoors Thank you for always being there for me.” I keep my face out of the warm embrace that always manages to calm me down in the shock. "You've been good to me, Aries."

One moment i saw her breathing and smiling so beautifully. "Don't thank me, Gab, you are my friend and will forever be my best friend!"

Touched? Of course it was. I don't think a man ever talks like Aries, he's nice enough to care so much about me. A friend figure that no one can ever replace.

"I told you not to worry about this, i could change my shirt," Aries said as he realized that my gaze was still focused on his wet shirt, " this is not a problem, Gab, believe me!"

"Thank you," i said as i wiped the trail of completely stopped tears, "i have to go back to work and prepare for the stack of files Mr. Thomas gave me."

"Fix your make-up to keep your looks beautiful and win over all your clients, Gab! "Aries said with a slight hint but was able to put me back into silence before an embittered smile.

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