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**THIS BOOK IS PART OF A SERIES** BOOKS IN ORDER 1. ANYTHING MY SWEET 2. GIVE INTO ME 3. DOLL FACE 4. HIS SECERT LOVE 5. DAUGHTER OF DON ANTOINO Alicia suffers from past traumatic stress disorder due to an incident that happened when she was only eight years old. Nightmares of the past haunts her nights, which she doesn't even remember very well. Adopted by a the Washington's was the only thing that made each day pass by easily. One day, her life gets flipped upside down when her brother, Ryan, gets arrested for attempted muder. Ryan works for Salvador Gibinishy, a man with no filter. What he thinks, he says and doesn't care about the aftermath. Powerful and ruthless with no amount of feelings, thats how he was raised to lead a mafia kingdom. For Alicia to save her brother from jail, she has to work for Gibinshy. What happens when Alicia's past unravels before her eye's? Find out what happens in "Anything My sweet." For yourselves..

Chapter 1


As I pull the car up the driveway, I leaned back into the leather seat, letting out a loud sigh, debating to tell her or not?

She must know, but what if she doesn't understand, will she leave me?

Will she take the kids away from me?

No, I can't tell her.

I debated back and forth with my thoughts.

"Nothing will happen. We are safe here. No one knows where we live." I whispered out as my hand grips the steering wheel.

Staring at the two-story home and the landscape surrounding it.

I whispered to myself. ''You're being paranoid Pablo, they are safe. No one will harm them, and if anyone tries to, then you simply kill them.''

This whats happens when you work for a mafia cartel while trying to raise a family safe.

You get paranoid, looking behind your back, waiting for someone to come out.

Working for Eros Gibinshy was stressful, but not telling my wife was even more stressful.

The fact that my family is at risk, kills me everyday. I know they're safe and they can't be reached, but a nagging feel in the depths of my heart didn't seem to go away.

Because karma is a bitch.

So many lives I've taken away, commands from the boss and what he wants, goes!

If only I had set my life in another path, I wouldn't be so scared as I was. Thats what happens when your young and stupid to think straight, the result of how reckless my life turned to be drastic of countless mistakes.

Expect for one result, I wouldn't change a thing about was, Nata, my beautiful wife, that's where my life truly began in the mist of killing and dealing with the mafia.

Still to this day, I can't see what made her fall in love with me, but whatever it was, I am grateful for it.

Stepping out of the car, I walk up to the front door, as I put the keys in the lock, the door opens widely and there I was greeted by the most beautiful woman with chestnut brown eyes, chocolate wavy wasit length hair and a smile that took my breath every time.

"Well, are you going to stand there ogling at me or are you going to come in?" the sparkle in her eyes enlightens the astonishing feeling in the pit of my soul.

"Hello my beauty, " and indeed she was.

A giggled echoes out softly from her mouth. "What had you thinking so hard for you stay that long in the car?'' she asked as her fingertips linger into my chest.

''Is my queen spying on me, should I be worried?" I asked with smile.

Feeling a silky smooth touch, grabbing my hand while pulling me out of the doorway. She lock the door before planting a kiss on my lips. "Stop thinking to much, " she whispers out.

She pulls back and takes my hand, only to drag me behind here into the kitchen.

I see my twins, Vald and Neeco, chasing each other.

"They've been at it since this morning, deal with them before I go crazy, " she stated exhaustively.

I looked around curiously for a certain someone.

She lightly laughs. "They are upstairs, playing princess to seek."

Impressed with how she can understand what I'm thinking beforehand amazed me every time.

The twin boys stop and approach me, always competitive with each other. Each had their unique personality.

"Marco will never find Alicia papa, she is hiding in her hiding spot that no one knows but me, " Neeco said as his untamed locks of curls fell over his forehead.

"She's probably painting Marcos nails with glitter and making him wear a tutu. She did that once with me, " Vald said as he made a gaging sound.

"Okay, enough! Both of you help your mother while I go up and get those two so we can enjoy dinner, " I stated, giving both boys a rub on there head.

The boys listened to what I say and started setting the table, but not before pushing each other. Turning to look at my beautiful wife.

I stared at her, always her eyes spoke more word's, then her mouth ever could. She has always been shy one, but her eyes gives you every emotion you want to see and feel.

She motions with her finger for me to come close, which I gladly do. With both hands, she places them on each side of my face and kisses me ever so softly on my lips.

"I love you, " she declared with a sigh, then pushing me away.

