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Living With The Anderson Boys

Living With The Anderson Boys



Winter Monroe had planned out her last year at Cambree High. She would blend into the crowd, continuing to pass her subjects and stay away from trouble. Of course, all of that goes down the drain when Winter's mom drops the news that her daughter will be staying at her mom's friends place while her mom goes to Africa. Expecting nothing major, Winter was ready to continue her last year at high school, doing nothing except for what a good girl should be doing at high school. But what happens when she realises that the place that she will be staying for a year will be with four boys who basically rule Cambree High? When your staying with the four bad boys, you know that your life will be turned upside down in a second and thats exactly what Winter wasn't prepared for. Can Winter keep up with the four boys but also stay out of trouble or will the boys lead the trouble towards the good girl?

Chapter 1 NO.1

[ thank you noctuaries for the beautiful cover, this chapter is dedicated to you ]

Winter's P.O.V

I walk towards my locker and immediately frown when I see the one and only Gemma Hill standing against it, smirking at me like I am a pathetic excuse of a girl.

I ignore her and start to fiddle with my locker, opening it and starting to take my books out for my first class. I close my locker and as I turn around, I notice that Gemma has disappeared. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion but inside my head, I am fist bumping the air.

Is this the day Gemma Hill is done with the dare? Is she finally out of my life? I smile and spin around to walk to my first class but stop in my tracks when I see Gemma's group of friends standing behind the captain of the cheerleading squad, aka, Gemma.

"What do you want, Gemma?" I ask her, my smile gone now. She flicks her blonde hair over her shoulder and hands me an envelope.

"It's Monday remember?" Gemma smiles at me and I sigh, knowing that my daily routine is ruined, just like every other Monday.

I nod and she pats my head how a person pats their dog's head when it obeys it's owner... and that's what I am.

I am Gemma Hill's little servant. The girl who hands out little love notes to the nerdy Josh Collins. Every Monday I get given a new envelope that has Gemma's perfect handwriting on the front reading Josh.

I guess your wondering why I am going this? Well, to sum it up, I was dared to do anything Gemma wanted for how long she wanted me to do it for and the first thing she said to me was, "I want you to give Josh this. Every Monday, there will be a new one and you will do the same thing every Monday till I finally get with him. Got it?"

I have to do it and now here I am. Handing out love notes like a messenger person. I might as well be a freaking mail man!

Gemma walks away with her friends behind her giggling like this is funny to them. I let out a short sigh and stick the envelope in my text book. The bell rings through the halls and I find myself sighing again.

Time to do this.

I start to walk towards the stairs. Once I reach the first step, I suddenly remember that I am wearing a skirt so I hold onto the bottom so no one can see my pink, love hearted underwear.

Yes, I'm still a kid! Don't judge!

I finally finish my walk up the stairs and I enter the classroom. I notice Josh sitting in the front of the classroom, starting to write the notes that the teacher is writing on the board. I begin to walk over to him and I take the paper out of my book and drop it on his desk.

He looks up at me with the same frown he always wears when he sees me with an envelope. I shrug and start to walk to the back on the classroom.

I sit at the table at the back, next to the window and plug in my earphones, pulling my hoodie over my head as I block out the sounds of everyone who starts to walk into the classroom.


I grab my tray and start to walk towards the line that is forming pretty quickly. Wow, these people are hungry. I look at the selections today and roll my eyes.


I quietly groan and start to look around the cafeteria to see if I can sit with anyone today but as usual, no one would want me to sit at their table because I am lame. I am not as popular and special like everyone else.

The lady looks up at me and I gently smile at her. She knew I didn't like the meatloaf so she just nods and hands me a ham and cheese sandwich from the fridge and a soda. I thank her and begin to walk away from the line.

I slowly walk around the cafeteria and sigh when I see that I am again alone today, just like every other day.

I leave the cafeteria and start to make my way to the field where it is silent and peaceful. That is my usual place to eat my lunch but I like it because I never got annoyed or bothered by anyone, not even Gemma.

