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The Frozen Heart

The Frozen Heart

Red Johnson


New York is not just a city.... It's a world.. And lost in that world are Liam and Sofia, each struggling through their own strangled lives until destiny brings them together.. But to be united they must go through a deadly rollercoaster ride as each confronts their fears ... liam must overcome his irrational fear and learn to embrace love while the biggest problem Sofia needs to overcome is not to give up on Liam...and well try to stay alive when all hell breaks loose! Will New York witness another epic love story with all the imcumbent twists and turns?

Chapter 1

Hello my lovely readers!

If you are reading this! Thank you so much for landing here :) Let me introduce myself :)

I am Red and I am a romance writer mostly with eight published stories to my credit so far :)

Writing is my passion and I really hope you will like my story, The Frozen Heart. This book is one of my very earliest works that I published back in 2018. I have been a writer for the past five years and here's a list of all my works :) If you like this book, do give them a try as well :)

1) Beyond The Boundaries

2) The Frozen Heart

3) Sinfully Yours

4) Temptation: The Illusion

5) Temptation: The Obsession

6) Avenge Marriage (Book 1)

7) Avenge Marriage (Book 2)

8) The Game Of Love

These are all my works and I am sure you will like them if you give them a try. All these books apart from The Frozen Heart is available on Dreame Novels. I am still learning and improving guys so this book is nowhere perfect. But what makes it stand out is the simple storyline and perfectly imperfect characters. I hope you like the story of Liam and Sofia, my lovely readers!

Thank you so much!

Let's get started then...

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