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Chasing Forever

Chasing Forever



"You will fall in love with me," he started. "You're the only one I want." "I can't fall in love again, Adrian..." she said. He took her two arms and raised them up, pinning her against a wall. He rubbed his nose against hers, making their breaths mingle. He really cannot get enough of her. He kissed her deeply until she gasped for air. "You can't tell me you feel nothing for me," he said roughly against her mouth. He held her two hands with one of his and ripped her blouse open with his other hand. "I know how you feel every time I touch you," "Adrian...." "The way you call my name tells me you love me." "Adrian.....please....." "You practically melt under my touch." "Ahhhh Adrian....." She made to kiss him, but he avoided her kiss. "You're mine to have...I love you, Sharon," he said, voice beginning to break. "Oh Adrian," she said and began to cry. "I can't get you out of my mind, I need you by my side always." "Please Adrian...." she cried. "I know you, Sharon," he said. "I know what to get from every feeling. I know what to hear from every touch. I know your every need, every desire, when to touch, how to touch." He released her and she could barely stand. "Your body is like my instrument. I know every cord, every key. I know how to play you." he said very slowly. "I don't want just your body, I want more." A handsome billionaire can get any woman he wants, but Adrian is deeper than that. He goes after a single mum who shielded her heart with iron gates. Sharon's ex-husband comes into the picture and wants her back. An engaging love triangle ensues. And then, there's Jeanne, Adrian's first love. She is desperate to have his love and would do anything to get him back.