I walk out of the kitchen and into the main entrance, looking left and right, toys were all over the place.

Ugh princess.

The house was bigger than regular homes, I just want to give my family the best. I wanted my kids to enjoy life while keeping them safe from any harm.

I have enemies and people wanted me dead. I wouldn't blame them, as long as they don't come for my family, then I'm safe. No one knows that I'm even married nor that I have kids.

Only Eros knows and Stephen.

Stephen would be the third in commend while I was Eros, right hand man. I've been loyal to Eros ever since I've met him.

We're the of best friends, I've been his best man, so has he. I've watched how he grew into the powerful man he is now. How he held his first-born. How his marriage ended and how he promised never to fall for a woman ever again.

We've been through the good and bad. So when I asked Eros if I can leave and be with my family, he said yes. I've lived the past twelve years away from the mafia's sight, but once you're in the business, there's no way out.

Even if Eros says I was free, I knew I never was.

I've been on alert ever since I was warned about someone targeting my family. A past feud or enemy wanting to kill me. If that was the case, I would hand myself over, but I know how it goes.

You don't kill the person, you kill their loved ones. You torture them before their own eyes just so they can feel the pain.

There's no love, families in this business. Only death.

The sound of the boys running around brought me out of my thoughts.

The spiral staircase was before me, I walked up until reaching the last step before making a right.

Walking down the hall until I was in front of my little princess room, Alicia. I can hear her giggling, but can't make out what she's saying.

Opening the door and peeking through. I see Marco, eyes closed and mumbling to himself. Alicia had a small makeup brush, dusting what seems to be glitter on Marcos face.

"Wait, stop moving Marco. I'm almost done, " she says as her finger reached to wipe Marcos eyelid.

"You know I wouldn't be doing this Alicia if I didn't love you so darn much, " Marco implied.

Alicia was the princess, which meant she has everyone under her spell.

I loudly interpreted with a cough.

Both heads snap towards me. Marco looks terrified while Alicia smiling from ear to ear.

"Papa, " she yells as she comes running into my arms. "How long have you been there for? Do you like the look that I gave Marco? Did I do a good job? Marco is a very good model. I'll hire him to be my model from now on." she says all at once as she inhaled a deep breath.

"Breath princess!"

She locked her arms around me so tight before giving me a kiss on the cheek.

''Sorry papa, " she said shyly.

Turning around, I see Marco rubbing his face as he walks towards us. "The things I do for you Alicia, " he mutters, causing me to laugh.

He cleans himself up a bit more, while walking right behind us.

"Had fun my boy?"

"Not funny papa."

It didn't take us long to reach the kitchen. I can see that the food had been served on the table. Kids we're being seated and Nata placing the

last dish before taking her seat next to me on my right.

Alicia was always seated to my left while Marco sat next to her. Neeco sat next to his mother and Vald being Vald takes the seat across from me.

They began to eat and I slightly just watch them.

This is what I lived for, my family.

Enjoying small conversation here and there. Nata looks around curiously. She's quiet for a moment as her eyes gaze at her kids.

I stared at her with a worried look on my face, what was she thinking of?

She shook her head, "Just an uneasy feeling, maybe I'm coming down with something. Just ignore it, I'm sure it's nothing."

Squeezing her hand tight, I assure her that everything is fine, but deep inside I'm panicking. Nata's uneasy feelings were always right.

We continued eating dinner.

Dessert came next.


"Wash your hands and go sit down Vald." Nata yells.

I look back at her cleaning up after the kids mess; I had gotten up to take a look around the house, locked the windows shut and stood still looking out to the dark skies.

The gut feeling of 'shit was about to go down', sunk deep in my core. I call Eros, just to be on the safe side.

The phone rings and he picks up quickly. ''Pablo, how are you?" Eros asked.

''Sorry to disturb you, but would you mind sending a couple of your men over for tonight. I just want my family to feel safe."

He didnt say much, he never does. "There on their way." he replied before ending the call.

When Nata has a "feeling" it was always right.

I felt long delicate fingers rubs my shoulder. Sometimes, I think she knows what I do, but never questioned me.

Maybe she's waiting for me to tell her?

She rubs even harder, "It's probably nothing, why don't you just relax while I make you café, the kids are already in the living room waiting for you."

I kiss her hand before walking over to the living room area, giggling fill the room and a smile appeared on my lips.

Moments later, Nata come and sits besides me. "Your café Mr. La'stat." She hummed.

I sat back and tried to relax, after a few more giggles from the kids and Nata, I somewhat forgot about the worried feeling.