I sit on the bleachers and start to eat my lunch, ignoring the clenching feeling in my stomach as I think about my life.


The time passes by, quickly like always. I am now grabbing my books out of my locker and stuffing them in my bag. Once I am finished, I slam the locker shut and walk out of the school doors.

Everyone is leaving, talking, sitting on the roofs of their cars and doing what they do everyday. I turn my gaze to the parking lot and notice my mom's black SUV. I start to walk towards it and when I reach the vehicle, I get in.

"Hey baby, how was you day." My mom asks with a smile and I just nod as I adjust my seatbelt.

"Fine." I reply and my mom nods as she starts to drive out of the parking lot.

"You look stressed, honey. Are you alright?" My mom asks and I flash her a reassuring smile.

"Mom, I'm okay." I say and she smiles sweetly at me before turning the radio on.

I hum to the music as we drive back home. The ride is silent like always and once we reached our house, I get out of the car and walk towards the door.

I walk in once my mom opens the door and plop down on the couch. My mom chuckles and places her black handbag on the counter.

"Winter, can I talk to you for a sec?" My mom asks and I turn my head to see my mom pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

I get off the couch, lazily may I add, and walk over to the counter, sitting on one of the stools. My mom passes me the glass and I take a sip.

"Honey, you know how I am very busy with my job and all." My mom starts and I nod, taking another sip. "Well, I am heading off to Africa tomorrow-" I immediately start to choke on my orange juice.

This isn't happening!

My mom pats my back and once I recover, she sits on the stool next to me. "For a year." She finishes and I literally feel like choking on my drink again. I slowly take a sip of my drink, clear my throat and frown at my mother.

"First of all, why so soon? Second, who am I going to be staying with because none of our family is down here and I am not going on an aeroplane to the other side of the world to live there for a year." I explain with all seriousness. My mom nods as she rubs her hands together.

"Well, my boss wants me and the group to go over to Africa to research on a certain disease that is making the population of Kenya decrease. Second, I am going to let you stay with Becky." I keep a straight face, not knowing who my mom is talking about.

"My high school friend?" I continue to look at my mom, having no clue of who this Becky girl is.

"You met her at Aunt Rochelle's wedding?"

"Oh, Becky Anderson!" I say and snap my fingers. My mind is finally working.

"Yeah. Well, I need you to start packing cause you won't be coming back to this place for a year." My mom says, reminding me once again and I stand up before heading upstairs.

Well this day just gets better and better, doesn't it?


"Done!" I say with a smile and zip up my suitcase. I am done packing and God, it feels like I just packed my whole wardrobe!

"Winter! We are going to head over to Becky's in a minute so hurry up!" I hear my mom yell and I roll my eyes before standing up and heading downstairs. I notice my mom finishing her drink of orange juice with her phone pressed against her ear.

She nods and hangs up the phone, grabbing her keys. "Let's go." She says and I walk down the stairs and out the door towards the car.

Thirty minutes later, we arrive at a beautiful mansion that is surrounded by tall black gates. I take in the image and a smile appears on my lips.


We exit the car and I grab my suitcase before walking up to the door. My mom knocks on the door before stepping back, waiting patiently for Becky to answer the door. A few seconds later, the door opens ane I see the blonde girl from my Aunt's wedding.

"Hello Kelly. Winter!" Becky greets happily as she pulls me into a hug which takes me by surprise. I let out a laugh as she lets me go.

"Come in!" She says and we did as we are told. The white cream walls match the creamy carpet and the black couches make me mutter 'wow' under my breath.

All of a sudden, a tall figure walks down the stairs, followed by three other tall figures. The boys take a quick glance at me, making me look down at the ground.

"Mom, is this the girl?" I hear one of the boys say and I bite my lip, still looking down. I feel hands grab my chin softly, raising my head up to meet the boys I never even pictured being this close to.

The bad boys of Cambree High!

Then, all of a sudden, my thoughts hit me like a rock.

I am going to live with the four bad boys for a freaking year!


A/N - Edited

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