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"Marylin Wilson is a medical student and is attracted to her professor, Alessandro Russo, a hot Italian guy. He is extremely talented in his line of work, arrogant, hot-headed, anti-social, alpha male, and not to forget a sexy piece of a hunk. They bicker back and forth. After one incident they got to know that they lust after each other and Marylin decided to seduce his professor, to break him, and to bring him to his knees but little did she knows she is underestimating this so-called professor of hers."

Chapter 1


I passed through the hallways, checking up on the patients. It's a very satisfying feeling when the person you have treated looks at you like you are a hero.

I wanted to be a doctor since I was a child, maybe because both of my parents were. They were a good person and had always taught me to follow what my heart says. I wasn't sure what I really wanted with my future. I just wanted it to go with the flow but everything changed when they died in a car accident. That day I promised them to become a doctor as that was the only way I can be close to them. I studied really hard all my life to become what my parents were so here I am in the second year of medical college. Not any college but the most prestigious college in the country.

As medical students, we get a mentor to learn from. We learn from watching our mentor then we get patients to treat and based on our performance we get our feedback from our professor who is teaching you. The feedback are really important because our whole future depends on this single letter.

And from my luck, I got the worse mentor professor Alessandro Russo, the very hot Italian man.

All the girls here lust after him including me. Just a smell of cologne leaves my pussy clenching with need. He is five years older than me and has a mature aura around him that attracted me to this handsome hunk like a moth to the flame.

Alessandro is a very successful neurosurgeon in the country. He is known all over the world for his success. He is even listed as the youngest neurosurgeon who hasn't failed in any of his surgery, till date.

When I first came here I always thought that it was a bluff to get the hospital fame but after seeing from my own eyes I was rendered speechless.

I still remember my first day here as a fresher when he came and announced the name of the students who are going to learn from him. When he announced my name and our eyes met, my whole world stopped. He the most handsome man I have ever seen on the earth. It wouldn't come as a surprise if he told that he a greek god, I would believe it immediately because he looks exactly like the sculpture of a Greek god.

Alessandro is not the man of many words and he only opens his mouth to speak when necessary. He is very bossy though and I always wonder if he is like that in the bed too, if he is I would gladly let him boss me.

The thought of being dominated by him causes flood in my panties. I shouldn't be lusting after my mentor but I just can't stop myself. Whenever he is near me I loose my common sense, my heart rate increases and my pussy clench with need.

That is why I always carry an extra three panties with me. I have to change every time after meeting him. And I am always afraid that he might k

now what effects he has on me so I always defy him at every chance I got. Because it'll look like I hate him and he won't know that I have a strong crush on him. Not a smart idea but something is better than nothing.

I always wish that something happened between us and sometimes I wish it is better if we don't get involved because it can cost him his job.

Alessandro is always strict on me. He is strict on every student who is under his wings but for some reason, he is extremely strict on me. He pushes me to my limits and for that, I'm very grateful because I have learned a lot of things from him.

Coming back to the present I'm outside of his office to give him reports of the day. I opened his office door and entered. He is sitting on his chair working on something. He is wearing dress pants and a dark blue shirt. He is looking very sexy with his hair perfectly styled, shirt rolling up to his elbow and his dark brown eyes which is looking black because of dim lighting.

He looked up and my hazel coloured eyes met his dark brown one. My breath hitched in my throat by that simple eye contact. I don't know what it is about his eyes that always leave my panting like a dog.

"Did you came here to give the report?", he asked in a dark, husky and sensual voice. Everything about this man is sensual. I just nod as I'm unable to emit a single word.

"Very well. Now can you give me your reports Ms. Wilson?", he raised his perfectly shaped eyebrows at me. I wonder if he plucks them to get the shape.

"hmm....yeah here it is Professor Russo", I shake my head a little to remove the dirty fantasies I'm having in my mind of him bending me over his desk and fuck the daylight out of me.

"You did well as always Wilson, I'm really proud of you", he said, looking directly in my eyes.

He is praising me and all I can think about is, will he praise me when I'll fuck him, bouncing on his cock like a bitch in heat or when I'll suck his cock like its the best candy present in the world?

"Umm can I retire for today Professor", I asked a little breathless because of all the dirty thoughts circling my mind.

He nods and I turn quickly leaving the room and collect my things to go home. I have purchased a house near the hospital and it's fifteen minutes' walk from here so I always walk to my house.

I opened the door to my house and locked the door before going to my room. I quickly stripped naked and take out the vibrator from my bedside table.

It has become my routine to come home and masturbate thinking my professor is fucking the shit out of me.

I switch on the button and bring it to my clit imagining what he can do with his fingers, tongue, and cock. I cum thinking of him thrusting his big cock inside me hard and fast.

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