A Knock on the door disturbed the moment, but it was probably Eros men that I had requested, I got up and walked to the door, only to back away from the gunshots that were being fired.

I could hear my family screaming, the door came knocking down.

Running towards the cabinet dresser in the middle of the room, I broke the glass, pulled out the cover hardwood plate that hid a shotgun and rifle.

My hands are shaking, why was this hard? I turned around and started shooting at anything that was coming through the front entrance.

My eyes kept glancing towards my family, my heart stopped as Nata? shield Alicia and Neeco with her body.

I stare at Marco who tucked Vald away behind him, he was looking at me with questionable eye's.

He's only fourteen for heavens sakes.

I hear Nata and Alicia screaming loud & hard, burning smoke? filled the house, I turn my head to see flames erupting in the kitchen.

I was aiming at the intruders that were setting the fire up, I look back at Marco. He was my only hope, I slide the gun towards him and luckily he catches it. I motion for him to try to help get his mother and siblings out, but I knew it was too much for him to handle, the man before him quickly takes the gun from him.

I duck down, feeling helpless as I hid myself while my family were in danger.

A voice echoed throughout the house.

"How does it feel Pablo? How does it feel to not be able to help your family?"

"F*ck!" I hissed out, recognizing the voice.

"I've been waiting for this for so long and the time has come to take my vengeance on you. Remember how you broke me?" I hear Marco moan in pain. "Well, I'm going to make you suffer Pablo, YOU HEAR ME!''

"F*ck, F*ck! Where are you Eros?" I whispered lowly, I don't think I have enough bullets left and the click of the shotgun confirmed that I was right.

Laughter! Sick wicked laughter was heard as his footsteps came closer and closer.

I stood up and came out to face him, I walked towards my family. His eyes followed my every move, he walks closer to me. With ever step I took back. He took two steps forward, the smug look on his face was not a pretty sight.

"Well, well, well, What do we have here? Never took you for a family man Pablo. Last time I checked you were heartless, Isn't the number one rule in this business, to not fall in love? Not have a family, and if you do, you better hide them well. So the devil himself can't find them." he hissed out as he stood inches before me.

I knew who he was, Christian El Camin. He's number one enemy and long rival of Eros, someone had a hit on his family and took them out. He blames me for it for killing his family but my hands were clean. I was innocent of his family's blood, he never believed me. No matter how much I tried to proof that it wasn't me.

"You can kill me El Camin and leave my family out of this." I said, coughing from the smoke that intoxicated my lungs.

"Let them go, they can't breath. Kill me, let them live." I yelled out as I heard my children coughing violently.

More than twenty men are scattered inside and out the house. Small cries and hiccups are heard, all turn their heads to the sound. "Ah, bambino. Come here." the bastered said to my baby, but Vald shield his sister. "Oh, that's a man there. Not bad, my child." he walks near them, but I block him only to have someone punch me in my gut. I groan loudly, he walks past me and looks into Vald eye's.

Vald doesn't even flinch.

"Oh, I like this one, he's a tough one. Let's see how tough you are?" he pulls him up roughly, causing Vald to kick and scream.

I got up to stop him, only to be punched and thrown to the ground once more.

Nata screaming as she grabs on to Vald as hard as she could, but no use. Christian pulls him away from her while patting his cheek. "Now show me how tough you are aye."

''LEAVE HIM ALONE, " I shouted angrily.

"I'm going to enj-" his words were cut off as I heard cars pulling up the driveway.

About Fucking time Eros.

Christian and his men took cover. "You f*cker...I will hurt you Pablo. Mark my words, you will live in pain." Christian shouted.

I managed to get away by turning around and knocking the man down that held me down.

I turn around to the side of the wall only to see Eros' men taking out Christian's men one by one.

I didn't have a weapon and my family is with that mad man. I look to my left and the kitchen knives are on the island counter.

If I can make it.., but I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard Marco screaming.


I couldn't feel anything..

"PAPA!" Alicia screams!

"PABLO!" Nata yells!

Loud cries for help.

Screams to stop.

Fire igniting faster then ever.

The house was bruning down, smoke blinded my vision. I stood up only to fall down with a loud thump, I look down to see I've been shot.

I'm bleeding?

I turned to face my family.

Why is Nata on the floor not moving?

Why is Marco bleeding?

Why is Vald holding Neeco so tight?

Why is Neeco not moving?

Where's Alicia?

The last thing I saw was my wife's lifeless eyes staring at me before darkness took over.

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