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 The Billionaire's Wife

The Billionaire's Wife



She wanted him. He wanted her. But it was an arranged marriage, nothing can make a love out of that. He wanted to give her all. Though she wanted something he never wants. A surprise will come, it will shock them both. Will he accept or not? Will she be able to keep the secret from him? Against all the odds and difficulties, will she be able to fight for her right as THE BILLIONAIRE'S WIFE?

Chapter 1 Prologue



But I didn't dare to. From the moment I hear his plead for me to stop, I continued further unto my plan. Besides that, my position is rather comfortable and beneficial for my part. I won't trade something so sweet because of a word.

"Elle, NOT TODAY..."

His words made me stare at him for a moment before smirking.

"Elle. Not now..."

I stared back at him before sighing. Now I have to deal with the snappy old Gabe, again. I get off his desk and strut around his chair, earning another groan from him.


"Okay, Okay. I'm going out now." I stated in a non challant tone but before I completely went out, I gave him a thought to remember.

I lean down on his seat. Grabbing his cheek using both of my hands, I kissed him and pulled his lower lip with my teeth."El-"

"Elleana Cassidy!" Oops, almost full name. Oh, well. I still won't stop, Mr. West.

They thought he was heartless and I thought the very same thing when I married him. It's not like we marry because we really love each other. It was all just a partnership. A partnership which results to a very powerful company, the Greene-West Holdings Inc.

It all happened a year ago.

When my father called me from Paris to get my ass back here in New York right at that very moment, I know something's up. I am worried sick of course, because he won't tell me the reason. I thought it was my mom or something that concerns my past. But as I step down from the cab, I know that the reason why I'm here has nothing to do with my family. Or even me.

It was for the freaking company.

The memory was so vivid that I have to smile every time I reminisce that day. The day that me and my husband met back at his father's office. We both have gone mad when they announce the agreement but opted to do nothing about it. We are born to comply.

The craziest thing is that we even have to marry before the end of August. Not to mention that fact that we had only two weeks to prepare. Not enough time to plan for a very grand celebration. The wedding was simple and closed from media. It happen inside a chapel in Italy with only our relatives and close friends witnessing it. But the privacy is not maintained. Soon, a couple of paparazzi's came at our reception, spoiling our supposed to be first dance.

Of course, a billion worth of marriage is a breaking news! Two rival families joined as one is a century worth history.

It was that kind of clichè.

But the fact that he'd actually move unto his penthouse after the reception had finished was insane. For me at least. Not to mention the week-long honeymoon vacation spent by only me in Miami. Only me, swimming on the beach while he type away on that piece of metal they call 'laptop' somewhere inside his 'cave'.

Yet the assumption of us not going to have a chance on this marriage change the moment we went back to New York.

It was all because of that chocolate cake I gave him for his birthday. If only I knew from the very start that only a chocolate cake was the key to our relationship!

I don't even expect that he will open up to me right after he had his first bite.I guess I'd never get the chance to have his heart if I hadn't force myself to bake that cake.

I was so engrossed on reminiscing about our past when I hadn't realise that I am now sitting on his lap, again. My hands are raking his hair as I moan. "Elleana...oh Dio!" He groaned, crashing his head on my neck as he took a whiff.

I was about to undress him and let him do the DID to me when his phone rang. "MIO DIO!" He spat, pulling his phone from his pocket.

"West, " he answered looking at me as his lips flattened themselves into a line. A slight frown developed on them as he listen on the voice from the other line.

I sighed, getting up from his lap only to sit on his desk. I watch him as he talk on the phone. He was speaking in Italian so fluent that I haven't had the chance to understand a single thing.

I was almost ready to give myself to him completely but, I guess now is not a perfect time. I am surprise when he stood, ending the call as he look down at me, his eyes wild with emotions.

Fear, anger, lost, and guilt.

"What happened, Gabe? Tell me, bello..." I tried to geab his arm but he pulled away, raking his hands on his hair, "It's Papa..." He stated, his voice breaking before he ran out of the door.

"Gabriel, " I ran down the stairs following his steps but his strides are longer than mine, "Gabe!" We were out of the house now, he entered the garage and click a button, unlocking his car.

"Gabe..." He abruptly stopped and stare back at me before he made a move to open the car door. "Gabriel, " I latch myself on him like my life depended on it but as he kissed my forehead and say "Tiamo..."

I know that everything will change.?

"We've done all that we could, but we cannot save him, sir."

"There's too much blood lost."

"We found him on his office, already dead."

"The gun is nowhere in sight."

"The company needs you..."

"You are the appointed heir, you cannot escape this, Gabriel."

"We need to process the documents as fast as possible."

"The company depends on you now, "?

I am almost there.

I've never seen this coming and I never expected this after all that had happened from a couple of months ago. I've never imagine that something like this will change everything I've worked for. That this kind of happening would alter the current "US".

I thought that everything is perfect.

I thought that things are going alright, that he will finally accept me. That we are going to have a chance in this relationship but, I'm wrong. So wrong, I haven't seen this coming.

And now, he's beyond my reach; like a billion miles away. He's so cold, so rude. He doesn't care, nor would he even care. He's now back to being an insensitive jerk like he was a year ago. He had shut himself off not only from the me but to the world, also.

He's back to that heartless facade of a man.

Gone is the one I have fallen the most. Gone is he, to the deepest of the earth. I know that he's not going to come back, but I'm still hoping. I am waiting for him to fight and resurrect; give me his smiles, those smoldering looks and he'll hug me to death. Too much wishful thinking it is, because I know that it's IMPOSSIBLE.

We've had so many fights these days that I thought about giving up. It had been five months now since he changed because of what had happened to his father.

He blame me for it.

He thought that it was my family who plot the murder of his father. I thought it will change when we already found who the killer is but as the days pass be, he choose to forget my presence. He choose to dwell more on his grieve and forget that he has a wife to lean upon.

I'm now extinct in his eyes.

Sometimes, in a mere second, his cold mask is gone and he'll gave me a smile, but as fast as it came, is as fast as it fade. He'll gave me that poker face again and let me suffer into oblivion. I don't understand why he blamed me for it. I didn't do anything wrong for him to suspect me. I really missed him and even though he's so cold to me, I still love him...

I lost track of seconds to hours and days, and nights. Those memories we've had from the past few months faded in the background.

But I want something he doesn't want.

I'm determined to have my way. I would do it one way or another.

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